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Chapter 850: Win the First Prize

The final was open to the public, so many reporters came to the classroom as well, and recorded the whole process.

They pointed their cameras at Gu Ning most of the time, because they had all heard of Gu Nings scores in the preliminary and rematch.

In their eyes, Gu Ning was a genius.

Ten questions would be projected on the screen in the final.

The first one was a verbal math question and it had to be finished within 30 seconds.

4485977 plus 2333201 minus 566177 minus 1287212 equals

Gu Ning gave it a glance, and got the answer within five seconds, then she wrote her answer down on the paper.

She was the first one who handed in the paper.

Everyone was shocked by her speed of calculating.

Thirty seconds later, other than Gu Ning, there were another two students who wrote their answers down.

Gu Ning was the first one, so the teacher revealed her answer first.

It was correct.

Since Gu Nings answer was right, there was no need to show the second and third students answers whether theirs were right or wrong.

The second math question required a written response, and the time was limited to 10 minutes, which was the normal time for a math question.

Gu Ning, however, didnt need that much time.

She understood the question with a simple glance, then began to write her answer down on paper.

Seeing that, everyone was amazed again.

Gu Ning was really very different from her peers!

All the students who could be in the top 10 were excellent enough, but Gu Ning still stood out from them.

In those math experts eyes, Gu Ning was also unbelievable.

In the following minutes, Gu Ning was always the first one who wrote down the answer and handed the paper to the teacher, and people started to get used to it.

Gu Ning finished the 10th question at an unusually fast pace as well.

She was the winner from the first question till the last.

People were too shocked to feel surprised right now.

Even those math experts felt that they couldnt do better than Gu Ning, because Gu Ning was able to finish the exercises within a quarter of the time.

Some math experts got jealous of Gu Ning, because she was only a high school student, but she could already do better than them.

However, only mean people held that idea.

Most of the math experts were quite excited to see such an outstanding student like Gu Ning.

The moment the finals was over, the award ceremony began.

Gu Ning was always the first one who wrote down the correct answer, so the judges had to pick another two students with the highest marks out of the other participants.

The student who won the second prize was a boy from another city, while Zhang Zikai won the third prize.

Song Siyao was mad at the result, seeing that both Gu Ning and Zhang Zikai won prizes.

Besides, she couldnt get a luxurious car as a gift if she failed to win a prize.

The awards for the first prize were a trophy, a certificate of honor and fifty thousand yuan.

The awards for the second prize were a certificate of honor and thirty thousand yuan.

And the awards for the third prize were a certificate of honor and twenty thousand yuan.

Although they money wasnt much, it was just a way of encouragement.

After the award ceremony, reporters surrounded the prize-winners at once to interview them.

The boy and Zhang Zikai were very nervous in front of the cameras, but Gu Ning stayed calm as always, which impressed everyone.

Reporter: Gu Ning, many people are quite curious about how you managed to write down the correct answers to those questions within such a short time.

Can you tell us your skills

Gu Ning: It is because I have a good memory, and I can store everything in my mind after reading it once.

Hearing that, people were all surprised, but none of them dared to suspect her.

They couldnt claim that she got the correct answers beforehand, because the vice director of the Education Bureau was also here.

In addition, some math experts had asked Gu Ning several math questions on the site, and Gu Ning answered them correctly within a short time too.

Those reporters were well-educated as well, so they understood what they shouldnt say.

Gu Nings outstanding performance today impressed many math experts, and they all hoped that Gu Ning could be their apprentice.

Although Gu Ning was very good at math, she was just a high school student after all, and there was a lot she still needed to learn.

Those math experts, on the other hand, had a lot of knowledge about math, and they were also good teachers.

However, Gu Ning rejected their offers.

The math competition had ended, and the students along with their teachers would fly back to their cities that afternoon.

Gu Ning would stay in City B, because she lived there now, and she would only go back to City F for the National College Entrance Examination.

Su Anya and Zhang Zikai were unwilling to leave Gu Ning, but they finally had to wave good-bye to each other.

Gu Ning went to the Tang familys house afterwards.

Although it wasnt a big deal for Gu Ning to win the first prize, the older generation in the Tang family all felt happy for her.

In fact, they already believed that Gu Ning could win the first prize when Gu Ning told them that she was going to participate in it.

They even prepared a celebration party for her.

When they saw the trophy and certificate of honor, they were excited again, and felt proud of Gu Ning.

Tang Haifeng called his old friends and kept showing off his outstanding granddaughters achievement.

His old friends were all shocked by the news, and felt envious of him.

They all wished that their grandchildren could be as outstanding as Gu Ning.

Before long, the video of the final was uploaded to the Internet, and it soon went viral.

Gu Ning, once again, became a hot topic throughout social media.

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