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Chapter 849: The Final Game

It was still early, so they chatted for a while longer on the bed, and had sex again.

Gu Ning got up at 8 am, and Leng Shaoting drove her to the Bluesky Hotel around 9 pm.

The plane Leng Shaoting was going to take would take off at 11 am, so he contacted Xu Jinchen and Xin Bei after Gu Ning got out at the Bluesky Hotel.

The hall of the Bluesky Hotel was crowded as usual.

Although many students had already failed in the competition, they still needed to be the audience.

When they saw Gu Ning walking inside, they looked at her with admiration.

She had gotten full marks twice no matter how difficult the math questions were!

“Hi, Ningning!”

Once Gu Ning showed up, Su Anya and Zhang Zikai ran towards her happily.

Even though Su Anya didnt get into the final, she wasnt sad at all, because she was mentally prepared beforehand.

Since Su Anya was still in a good mood, there was no need for Gu Ning to comfort her.

Song Siyao hated Gu Ning as always, but she didnt say it aloud in public.

Those who knew Gu Nings real identity also surrounded her and kept complimenting her.

“Goddess Gu, youre so awesome!”

“How did you manage to get full marks twice”

“Its so unbelievable.”

“Goddess Gu, I think youll win the first prize without doubt.”

“Right, nobody is comparable to you.”

“Ha-ha, Im flattered.” Gu Ning smiled.

After that, they chatted with each other.

“Goddess Gu, the National College Entrance Examination is around the corner.

Which university is your dream college” someone asked.

“The Capital University,” Gu Ning said.

“Goddess Gu is so outstanding.

I think its easy for you to get in,” another student said.

“Well, my target is the capital too, but Im not confident that I can get into the Capital University.”

“I planned to study in the University of City B, but Ive changed my mind now.

Since Goddess Gus target is the capital, Im going to study in the capital too! Even if I cant get into the Capital University, I can visit it when Im free.

Maybe I can meet Goddess Gu on the campus!”

“Alright, attention!” When they were discussing their dream universities, a teacher said, “Lets go now!”

They got on the buses one by one and left for the school.


Tan sat next to Gu Ning, and he asked her, “Gu Ning, are you confident”


Tan, dont worry.

I can win,” Gu Ning said with confidence.

“Great! I believe in you.” Mr.

Tan relaxed a little seeing Gu Ning being so confident.

“You dont need to be so stressed.

Just finish it as usual.”

Although he ached to see Gu Ning win the first prize, he shouldnt put pressure on her.

“I will,” Gu Ning said.

When they arrived at the No.1 High School, it was only 20 minutes away from the final, so they all went to sit in the multimedia classroom 1.

The math professors and experts were still absent at this time.

The 10 participants sat in the first row, and faced the math professors, experts and the audience.

After a while, 10 math professors and experts walked inside one by one.

Three of them were judges, while the rest were guests, Director You included.

As the vice director of the Education Bureau, he should be present, because the Education Bureau was the host of the competition this year.

The national math competition for high school students was held every year in different cities.

This time, it was held in City B, and it would be held in another city the next time.

Several students panicked a little when those important figures appeared, because they were teenagers after all.

However, most of those judges and guests focused on Gu Ning, because she was the only one who had ever gotten full marks in both the preliminary and rematch.

It was very rare to see that happen.

Even math teachers couldnt finish the paper so fast as Gu Ning could.

When Song Siyao noticed that Gu Ning was the focus of everyones attention now, she felt super jealous and displeased.

The final soon began.

There was a piece of white paper placed in front of each student.

Math questions would be projected on the screen and students would write down their answers on the paper.

After that, they should raise their hands, and teachers would come to collect their paper.

Their answers would be shown on the screen too for the judges to make judgments.

If the answer was right, the student stood out.

The teacher would show three answers of three students every time.

If the first students answer was wrong, it would be the second students turn.

If the second students answer was right, the second student would win the game, and the third student lost his or her chance.

If the second students answer was wrong, it would be the third students turn.

If the third students answer was right, the third student would win the game.

If not, the teacher would show the next question on the screen.

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