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Chapter 848: Dont Move

“How do you know they always sleep together in the same room” Cao Wenxin argued.

“Come on, its very common.

Relax, I promise I wont do anything to you,” Xin Bei said, in case Cao Wenxin was annoyed.

Hearing that, Cao Wenxin relaxed, but somehow felt a little disappointed as well.

She was still a virgin, but it didnt mean that she wasnt interested in sex.

On the contrary, she was looking forward to it.

The condition was that the man must be her love.

Xin Bei was now her boyfriend, and she was willing to have sex with him, but she thought that it was too early to do that now.

Nevertheless, she trusted Xin Bei, and she knew that he wouldnt hurt her.

Seeing that Xin Bei had no intention to leave tonight, Cao Wenxin gave in, in the end.

However, she still felt embarrassed, and didnt want to go back to her room right now.

“Do you want some water” Cao Wenxin asked.

“Yeah.” Xin Bei had several drinks, so he was indeed thirsty now.

Cao Wenxin then went to pour two glasses of water for them.

After that, she switched on the TV.

“Arent you sleepy Its late now,” Xin Bei asked.

He understood what Cao Wenxin was avoiding, and he thought that it was quite funny when she flushed.

They were boyfriend and girlfriend now, and it would happen sooner or later.

Actually, he insisted on staying here not because he wanted to have sex with Cao Wenxin, but because he simply wanted to spend more private time with her.

Although they hadnt been together for long, and anything could happen in the future, he was confident that they could be happy together forever.

“Um, I dont want to sleep right now.

If youre sleepy, you can go to bed before me,” Cao Wenxin said.

In fact, she was very sleepy now, but didnt know how to get along with Xin Bei if they were alone in the same bedroom.

“Im not sleepy either, I can stay here watching TV with you,” Xin Bei said, then sat next to Cao Wenxin.

Since she was unwilling to go to bed right now, he would stay here with her.

Cao Wenxin could only keep watching TV in the living room, but she soon lost patience.

“Arent you sleepy yet”

“Not yet, because Im already used to it.

We cant sleep for successive days and nights when were fulfilling a task sometimes,” Xin Bei said.

“Really It must be very tiring!” Cao Wenxin had sympathy for him.

“Yeah, it is, but its our duty,” Xin Bei said.

It wasnt an easy job, but he never complained, because he chose this road himself.

He was an ace soldier in the special forces before he joined the Red Flame, and only the top soldiers were able to be members of it.

He stood out from over a thousand ace soldiers.

After chatting with Xin Bei for a while, Cao Wenxin gave in to sleepiness, and went back to her bedroom.

Because Xin Bei was in the same bedroom as her, Cao Wenxin didnt change her clothing and directly lay on the bed after brushing her teeth and washing her face.

She even lay with her back facing Xin Bei, in case she felt embarrassed.

“Dont you need to put on your sleeping gown” Xin Bei asked.

He understood why Cao Wenxin did that, and was amused.

“Its fine,” Cao Wenxin said.

She felt too shy to wear her sleeping gown in front of Xin Bei now.

Xin Bei didnt say anything further, and got in the bed with his clothes as well.

Once he covered himself with the quilt, he reached out his hand and pulled Cao Wenxin into his arms.

Cao Wenxin struggled.

“What are you doing Stop it.”

“Come on, let me hug you for a while,” Xin Bei said to comfort her.

Cao Wenxin stopped struggling.

They remained quiet for a while, when Xin Bei suddenly kissed her.

They had kissed each other before, so Cao Wenxin didnt push him away.

Xin Bei soon stopped, because he would have an erection if he kept kissing her.

It was the first time that Cao Wenxin had slept in a mans arms, so she wasnt used to it and turned her body once in a while.

Xin Bei got sexually excited when Cao Wenxin turned her body.

He took a long breath in, and his voice was hoarse now.

“Wenxin, if you keep turning your body in my arms, Im afraid Ill lose control of myself.”

Cao Wenxin stiffened, and didnt dare to move again.

“Let me go if you feel uncomfortable.

Ive never slept like this before.”

Hearing that, Xin Bei was happy, but didnt let her go.

“You can learn to get used to it.

Im your boyfriend now.”

Cao Wenxin agreed, then closed her mouth.

“Wenxin, I love you, and Ill take good care of you.

Do you trust me” Xin Bei said with sincerity.

In Xin Beis eyes, Cao Wenxin was the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Cao Wenxin gradually relaxed in Xin Beis arms.

In the end, they still had sex with each other.

The next morning, Cao Wenxin still avoided meeting Xin Beis eyes, but she didnt regret it at all.

Instead, it was a magical night.

“Do you still feel shy” Xin Bei joked.

Cao Wenxin flushed red, and covered her head in the quilt.

Xin Bei stopped joking, and said in a serious tone, “Im flying back to the capital at 11 am.

We can keep in touch by phone, and Ill come to visit you when Im free.”

“Sure,” Cao Wenxin said, and felt a little sad, but she didnt stop him, because it was his job.

Since she chose him to be her boyfriend, she should understand and support him.

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