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Chapter 835: Play Games

“Then why dont we go to eat seafood I remember that Ningning likes seafood, and I want to eat it too,” Su Anya said.

“What do you think, Zikai”

“Cool! I havent eaten seafood in a long time.

Lets go eat seafood!” Zhang Zikai didnt like or dislike seafood.

If it was delicious, she wouldnt mind having some.

Most importantly, Gu Ning liked seafood.

None of them were familiar with City B, so Gu Ning opened the navigation device.

They went to a nearby shopping mall so that they could shop for a while after dinner.

Along the way, Zhang Zikai kept taking photos, and Gu Ning was in each of them, but only her profile was showing because she was driving.

Zhang Zikai also took a short video of Gu Ning, then posted it on her WeChat moments.

Hanging out with Goddess Gu tonight! Dont ask me who she is.

Search her name on the Internet yourself.

[Video Attached]

Not everyone had heard of Gu Ning, so Zhang Zikai told them to search for Gu Nings information themselves.

The second Zhang Zikai sent it out, she got many responses.

Both Zhang Zikais family and good friends were aware of Gu Nings achievements.

Because Zhang Zikai was Gu Nings loyal fan, they got to know a lot of information about her.

Zhang Zikais parents also thought highly of Gu Ning, and even told Zhang Zikai to learn from her.

“Wow, Zhang Zikai, Goddess Gu is driving the car for you!”

“Zhang Zikai, how did you meet Goddess Gu in real life Im so jealous of you now.”

“Zikai, is Goddess Gu one of the participants”

“I bet so, and that is probably the reason why Zikai met Goddess Gu! Goddess Gu is an excellent student in her school after all.”

“Shes so amazing!”

Zhang Zikai read their comments, and smiled with pride.

She also read them out to Gu Ning and Su Anya.

Gu Ning was already used to it, but was still amused.

Su Anya also felt proud that she was Gu Nings friend.

Before long, Mrs.

Zhang also saw the post, and she was excited too.

Good girl! Learn from Goddess Gu and make good friends with her.

Do bring her to our home if shes free.

Nobody would refuse to maintain a good relationship with an outstanding person with great ability.

Zhang Zikai replied: I will.

Around a dozen minutes later, they arrived at the shopping mall.

The moment they entered it, Zhang Zikai started to take endless photos again.

She still pointed her camera at Gu Ning along the way, and kept complimenting her.

“Youre so gorgeous, and flawless! The friend of a goddess is also a goddess! You two are so pretty!” Su Anya was also very attractive, so Zhang Zikai didnt ignore her.

“Ha-ha, are you complimenting yourself as well” Su Anya joked.

Zhang Zikai was an outstanding girl too, and was as attractive as Su Anya, but Gu Ning was still more noticeable than them.

Even so, Zhang Zikai wasnt jealous of Gu Ning at all, because she wasnt a mean girl.

“Ha-ha, youre right!” Zhang Zikai laughed.

“Hey, why dont we take a photo together” Zhang Zikai proposed.

After that, the three of them chose a beautiful background to take several pictures.

Throughout the day, Zhang Zikai kept posting photos and videos of her being with Gu Ning and Su Anya.

Whenever she posted some photos and videos, she received many comments from her friends saying that they were jealous of her.

After dinner, they went to shop together, but there was nothing they wanted to buy.

“Why dont we go to the amusement arcade” Zhang Zikai said.

She was a video game lover.

Gu Ning and Su Anya agreed.

The amusement arcade was on the fifth floor of the shopping mall, and there were all kinds of machines for entertainment, or for gambling.

The second they arrived, Zhang Zikai went to exchange some game coins with money.

She divided the game coins into three parts, and shared them with Gu Ning and Su Anya.

After that, she guided them to the claw machines, which were her favorite.

They knew that the claw was very loose so it was super difficult to catch a doll, but they still enjoyed it.

Zhang Zikai and Su Anya put 10 yuan worth of game coins into the machine, but failed to catch a single doll.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, caught four dolls with 10 game coins.

It relied on both skills and luck after all.

When Gu Ning succeeded in catching dolls, everyone around her was surprised.

“Wow, Ningning, youre so good at it!” Zhang Zikai got excited.

“Its so hard to catch a single doll, but youve caught four of them!” Su Anya said.

“Here, theyre yours.

I dont like dolls.” Gu Ning gave those dolls to Zhang Zikai and Su Anya, and each of them took two.

Zhang Zikai and Su Anya were still teenage girls, so it was very normal that they liked dolls, but Gu Nings soul was actually almost 30 years old.

“Thanks!” Zhang Zikai and Su Anya loved dolls very much, and happily took the gift from Gu Ning.

In the following hour, they went to play other games.

Gu Ning walked to the darts.

If she could hit the red spot with all the darts, she would get the largest doll.

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