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In case Gu Qing would refuse, Gu Ning immediately added, “Aunt, you cant reject that.

Were family.

We need to support each other.”

Since they were family, Gu Qing couldnt reject.

She said, “Fine, Ill listen to you, but isnt it inappropriate that you dont go to school tomorrow”

Gu Ning was already not good at studying.

Gu Qing was afraid it would affect her studies if she asked for leave.

“Its just one day off, itll be fine.

Besides, we can only finish the procedure on a weekday,” Gu Ning said.

“Fine,” Gu Qing compromised.

As for Gu Man, she now believed that her Gu Ning was able to handle her life and studies.

“Oh, I also bought clothes in City G for you.

Let me bring them out for you now.” saying that, Gu Ning walked to the second room.

She needed to take those gifts out of the telepathic eye space.


Gu Qing didnt know what to say.

They were all moved by Gu Nings kindness.

Gu Ning brought many bags from the room, placing them all on the sofa.

Gu Qing immediately pulled Gu Man to go have a look.

“I bought a gift for everyone! This is for uncle.” Gu Ning put a bag before Jiang Xu.

Then she gave Gu Man and Gu Qing a bag separately.

“These two are for both of you.”

Gu Man and Gu Qing immediately took the bags.

“Xinyue, this is yours.” Gu Ning gave the last bag to Jiang Xinyue.

Jiang Xinyue took it, and thanked her, “Thank you, sister.”

Gu Ning didnt take hers out.

“Wow, this is Lancôme! It must be expensive!” Gu Qing couldnt help but raise her voice in surprise.

She obviously knew Lancôme was a famous and expensive international brand.

“This-this is Armani!” Jiang Xu was also amazed.

He always dreamed of having a good suit, but he didnt have enough money to buy one.

Now Gu Ning sent him a much more expensive suit.

“Its Gucci! Its so beautiful!” Gu Qing was surprised and excited.

She kept holding it against her body and asked Gu Man, “What do you think”

“Its beautiful.” Gu Man smiled.

She looked at the clothing in her hands.

She also loved them.

Although they had none of the vanity, as women they also loved beautiful clothes.

“The dress is so pretty!” Jiang Xinyue raised her voice with excitement.

“There are phones!”

Finally, everyone discovered the phones at the bottom.

They got excited once more.

“I have a new phone!” Jiang Xinyue almost screamed.

The rest all pulled out a new phone from the bottom of their bags, and unwrapped it.

“Its so lovely!”


Everyone held their new clothes and new phones in their hands.

They could barely put them down.

“Whats that smell” Gu Ning smelt something then immediately ran to kitchen.

Gu Man and Gu Qing immediately followed her.

They forgot to turn off the fire.

Luckily, it wasnt too late.

Gu Ning had an acute sense of smell, so she discovered it early.

When Gu Ning was finally free, she checked their “Family of Fighters” WeChat group.

Everyone mentioned her in the chatting history.

They all cared whether she was back or not, with their gifts of course.

Gu Ning shook her head lightly.

She typed and sent: “Im back at home, but I wont be at school tomorrow.

Ill give the gifts to you all the day after tomorrow.”

Hao Ran: “Boss, what happened May I help”

Mu Ke: “Yeah, what happened”

Gu Ning: “Nothing, I need to deal with something with my mother and my aunt.

Please keep it between us, and dont let the teacher know!”

Hao Ran: “You mother left the hospital Why didnt you tell us earlier We could have gone to pick you up and celebrate!”

Zhang Tianping: “Exactly!”

Gu Ning: “Its fine.”

Chu Peihan: “How about our gifts”

Everyone: “Yes! What did you buy for us”

Gu Ning: “Youll know the day after tomorrow.

Alright, I need to have my dinner now.


Then, Gu Ning ignored them.

It was the time for dinner.

Actually it was 9 pm already so they were having night snacks, but everyone enjoyed it so much.

After the dinner, it was almost 10 pm.

Gu Qings family soon left.

They had a lot to do, so Gu Man didnt ask them to stay tonight.

They left their clothes here though, since they would be moving in tomorrow.

While they were leaving, Gu Ning reminded them just to bring everything important with them tomorrow, and to leave the other stuff in the old house.

They could sell the furniture later.

Moreover, Gu Ning also told them not to tell the rest in the Gu Family.

They wanted to live their own lives.

After Gu Qings family was gone, Gu Ning and Gu Man went back to their own rooms.

Gu Man intended to let Gu Ning use the master room, but Gu Ning refused to do so.

Gu Ning wouldnt be staying here for too long.

After half a year, she would be going to the capital city.

By then, she would buy a new house under her name.

Gu Ning also had no intention to let Gu Man move in with her in the future.

Her mother could come and visit her if her mother wanted to.

Once she was in the capital city, the situation would be complicated, so Gu Ning didnt want to involve Gu Man.

Gu Ning hadnt brought too much stuff from the old house the other day.

They didnt have many valuable objects either, so she had dumped all the old broken stuff.

Gu Ning planned to live a brand new life.

Gu Man and Gu Ning talked for a long while before they went to bed.

It was almost 12 pm, Gu Ning checked the Wechat group again before she went asleep.

Her friends were still talking, but she stayed quiet.

Both Gu Man and Gu Ning had a great night.

Gu Qing and Jiang Xu however didnt sleep at all.

They were too busy thinking about what had happened today.

“Xu, do you feel unbelieving about what happened tonight” Gu Qing asked.

She hadnt fully recovered from the shock.

It felt like they had been on a rocket, and had gone up high into the sky directly from the ground.

“I do, but it is real,” Jiang Xu answered.


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