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Chapter 827: Zi Beiying Loses Again

Gu Ning didnt wear any make-up, but Zi Beiying did.

Zi Beiying also didnt notice that Gu Nings skin was so good until now.

“Wow, what brand of foundation are you wearing You look like youre not even wearing any make-up,” Zi Beiying said.

Women all cared about their appearances, so although Zi Beiying didnt get along with Gu Ning to some extent, her curiosity still got better of her.

Gu Ning smiled with pride.

“I didnt put on any foundation.

I just applied some serum, emulsion and skin toner.

There is no make-up on my face.” She showed off in order to attract Zi Beiyings attention.

“What” Zi Beiying was surprised.

“You must be bragging.

How can your skin be so flawless without any make-up”

“What can I say Skincare products are really important,” Gu Ning said and shrugged.

“What brand of skincare products do you use” Zi Beiying asked again.

“Kouzi,” Gu Ning replied.

“Kouzi Ive never heard of it before.” Zi Beiying frowned.

She was very familiar with international brands, but had no impression of Kouzi.

“Its a newly established brand.

It isnt very famous yet, but its quite effective.” Gu Ning started to promote her brand.

“My female bodyguard is also using the brand.

She isnt wearing any make-up right now either, but she has just used it for a few days, so her skin isnt as good as mine.”

Gu Ning had sent a set of skincare products to Qiao Ya when she came back.

Qiao Yas skin was a little rough because she had been exposed in the strong sunshine for a long time during her previous training, but her skin was much better after using Kouzi.

Zi Beiying then turned to look at Qiao Ya.

Her skin wasnt as good as Gu Nings, but was still better than normal people.

Even Zi Beiyings bodyguard, Nan, was attracted to it.

Zi Beiying didnt say anything further, but made up her mind to try Kouzi one day.

“What do you want to play first” Zi Beiying let Gu Ning choose.

“Whatever you want,” Gu Ning said airily.

“How about horse racing” Zi Beiying said.

“No problem.” Gu Ning agreed, so they drove to the horse racing field afterwards.

Qi Tianlin had arranged workers there to serve them beforehand, so there was no need for them to fill any charts or pay any bills before they went to choose horses.

It took some time to choose a good horse.

In the morning, workers there would ride horses for a few circles to see whether they were in good condition.

If any horses were sick or weak, they would be replaced.

Zi Beiying couldnt be more familiar with horses, so she soon picked one that she was satisfied with.

Gu Ning also chose a horse according to its physical condition.

This time, she wouldnt use her magical power.

After they chose their horses, the game began.

Gu Ning and Zi Beiying slowly rode their horses to the starting line and were prepared.

Zi Beiying didnt take Gu Ning lightly just because she was a skillful rider.

Since Gu Ning was outstanding at fighting, gambling, and agreed to compete against her with alacrity, Gu Ning had to be confident.

Gu Ning also took the competition seriously, because she relied on her own ability this time.

“Bam!” With a gunshot, Gu Ning and Zi Beiying rode their horses ahead at the same time.

In the beginning, they were at the same level, then Zi Beiying was a meter or two ahead of Gu Ning, but Gu Ning soon caught up.

It repeated in the following minutes, and nobody knew who would win.

Even Zi Beiying wasnt so confident in herself now, but she wouldnt give up till the end.

The finish line was quickly approaching them but the two horses were still catching up with one another.

Ten meters away, nine meters away, Gu Ning suddenly overtook Zi Beiying when they were just eight meters away from the finish line.

In the end, Gu Ning passed it two meters ahead of Zi Beiying.

Although Gu Ning won, she appreciated Zi Beiyings horse racing skills, because she had used the best of her ability to beat Zi Beiying by a narrow margin.

“I lost.” Zi Beiying accepted the result.

She was disappointed, but admired Gu Ning more now.

She had met many talented people before, but Gu Ning still surprised her.

Gu Ning must be a genius!

“It was very narrow,” Gu Ning said, being modest, but it was the truth too.

Although Gu Ning used to have a bad impression of Zi Beiying, she gradually changed her opinion about her.

Zi Beiying wasnt a bad girl.

Instead, she was very easy-going, and willing to take responsibility for her actions.

Probably because it wasnt pleasant when they met each other for the first time, they had a little grudge against each other.

Since the grudge went away now, Gu Ning thought that they could be good friends.

Gu Ning had no intention to hold a grudge against Zi Beiying because of her personality and her family background.

“Dont be so modest.

Youre the winner, and Im willing to accept the result,” Zi Beiying said, then turned around, walking away with pride.

Gu Ning smiled, then followed her.

After that, they went to do some target shooting.

The guns were ready, and each of them had ten bullets.

They didnt do it at the same time, but in an order, and Zi Beiying was the first to shoot.

She raised the gun, aiming at the target.

Within several shots, she frequently hit the red spot, but missed it a few times.

In the end, Zi Beiyings score was 97.

She had hit the red spot eight times, and hit the 9 ring and 8 ring once.

It was a very good score, and was also Zi Beiyings normal performance.

Sometimes, she could get 99, which was rare to see.

Zi Beiying was satisfied with the score.

She hoped that Gu Ning couldnt surpass her.

She had never been so nervous before in her life.

It was Gu Nings turn.

When Zi Beiying saw her position of holding the gun, she knew that she was very professional.

With several successive shots, every bullet accurately hit the middle of the red spot, which shocked everyone.

Gu Ning only used half of Zi Beiyings time, but hit the red spot with every bullet.

Her score was 100!

“H-How did you manage to do that” Zi Beiying couldnt believe her eyes.

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