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Chapter 825: Riding and Shooting

“What” Gu Ning almost spat a mouthful of tea out.

Did she look like an alien Well, she was indeed very different from other people.

“I dont think so,” Qi Tianlin joked.

“Youre just jealous of my talent,” Gu Ning said.

“Narcissist,” Zi Beiying retorted.

“I have the ability to be proud of myself.

Do you” Gu Ning argued.

“If you want to show off your family background, forget it, I never respect those who rely on their families.

I challenge you to compete against me with your own ability.”

Although Gu Ning didnt know Zi Beiyings family background yet, she knew that she couldnt be an ordinary girl given Qi Tianlins polite attitude towards her.

“I wont rely on my familys influence!” Zi Beiying said.

Gu Ning smiled, but didnt say another word.

“Alright, I got the money, so I should leave now,” Gu Ning said and stood up.

“Wait a second.” Zi Beiying stopped her.

“What” Gu Ning looked at her with interest.

She understood that Zi Beiying wasnt willing to be a loser.

“I want to compete with you again.

Riding and shooting, what do you think” Zi Beiying said.

She refused to believe that Gu Ning could do everything.

Zi Beiying was born in a munitioner family, so she couldnt be more familiar with guns.

Shooting was super easy in her eyes.

“Its already dark.” Gu Ning pointed at the sky out of the window.

“We can do it tomorrow,” Zi Beiying said.

“How much is the bet” Gu Ning asked.

She wouldnt do it without a bet.

“Ten million yuan,” Zi Beiying said.

“Great.” Gu Ning took out her name card from her backpack, and gave it to Zi Beiying.

“Call me when you set the time, but you better set it in the morning, because Ill be busy in the afternoon.”

Today was Thursday, so tomorrow was Friday, and the day after would be Saturday when the National High School Math Competition was held.

High school students around the country would come to City B tomorrow, and Gu Ning had to join them.

“Sure.” Zi Beiying took her name card.

After that, Gu Ning swaggered out, like it was her place.

Qi Tianlin said to Zi Beiying when Gu Ning was gone, “Since she agreed, she has to be confident that she can win.

I know that you can afford the result, but I still need to remind you not to take revenge if you really lose the game.

If you want to beat her, it must be above board.

You have a powerful family, but she isnt someone to be trifled with either.”

Gu Nings family probably wasnt as powerful as the Zi family, but she would do everything to protect herself.

If Gu Ning wanted to kill Zi Beiying, it wouldnt be difficult.

Zi Beiying didnt feel displeased hearing that, because she knew that Qi Tianlin said that to her out of kindness, and she wasnt narrow-minded.

Gu Ning was just her opponent, not an enemy.

Although Zi Beiying panicked a little after Gu Ning accepted her challenge with alacrity, she couldnt take her words back.

If she did that, it would be more humiliating than losing the competition.

Afterwards, Qi Tianlin began to discuss their cooperation.

In the Zi family, Zi Beiying was a weak lady, but she was actually a strong woman as well.

She pretended to be weak so that her enemies in the family would ignore her, and she would have more chances to do things without them knowing.

In the morning, An Guangyao had taken some workers to check the construction site.

After that, he contacted the manager that Gu Ning had recommended to him.

It was a win-win deal, so the manager agreed.

As for the rumors about the construction site, not everyone believed them.

The manager also said that their cooperation would end if any accidents happened.

An Guangyao agreed, so they could start to build on the land tomorrow.

When Gu Ning was about to sleep, some people were having fun in another place.

In a private room of a bar, Zheng Wenmei was having a party with her friends.

Although she was hurt on her chest that morning, it was fine by the afternoon, so she went out to have fun with her friends tonight.

Among her friends, there was a man who was her admirer.

In fact, Zheng Wenmei also liked the man, but hadnt agreed to be his girlfriend yet.

Under the effects of the alcohol, the two started to flirt with each other.

At this moment, the man laid his hand on Zheng Wenmeis waist, and Zheng Wenmei didnt resist.

Instead, she enjoyed the feeling.

When they talked to one another, they were very close and almost kissed each others faces.

After a while, Zheng Wenmeis other friends left for the washroom, and only her and the man were left in the private room.

Without hesitation, the man approached Zheng Wenmei and asked, “Wenmei, can I kiss you” He asked for her permission, which proved that he respected her.

Zheng Wenmei was a little drunk, and couldnt think clearly now.

Moreover, she liked the man, so she agreed, “Yes, you can.”

Hearing that, the man kissed Zheng Wenmei at once, and Zheng Wenmei also kissed him back.

Zheng Wenmei was a pure girl, and was only willing to have sex with her boyfriend.

She liked this man, so she allowed him to kiss her.

As time went by, the man was aroused, but was soon pushed aside by Zheng Wenmei.

“I-Im sorry…” The man apologized.

“No, its fine,” Zheng Wenmei said.

“Wenmei, I really like you.

Can you be my girlfriend” the man asked with sincerity.

“Yeah.” Zheng Wenmei finally nodded, and the man got excited, then kissed her again.

All of a sudden, the door was pushed open.

Zheng Wenmeis female friend and her boyfriend were back.

Seeing them walking inside, Zheng Wenmei pushed the man away once more, and felt utterly embarrassed.

“What You finally agreed” Zheng Wenmeis friend joked.

They all knew that this man was chasing Zheng Wenmei, and that Zheng Wenmei also liked him, so they thought that the two would be girlfriend and boyfriend sooner or later.

Now that the two were finally a couple, they felt happy for them as well.

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