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Chapter 822 Meeting Zi Beiying Again

“What do you want to have” Cao Wenxin asked.

“Seafood,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning hadnt eaten seafood for a long time, and she missed it!

“My friend told me that there is a new seafood restaurant on the commercial street, and its quite popular.

Why dont we give it a try” Cao Wenxin said.

“Cool,” Gu Ning replied.

Afterwards, Gu Ning called Qiao Ya.

Qiao Ya had called her while she was in the operating room, but it wasnt convenient for her to pick it up back then.

Actually, Qiao Ya already sent her a message after she failed to get through to her.

Gu Nings car was repaired, and Qiao Ya was on her way to pick Gao Yi up at the airport.

Gu Ning then told them to join them for the meal.

It was a busy day, and Gu Ning received another call before she arrived at the commercial street.

The caller was Qi Tianlin.

“Do you have more pills with you I need more,” Qi Tianlin asked in a domineering tone.

They were familiar with each other now, so Gu Ning didnt mind it.

“How many do you need” Gu Ning asked.

“The more, the better,” Qi Tianlin said.

He shared the pills that Gu Ning had given him with his close brothers, and they were running out of it.

Although Qi Tianlin was arrogant and cruel, he was a good leader.

In addition, he also had many comrades.

He wasnt able to manage the Kirin Gang alone after all.

“I dont have many with me, so I can only give you 20 pills.

A million yuan each as usual,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Cao Wenxin was amazed by its price.

The pill was unusually effective, but it was too expensive! Only rich people could afford it.

What Cao Wenxin didnt know was that Gu Ning only set a high price for her pills when the buyer was rich, and she was willing to give it to others for nothing when it was necessary.

“You have already won so much money in the Earth Nightclub.

Do you still need the twenty million yuan” Qi Tianlin frowned.

He didnt care about the money, but Gu Ning had won a fortune in his place within a short time, which was quite upsetting in his eyes.

“I deserve the money,” Gu Ning said with confidence.

“Fine,” Qi Tianlin said.

“Im in the Earth Nightclub right now.

When can you come” It sounded like he couldnt wait a second longer.

“Around 7 pm I think,” Gu Ning said.

Without saying good-bye, Qi Tianlin hung up on Gu Ning.

Gu Ning pulled her lips, then put her phone back into her pocket.

“Ningning, is it alright if you maintain a close relationship with Qi Tianlin” Cao Wenxin was concerned.

She still remembered what she had been through in the Earth Nightclub.

“Dont worry.

Its fine,” Gu Ning said to comfort her.

Cao Wenxin trusted Gu Ning, and didnt mention it again.

They soon arrived at the commercial street, and saw that the seafood restaurant was already crowded.

It was just 5:30 pm, which was a bit early for dinner, so they managed to find a vacant table.

Gu Ning ordered a private room, then sent Qiao Ya a message to tell her its number before they began to order dishes.

About a dozen minutes later, Qiao Ya and Gao Yi walked inside.

“Hi, Lady Ning, Miss Cao,” Qiao Ya and Gao Yi greeted them with respect.

“Have a seat please!” Gu Ning told them to sit down.

After dinner, it was almost 7 pm, and Cao Wenxin left for home, while Gu Nings group of three drove to the Earth Nightclub.

It was around 7:30 when they arrived at the Earth Nightclub.

However, Gu Ning ran into Zi Beiying again the second she got out of her car.

Zi Beiying came here along with her bodyguards.

To Zi Beiyings surprise, she saw Gu Ning again.

She was also struck dumb for a second, but soon got mad.

She had been thinking about how to pay Gu Ning back ever since what had happened yesterday, and now they encountered one another.

Zi Beiying noticed that the two behind Gu Ning were ace fighters at first glance as well.

She and her bodyguards couldnt beat Gu Ning in a fight, and now it seemed even more unlikely that she could punish Gu Ning when Gu Ning had two helpers.

The grudge between them wasnt serious, but Zi Beiying was still reluctant to give up.

She made up her mind to humiliate Gu Ning at least once.

An idea dawned on Zi Beiying, and she walked towards Gu Ning at once.

“Hi, Miss Gu, why dont we have some fun by gambling” Zi Beiying asked in a provocative tone.

“Oh, what do you want to play” Gu Ning asked.

“How about Sic Bo” Zi Beiying said.

She was good at it, and had won a fortune in a casino before, so she was quite confident about it.

“No problem!” Gu Ning agreed.

If it was another form of gambling, she might hesitate, but Sic Bo was super easy for her with the help of her Jade Eyes.

“Well, I think we better set the bet properly before the game begins.

How much do you want to bet on it” Gu Ning asked.

“Since Miss Gu can afford a car that costs twenty million yuan, you must be very rich.

The bet can be a million yuan.

What do you think” Zi Beiying asked.

“Cool,” Gu Ning replied.

Gu Ning didnt care how much the bet was, because she was going to win after all.

In addition, she could also win a lot at long odds even though the bet was only a million yuan.

It was super easy for Gu Ning to win.

“Lets go to the hall now!” Zi Beiying proposed.

She planned to embarrass Gu Ning, so she invited her to play the game in the hall.

“Sure.” Gu Ning didnt mind, because it was the same to her no matter where they played the game.

After that, they went to the sixth floor together.

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