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Chapter 82: Support Jiang Xu to Run a Start-up

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Well live in such a nice house after tomorrow,” Gu Qing answered with love in her eyes.

Having the affirmative answer, Jiang Xinyue was so excited that she almost jumped up.

“Wow! Its so great!”

Seeing Jiang Xinyue being happy, Jiang Xu and Gu Qing as her parents were also happy.

“Alright, its almost eight pm.

Im starving.

Mom, aunt, please cook dinner for us,” Gu Ning said.

“Oh, its almost eight.

We need to cook now!” Gu Qing immediately left the sofa and pulled Gu Man, running to the kitchen.

Gu Ning wanted to discuss something with Jiang Xu, so she didnt go to help.

She also stopped Jiang Xu who wanted to help.

“Uncle, can we have a talk” Gu Ning asked.

“Sure,” Jiang Xu answered, but he asked Jiang Xinyue to go help.

“Uncle, since were not poor any longer, I naturally dont want you to continue doing labor work for so little money.

Of course, I know you cant stay unemployed.

I also dont want to see that.

In the past, we could only live a hard life, but now, we can live a better and better life.

So, I want to ask you.

Do you want to start a thriving business and improve our lives in the future Or you simply want to run a small business As long as you dont have to be hungry or cold, no matter what you want, I can fully support you financially,” Gu Ning said.

Jiang Xu wasnt clever, or cunning enough.

He probably wasnt capable of running a business.

However, he worked hard and was diligent.

He also liked learning.

As long as he was determined, Gu Ning trusted that he could truly make something.

Jiang Xu was delighted to start a company, but he felt awkward about the money.

Gu Ning had already given them a house.

He felt utterly embarrassed if he asked Gu Ning for money as well.

Gu Ning also knew what was on Jiang Xus mind.

She encouraged him, “Uncle, no one respects us, only because were poor.

Youre the only man in our family.

You must be strong and powerful to protect us!”

Gu Ning only said that to comfort Jiang Xu.

She had no intention to reveal her other properties before she could do better than the Tang Family.

It needed more than money to surpass the Tang Family.

Money didnt mean everything.

She also needed power and support from the authorities.

It was hard to force an official to leave his position with money, but it was much easier to ruin someones company with power.

Therefore, a good network was very significant.

Thus Gu Ning planned to network actively in the future.

Jiang Xu was touched.

What Gu Ning had said affected him a lot.

Exactly! Only because they were poor, no one respected them.

Especially Gu Man and Gu Qing, they had been despised and discriminated against by the rest of the Gu Family for a long time.

As long as Gu Man, Gu Qing or Jiang Xu himself were powerful, the Gu Family wouldnt dare to do that.

Jiang Xu was immediately full of passion, but he was still embarrassed about the money.

“Uncle, I know that you are worried about the money.

If thats the case, I can help you with money and you can give my mother a 20% share of your company.

My mother of course wont work in your company, or interfere in your business.

You need to work hard yourself.

Please dont underestimate the 20% shares either.

If your business grows bigger, 20% shares will soon be equal to the money I give you.

So just take it as I lend you the money, and do not feel any pressure,” Gu Ning said.

Although Jiang Xu was almost convinced by Gu Ning, he was still a little worried.

“What if the company isnt profitable”

“It happens in business.

Nothing good comes without risk! You dont need to worry about the money at all.

I can totally afford it!” Gu Ning said sincerely.

She was unbelievably confident.

Yes, she could afford it.

She didnt want Jiang Xu to do the same thing as her.

Her goal was to build a business empire with billions or hundreds of billions in assets.

As long as Jiang Xu could be successful in City F, several hundred million yuan would be enough.

Thus, Gu Ning planned to invest ten million yuan into Jiang Xus business.

She had several hundred million yuan in wealth.

She could completely afford it.

Although Gu Ning wouldnt interfere in Jiang Xus business, if he had any trouble, she would never step aside.

Gu Man and Gu Qing heard the talk between Gu Ning and Jiang Xu in the kitchen.

Gu Qing was already crying in happiness.

“Ningning, shes such a great kid!”

“Yes, Ningning is doing this for our good.

We cant disappoint her, right” Gu Man said on purpose.

Gu Qing immediately understood what Gu Mans purpose was.

She walked out, talking to Jiang Xu.

“Xu, please accept it.

We must be strong and powerful.

No one is going to take advantage of us anymore!”

With Gu Qings support, Jiang Xu was now fully convinced.

He answered at once, “Great, Ill do it!”

Actually, he had always had the idea to run his own business, but lacked the money.

“Actually, I have a friend who invited me to do the business of construction materials together.

I really wanted to join him at that time.

However, because I didnt have the money, I gave up at the end.

In three years, he already has millions of yuan in wealth.

His wife and children all live a good life.

Honestly, Im very jealous of him,” Jiang Xuman said with embarrassment.

Construction materials

Hearing that, Gu Nings eyes lit up.

It was a good idea.

Gu Ning planned to be involved in real estate industry, and construction materials would be highly important to her business.

It would be better if her uncle could help.

“I think its a good idea.

Uncle, I agree with you to do the business of construction materials.

Ill invest ten million yuan,” Gu Ning said.

“What Ten million yuan” Hearing that, Jiang Xu was astonished.

He thought a million yuan would be enough.

He didnt expect it would cost ten million yuan.

“Uncle, since were getting involved.

Why not start a bigger business Dont be a chicken!” Gu Ning encouraged him.

“Great, Ningning, I wont let you all down!” Since Jiang Xu had made up his mind, he decided to do his best.

“Aunt, you can quit your job too.

Whether you want to help uncle, or be a housewife, or open a small shop, you can choose.

Besides, women need to take good care of themselves.

We were poor before, but now we dont need to worry about money at all! I wont go to school tomorrow.

After we finish the legal procedure of buying a house, we can go buy skincare products, clothes and jewelry, and then get our hair done,” Gu Ning said.”


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