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Chapter 81: Tell Them Everything

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When they saw the spacious rooms and the elegant decoration inside, everyone was stunned again.

They even didnt dare to walk inside, but stopped at the door.

They had actually been to such a spacious and well-decorated house before.

It was Gu Qinxiangs house.

However, when they had gone to his place, they had felt very nervous and had no idea how to behave.

If they had had another choice, they wouldnt have gone to Gu Qinxiangs place.

Of course, Gu Qinxiang also disliked them.

“Please feel at home.

Dont be nervous at all.

Come on in! Ill tell you everything.” Gu Ning put down all the stuff.

She pulled Gu Man and Gu Qing while walking to the living room.

Gu Qing was still a little nervous, while Gu Man relaxed a lot, because she knew that her daughter had bought this house.

Although she didnt know why Gu Ning would buy such an expensive house, she chose to believe in her daughter.

Jiang Xu and Jiang Xinyue followed slowly.

“Please have a seat,” Gu Ning said, but some of them still stood.

It seemed like they were afraid to dirt the sofa.

“Have a seat please.” Gu Man sat down calmly.

They all sat down afterwards, but felt uneasy.

“Aunt, uncle, do you still remember what I said last Sunday If I become rich, I will definitely let you live a good life,” Gu Ning asked.

Hearing that, both Gu Qing and Jiang Xu kept staring at Gu Ning.

They didnt realize what had happened.

Apparently, they remembered Gu Nings words, but what did Gu Nings words have to do with what was happening now

They couldnt believe that Gu Ning would become rich within such a short time.

Therefore, Gu Ning told them what she had told Gu Man.

The family of Gu Qing were all amazed by the story.

She had rescued a man, gotten ten million yuan, and even planned to run a business

“Ive said it before.

Once Im rich, I will definitely let you all live a good life.

Now its time to fulfill my promise.

I bought two houses of the same size actually.

The other one is right across from this one.”

“This one is for me and my mother.

The opposite one is for your whole family.

Since I didnt tell you in advance, I couldnt get all the required documents.

Please bring your household register and marriage certificate here tomorrow.

After we finish the procedure, you can move in directly.

The house is well-decorated as well.

All you need to buy are daily necessities,” Gu Ning said.

A long, long while later.

“Am-am I in a dream” Gu Qing asked.

It was so hard to believe it.

She immediately pinched Jiang Xus thigh with great force.

Jiang Xu shouted in pain.

Gu Qing asked him, “Does it hurt”

“Try it yourself!” Jiang Xu said.

He wouldnt have shouted if it didnt hurt.

Gu Qing glared at Jiang Xu.

She absolutely wouldnt do that to herself.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha.” Both Gu Ning and Gu Man couldnt help laughing out loud.

“Its real! Ningning said that she wanted to wait to tell you till she bought the house.

So we all kept it a secret,” Gu Man explained.

“But, the houses here arent cheap at all! It must cost a lot to buy one here!” Gu Qing said confused.

They were poor and hadnt finished their education, but it didnt mean they knew nothing.

Actually, Gu Man was also confused about that.

Gu Ning hurriedly explained, ” Well.

Im going to open a jewelry business, so I went to City G this weekend to buy raw jade materials.

However, the raw materials are all covered with stone layers.

There are piles and piles of them.

No one knows which one actually has jade inside.

Thus its generally a gamble.

Whoever cuts jade out from the raw materials can sell it on site.

Its super hard to get an emerald though.

I dont know whether I was lucky or something.

I bought five raw materials, and fortunately there were three high-level emeralds in them.

I sold one which in the size of an apple, and earned more than twenty million yuan! I used that money to buy the houses.

Besides, as for the other two emeralds, Ill leave one for Mu Kes company, while the other one will be used to make jewelry for all of you.”

Before they could recover from the last shock, they all were shocked once more by Gu Nings words.

What More than twenty million yuan

This was the first time they had ever known it could be so easy to make money!

After a long time, they finally recovered.

“Ningning, youre so bold to play stone gambling!” Gu Man criticized Gu Ning gently.

She was more worried about her daughter.

She had heard of stone gambling.

It was a highly risky business.

One could either become super rich or poor overnight.

It was too dangerous.

“Mom, dont worry.

I know how to handle it.” Gu Ning immediately comforted her mother.

“Well…” Gu Man didnt know what to say.

She still chose to believe in her daughter.

Gu Ning had made a lot of money.

The family of Gu Qing also felt happy for her, but she gave them such an expensive house, so they all felt a little awkward.

“Ningning, I know youre being kind, but the house is too expensive.

We…” Gu Qing opened her mouth.

She wanted to reject it.

“Aunt, I know clearly how much youve helped me and my mother ever since I was a little girl.

Please accept it.

Were a family after all.

I cant see you all live a poor life any longer,” Gu Ning interrupted Gu Qing.

“Indeed! Please accept it.

We only have each other now.

Were family,” Gu Man added.

Everyone was upset suddenly.

True! They only had each other now.

The rest of the Gu Family disliked them and kept a distance away from them.

“Great, great,” Gu Qing answered at the end.

She burst into tear with happiness.

“Mom, can we live in such a nice house from now on” Jiang Xinyue asked with anticipation in her eyes.

It was understandable that everyone wanted a better life.

Gu Qing and her husband felt a little guilty that they werent able to provide a good life for their daughter.


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