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802 Selfish Lu Qiuting

“It is important!” Feng Pinghui raised his voice.

“Feng Pinghui, I love you so much.

Why do you have to treat me in this way Why” Feng Pinghui was heart-broken.

She shouted in anger and felt aggrieved.

“Lu Qiuting, you still dont think that youre guilty of it How can you be so shameless Youve committed a crime!” Feng Pinghui felt disgusted that Lu Qiuting was so selfish.

“I did that only because I love you.

Its not my fault!” Lu Qiuting argued.

Like son, like mother.

She had also spoiled herself rotten.

“I dont think that its love that you have hurt my beloved woman only to steal me away from her,” Feng Pinghui said, and he felt utterly regretful now that he had married Lu Qiuting.

It was probably the worst decision he had ever made.

In fact, he didnt love Lu Qiuting, so he had no interest in knowing more about her.

Besides, he spent most of his time at work, and seldom came back home, so they didnt have much time to get along with each other.

Lu Qiuting also enjoyed the rich life she had after marrying Feng Pinghui so much that she pretended to be kind and gentle in front of Feng Pinghui in order to live this life forever.

“You…” Lu Qiuting felt so hurt, then roared, “You still cant forget her, right You want to find her after divorcing me, right”

“I never had that idea before Xueqin told me everything, and Ive been very loyal to you during the past years.

However, I must divorce you after knowing what youve done no matter whether Yunping is willing to come back to my side,” Feng Pinghui said.

“Dad, you cant divorce mom!” Feng Pingjie said in anxiety.

“Although mom made a mistake, its something that happened many years ago.

Why cant you let it go”

Feng Pingjie was as selfish as Lu Qiuting.

He didnt think that there was anything wrong if he made a mistake, but he would certainly pay others back if other people dared to annoy him.

“Children should be seen but not heard.

Stay away!” Feng Pinghui snapped at Feng Pingjie.

Although Feng Pingjie was scared, he couldnt stand aside since it was about his mothers marriage.

“Dad, you cant divorce mom.

If you divorce mom, Ill leave with mom!” Feng Pingjie was the eldest grandson in the Feng family, and he knew how important he was.

He thought that Feng Pinghui would give in as long as he used himself as the threat.

However, he was wrong.

Feng Pinghui was in a rage now, and he got angrier when Feng Pingjie threatened him.

“Do you want to leave with your mom Go with her! Youre useless in the family anyway!”

Feng Pinghui only said that because he was angry now.

Feng Pingjie was the eldest grandson in the Feng family, and it was impossible that Feng Pinghui would abandon him.

He said that in order to teach Feng Pingjie a lesson.

“No, no!” Lu Qiuting argued against it at once.

Feng Pingjie was going to take over the Feng familys business in the future.

If he left the Feng family right now, there would be no position for him in the familys business anymore.

Feng Pingjie also shut his mouth in fear.

He was, of course, unwilling to leave the Feng family.

If he left the Feng family right now, he gave up his right of a fortune.

“Sign it now.

You can drive away with your car, and you can also have the house in XX District,” Feng Pinghui said.

“Feng Pinghui, do you have to do that” Lu Qiuting asked again.

“Dont you think that youre too shameless Lu Qiuting, you should pay for what youve done.

Do you understand” Feng Pinghui lost his patience.

Lu Qiuting felt hopeless now.

“Fine, I can sign it, but you must give me a hundred million yuan,” she said.

A car and a house werent enough.

“What” Not to mention Feng Pinghui, even Feng Pinghuang and Tong Wen were shocked.

“Lu Qiuting, how dare you ask me for that Impossible!” Feng Pinghui was totally disappointed in her.

“You havent made a cent ever since you married into my family, and you even secretly gave your family a lot of money behind my back.

I turned a blind eye on it, but it doesnt mean that its right.

If you want a hundred million yuan, tell your family to pay me back the money theyve gotten from my pocket first!”

“You…” Lu Qiuting was struck dumb.

Her family couldnt afford a hundred million yuan at all.

The Lu family was just a little richer than a common family, but it wasnt rich, and Lu Qiuting had married into the Feng family which was a super-rich family.

The Lu family had also benefited a lot from their connection with the Feng family.

Lu Qiuting had used the Feng familys money and influence to help her brothers, so her brothers were able to make a lot of money with her help.

Tong Wen, on the other hand, was mad at the fact that Lu Qiuting had secretly given her family a lot more than a hundred million yuan.

“Oh, we can give our own family money from the Feng familys pocket I didnt know that! I just bought my family some simple gifts when it was a festival.

Qiuting, should I learn from you”

They were both daughter-in-laws in the Feng family, and it was unfair if only Lu Qiuting could do that.

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