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801 It“s Not up to You

His children with Lu Qiuting, however, were lazy and only knew how to spend money, because they lived a rich life, which was annoying in his eyes.

It wasnt fair to say that he disliked his children with Lu Qiuting.

He had no intention to punish them even though he found out what Lu Qiuting had done to his beloved woman many years ago, but it was also true that he didnt get along with them because of their characters.

Wang Yunping also felt proud of her son, but she still had mixed emotions.

There was no mother who didnt want her kid to live a good life after all!

Wang Zesheng looked at Feng Pinghui with a cold face afterwards.

“I dont care whether youre my biological father or not.

Since my mother told you not to interfere in our lives, please leave now.

We can rely on ourselves to live.”

Although he ached to have a father, he refused to accept a father who already had a family with another woman.

Nobody could be more important than his mother in his heart.

Seeing them being so determined, Feng Pinghui didnt say anything further.

He left Wang Yunping his name card, and told her to call him whenever they needed help.

In case they fled, Feng Pinghui arranged someone to spy on them.

Once they wanted to move away, he would know.

At the same time, he had to go back and divorce Lu Qiuting now.

Since Wang Yunping refused to accept him because he had a family, he would be divorced before he came to visit her the next time.

By then, she might accept him.

After Feng Pinghui left, Wang Yunping seemed distracted too.

“Mom, whats wrong” Wang Zesheng asked worriedly.

“Zesheng, are you willing to accept his help” Wang Zesheng asked.

“Mom, its not important to me, and I dont care about it.

I only care about you,” Wang Zesheng said.

Wang Zesheng also wanted to get a better education and live a better life, but he cared more about his mothers feelings.

It was all up to Wang Yunping.

Wang Yunping knew her son very well, so she stopped talking about it, and went to prepare dinner.

Lu Qiuting shared a pleasant dinner with her friends after having a facial in a beauty salon.

It was a good day for her till now, but she had no idea that it wouldnt last long.

Feng Pinghui turned to his lawyer for help to draft a divorce settlement the moment he left Wang Yunpings place.

When he got home, it was already 8 pm, and all the members of the Feng family were in the house.

Lu Qiuting came back home just a little earlier than Feng Pinghui, and now she was arguing with Tong Wen in the living room.

“Qiuting, you cant spoil your son like that! You should teach him whats wrong and whats right, and punish him when hes done something wrong.

How can you let you son do whatever he wants just because hes young My nephew is also young, and is even three years younger than your son! Your son knocked my nephew down.

Shouldnt he apologize” Tong Wen glared at Lu Qiuting.

A young boy around 11 years old was crying in her arms.

Tong Wens parents, older brother and sister-in-law went to attend a funeral today.

It wasnt appropriate for them to bring their kid with them, so they asked Tong Wen for help, and they would pick the boy up a while later.

However, Lu Qiutings son didnt like this boy, and knocked him down on purpose, which annoyed Tong Wen.

“You…” Lu Qiuting was mad, but didnt know how to argue back, because it was her sons fault in the first place.

“Pingjie, apologize to him.”

“No!” Lu Qiutings son, Feng Pingjie, refused at once.

“Lu Qiuting, look at your son.

The Feng familys business will be ruined in your sons hands if hes going to take it over.” Tong Wen believed that Lu Qiutings son and daughter were spoiled rotten.

Hearing that, Lu Qiuting was anxious and snapped at her son, “Pingjie, apologize now!”

“I didnt do it on purpose.

Why should I apologize” Feng Pingjie retorted.

He refused to apologize, and even lied.

“You…” Lu Qiuting didnt know what she should do now.

She had already spoiled her son rotten, and her son wasnt afraid of her at all.

Right at this moment, Feng Pinghui walked inside.

“Honey!” Lu Qiuting walked forward to welcome him home without delay, but Feng Pinghui gave her a cold glance, and avoided her arms.

Lu Qiuting was struck dumb for a second, and felt embarrassed.

She didnt understand why Feng Pinghui looked so cold today.

Feng Pinghui walked by Lu Qiutings side to the living room.

“Sign this agreement.” Feng Pinghui took out a document from his briefcase.

Lu Qiuting took it, and rounded her eyes in shock after reading the words on it.

“Y-you want to divorce me” She couldnt believe her eyes.

Hearing that, both Tong Wen and Feng Pinghuang were shocked and confused.

“What Why” Feng Pingjie abruptly jumped up from the sofa.

“Dad, why do you want to divorce mom”

“Its between your mother and I.” Feng Pinghui stared at Lu Qiuting with his eyes full of hatred.

“Xueqin already told me everything.

I know that you two schemed against Yunping behind my back.

Youve ruined her reputation and my happiness.

Dont you have any sense of guilt”

Hearing that, Lu Qiutings face turned pale, and she could barely stay on her feet.

What Feng Xueqin told Feng Pinghui everything How could she do that

It was also shocking news in Tong Wens and Feng Pinghuangs eyes.

To their astonishment, it was a scheme designed by Lu Qiuting and Feng Xueqin.

Lu Qiuting is so malicious!

“What youve done is illegal, and you could be sentenced to years in jail.

I wont sue you for the sake of our many years of marriage, but I cant accept the fact that youve ruined my beloved womans reputation without feeling guilty at all! I hate you, and we have to get divorced!” Feng Pinghui said with determination.

“No, no, I wont sign it!” Lu Qiuting almost yelled.

“Its not up to you,” Feng Pinghui said coldly.

“Feng Pinghui, do you have to be so cold-blooded Weve been married for so many years! Its just something that happened a long time ago.

Its not important!” Lu Qiuting argued.

Actually,to some extent, she admitted that she had done it by saying that.

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