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800 I Don“t Care

“Yunping, hes our son, right” Although Feng Pinghui already had the answer himself, he still wanted to hear it from Wang Yunpings mouth.

“What” Wang Zesheng couldnt believe his ears.

Didnt his mother tell him that his father was killed in an accident

Wang Yunping got nervous and denied it at once, “No, he has no connection to you!”

“If not, why he does closely resemble me when I was young” Feng Pinghui asked.

“Well…” Wang Yunping didnt know what to say, which proved that Wang Zesheng was Feng Pinghuis son.

“Mom, is it true” Wang Zesheng asked.

Wang Zesheng was a very smart child, and he knew what Wang Yunpings reaction meant.

In addition, he noticed that he really did resemble the man before him.

However, it was hard for him to accept it.

If he had a father, why had his father been absent for so many years Why did his mother tell him that his father was dead

When people laughed at him because he didnt have a father, he dreamed to have one.

When he saw his mother working hard and taking care of him at the same time, he wished he had a father.

If this man before him was really his biological father, Wang Zesheng held great hatred towards him.

“No, no!” Wang Yunping denied it again.

She was reluctant to let them meet each other.

“Please, Pinghui, weve been apart for so many years; please dont interfere in my life anymore.”

“Yunping, I found out the truth of what happened that year.

It was a scheme designed by Lu Qiuting and Feng Xueqin.

Feng Xueqin told me everything today,” Feng Pinghui said.

He hoped that he and Wang Yunping could get back together.

Wang Yunping, however, wasnt surprised at all after hearing it, because she knew that it was a scheme from the very beginning.

Even though she knew it, it wouldnt change anything.

“Let bygones be bygones.

I dont care about it now.

I just want to live my quiet, happy life,” Wang Yunping said, feeling sad.

She still felt hurt thinking of the terrible old memory, but she had no intention, ability, or energy to pay those who had hurt her back.

She was used to her life now.

“Mom, what happened before” Wang Zesheng asked in annoyance.

“Scheme” wasnt a good word! Even though it was something that had happened many years ago, Wang Zesheng was mad when he knew that his mom had been schemed against by someone else.

“Zesheng, go back to your room.” Wang Yunping didnt want Wang Zesheng to know too much about it.

“No.” Wang Zesheng rejected.

He always listened to his mother, but not today.

He already found out about his mothers misfortune, and it was impossible that he would stand aside.

“Zesheng!” Wang Yunping was a little displeased, but Feng Pinghui interrupted her before she could say anything else.

“Yunping, since you knew that you were schemed against by them, why didnt you tell me”

Feng Pinghui was astonished as well as angry.

He didnt understand why Wang Yunping hadnt told him the truth back then.

If she had, things could have been different.

“It wouldnt have made any difference.

It already happened.

I dont want to bring it up in front of my kid.

You should leave, now!” Wang Yunping said with determination.

“Yunping, I just want to help.” Feng Pinghui felt slightly helpless.

He wouldnt allow himself to do nothing after he found out that they lived a poor life now.

“I dont need your help! Feng Pinghui, please leave us alone.

If Lu Qiuting finds out that you came to visit me, shell hurt me again.

I have my son now, and I cant lose again,” Wang Yunping said with anger.

Wang Zesheng was everything she had now, and she would do everything to protect him.

“I promise that nobody will hurt you again,” Feng Pinghui said with a serious face.

“No need.

As long as you can disappear, well be fine and safe.

You have a family now, and people may say that Im the other woman in your marriage if you visit me again and again.

Rumors can ruin our lives!” Wang Yunping said.

Hearing that, Wang Zesheng frowned.

“I understand that its hard for you to accept me right now, but Zesheng is my son too.

Its also my duty to raise him and provide him with a good life,” Feng Pinghui said.

“Dont you want him to have a better life and receive a better education” Feng Pinghui said that in order to make Wang Yunping compromise.

He knew that it would take time for Wang Yunping to accept him, and he just hoped that she could give him a chance to take the responsibility of a father, and make up for what he had done to her.

Although he wanted to get back together with her, he had to divorce Lu Qiuting first.

It also depended on Wang Yunping whether they could be a couple again.

As for what had happened that year, he didnt mind it anymore after knowing that it was just a scheme.

Both of them had been through a lot during the past years, and it was merely nothing now.

“I…” Wang Yunping hesitated.

She, of course, wanted her son to get a better education and live a better life, but she was unwilling to see Feng Pinghui provide that for her son.

“Mom, as long as I can live with you, Ill study hard no matter what level of life and education I can have.

I know a person is more likely to be successful with a better life and education, but poverty can also encourage me to change my life,” Wang Zesheng said, which was quite persuasive.

Even Feng Pinghui liked his positive attitude.

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