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791 The Same Singing

Hearing the story, Gu Ning understood why the female ghost was reluctant to leave the world.

If it was possible, the female ghost would rather see the man dying in great pain and torture.

Gu Ning had deep sympathy for her, because Tang Ainings death was also caused by her beloved mans betrayal.

Speaking of that, Tao Dinglin had suffered more than Tang Aining, because she had been raped to death.

Tao Dinglin was dead, but her ghost was unwilling to leave.

Tang Aining was much luckier than Tao Dinglin, because she had a rebirth and had a chance to take revenge.

“Do you want me to kill him” Gu Ning asked.

She was a little reluctant to do that.

The man was a stranger and she had no grudge against him after all.

She wasnt an executioner either.

“No need, but I know a big secret of his.

I need you to tell a person this secret, and the person will punish him!” Tao Dinglin said with hatred.

“My boyfriends name is Gong Zhengyang, and the girl from a rich family was called Yao Lihui.

I think that they got married a long time ago.

The Yao family was a rich family with some fame in the City B five years ago.

I dont know whether its still true now, because I cant leave this place.”

“Gong Zhengyang said that secret aloud here himself a night after my death.

He thought that I was dead and gone, but he had no idea that my ghost stayed, so I got to know about it.

In fact, Gong Zhengyang is Yao Lihuis fathers biological son.

In other words, Yao Lihui is his half-sister.

Yao Lihuis father had sex with Gong Zhengyangs mother, then abandoned his mother, and refused to take responsibility when Gong Zhengyang was born.

Yao Lihuis father even planned to kill Gong Zhengyang, so Gong Zhengyangs mother had to send him to an orphanage when he was only 10, but they kept in touch.

In order to take revenge, Gong Zhengyang found Yao Lihui later, and had sex with his half-sister! Its incest!” Tao Dinglin laughed out loud all of a sudden.

“The person I need you to tell this secret to is precisely Yao Lihuis father.”

Hearing the story, Gu Ning was surprised by the way Gong Zhengyang took his revenge.

Incest was disgusting.

“Gong Zhengyang is Yao Lihuis fathers biological son.

Are you sure that Yao Lihuis father will punish him” Gu Ning asked.

“Of course, because he had the intention to kill Gong Zhengyang many years ago.

No matter what, Gong Zhengyang was trying to get revenge on the Yao family and even had incest with his daughter!” Tao Dinglin said with confidence.

“If Yao Lihuis father isnt willing to do it, you can tell the secret to Yao Lihuis mother.

I dont think that Yao Lihuis mother could accept it.” Even though a woman could accept her husbands love child, it was impossible for her to accept the fact that the love child had incest with her daughter.

Tao Dinglin added, “Yao Lihui also has an older brother.

Gong Zhengyangs existence is a threat to his position in the family, and he wont let Gong Zhengyang get away with it.

“Sure, Ill help you.” Gu Ning agreed.

Tao Dinglin smiled with satisfaction, but she looked quite scary.

After that, Gu Ning went back to Huafu Hills.

Gu Man and Qiao Ya were already home when she got back.

She chatted with them for a while, then went back to her room.

The moment she was in her room, she opened her computer to search for some information about the Yao family.

However, she read a piece of news on Pei Hena all of a sudden.

Xia Yichu, a new singer just signed by Fenghua Entertainment, has the same voice as Pei Hena who is a popular singer.

What happened

Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second reading its title, then scrolled up to read the content.

At 6 pm today, the official website of Fenghua Entertainment released a video of Xia Yichu who is a new singer just signed by it.

This new singer has the EXACT same voice as Pei Hena who is a popular female singer.

What happened

There was a video attached to the news, which was recorded when Xia Yichu was singing in the recording studio.

Her singing was exactly the same as Pei Henas, and it caused a sensation on the Internet within a short time.

Although many people had doubts whether it was an imitation, they couldnt tell the difference between Xia Yichus singing and Pei Henas, so it wasnt very persuasive.

Nobody said that it was lip synch, because Xia Yichu sang with music and a cappella in the video.

She also talked with a singing teacher.

It was obvious that Xia Yichus voice was almost the same whether she was singing or talking, while Pei Henas singing voice was very different from how she spoke.

Many Internet users were shocked by this news, and asked Fenghua Entertainment for more information about it, but Fenghua Entertainment stayed silent for now.

Lu Xiao didnt want to explain it until it attracted a lot more attention.

“What happened Shouldnt Fenghua Entertainment explain it”

“Why are their voices the same”

“How come I have a feeling that Xia Yichu is the real singer of Pei Henas songs”

“Me too!”

“I have a bold guess.

Xia Yichu could be Pei Henas ghost singer.

Have you watched the film about ghost singers A girl is very good at singing, but she isnt beautiful, so she has to be another singers ghost singer.”

“Wow, I think its possible.”

More and more Internet users began to talk about ghost singers.

At the same time, Pei Henas fans started to defend their idol.

“Xia Yichu is just imitating Goddess Pei! Its a publicity stunt!”

“Right, Xia Yichu merely wants to gain fame on Goddess Peis coattails!”

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