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In the living room, there was a chandelier, sofa, coffee table, carpet, TV cabinet and a TV.

The TV was 50 inches large.

In the dining room, there was a dining table and chairs.

In the kitchen, there was a refrigerator, oven, gas stove, range hood, pots and pans.

All of them had been packed.

They were all brand new.

The only things missing were rice, oil, salt and vinegar.

There was also a balcony with a fully automatic washing machine in the kitchen.

In the study, there were bookcases, a desk, a small sofa with three seats and a small coffee table.

In the master bedroom, there was a bathroom, cloakroom, bed, wardrobe and a dressing table.

There were also a toilet, bed, wardrobe, a desk and a chair in the second bedroom.

In the third bedroom, there were a bed, wardrobe, a desk and a chair, but there wasnt a bathroom.

The house had been cleaned often, so it was clean and bright, without dust.

However, if they wanted to move in, it had to be cleaned once more.

“Miss Gu, rest assured.

You are a friend of Yifans so I would never lie to you.

The decoration here is absolutely high-standard, and the quality is excellent too.

All the furniture has certificates, invoices and warranty cards.

You dont need to worry at all,” Wei Zhirui said with confidence.

Actually, Gu Ning knew they were of good quality simply by looking at it and touching it.

They went to the second house later.

It was the same.

Gu Ning then decided to buy those two houses.

Although Wei Zhirui knew it was highly possible that Gu Ning would buy the houses, he was still thrilled to hear the affirmative answer.

Although Wei Zhirui and Qin Yifan were friends, he wasnt from a rich family.

He earned everything by working hard.

Once he sold a house, he could earn a commission.

How could he not be happy

Wei Zhirui became the sales manager of Fenghua Luxury Mansion, which was a big real estate company, at a young age.

He was a very capable man.

“Miss Gu, do you want to pay by full payment or instalments” Wei Zhirui asked.

“Full payment,” Gu Ning answered.

Wei Zhirui was shocked again.

Full payment

Two 160 square meter, big well-decorated houses in the front position cost around thirteen million yuan.

This girl must be super rich!

To be honest, although Fenghua Luxury Mansion was a high-end residential area and most of the people who lived here were rich, many of them had paid by instalments.

There were two thousand households in Fenghua Luxury Mansion currently, but only dozens of them had paid by full payment.

Even those who had dozens of millions of yuan of wealth had paid by instalments.

The sales people could extract the commission from the interest, and the total commission was higher than that of a full payment.

But no one knew how long they could keep their job.

Therefore, it was better to have a total commission at once.

“The owners of those two houses wont be the same person.

I only brought a copy of one of their ID cards with me, so Ill buy one first, and pay the deposit for the other.

Ill pay the full amount tomorrow,” Gu Ning said

“No problem,” Wei Zhirui answered.

He then helped Gu Ning with the legal procedure.

Gu Ning had already prepared a copy of Gu Mans ID card.

She only wrote Gu Mans name on the property ownership certificate.

Because the first house was paid by one-time payment, only the copy of an ID card was needed.

The second one was a little troublesome.

Since it was a house bought after marriage, it was necessary to have a household register, an ID card and a marriage certificate.

Gu Ning would not only write Gu Qings name on the property ownership certificate because of their intimate relation.

She also knew her uncle Jiang Xu was a good man, who treated Gu Qing and Jiang Xinyue very well.

Thus, Gu Ning didnt regard Jiang Xu as an outsider.

“Miss Gu, both of your well-decorated houses are 165 square meters big.

The total price is 13.6 million yuan.

After the biggest discount I can give you, it is 12.92 million yuan in total,” Wei Zhirui said.

“Thanks a lot,” Gu Ning thanked him with sincerity.

Gu Ning knew the man had done his best.

And she did appreciate what the man had done for her.

Besides, Wei Zhirui probably could only gain a hundred thousand yuan from that deal.

“The total amount of a house is 6.45 million yuan, and the deposit for the other one is a hundred thousand yuan.

Thus Miss Gu, you need to pay 6.55 million yuan now,” Wei Zhirui said.

When Wei Zhirui guided Gu Ning to the counter, the cashier was shocked.

What Full payment The buyer must be super rich!

Before long, Wei Zhirui finished all the legal documents.

Gu Ning already had the key of the house which she and Gu Man would move into today.

Gu Man had actually already recovered and was ready to leave the hospital.

Before Gu Ning left, she left a key with Wei Zhirui.

She asked him to help her find an hourly worker.

She wanted the house to be cleaned once more before she moved in.

It could of course be handled easily by Wei Zhirui.

Once Gu Ning was gone, the news that Wei Zhirui had sold a house paid by full payment exploded in the entire sales hall.

They all asked Wei Zhirui how he did it.

Wei Zhirui didnt keep it a secret.

He told his colleagues the buyer was a friend of his friend.

He then told them the buyer planned to buy two houses by full payment today, but she didnt have all the documents with her, so she paid the deposit first.

She would come back tomorrow.

Everyone was shocked again.

That girl must be super rich!

It was already 5:30 pm when Gu Ning left.

She immediately called Gu Man to invite the family of Gu Qing.

She intended to have lunch with all of them to celebrate.

Coincidentally, the family of Gu Qing was in the hospital with Gu Man today.

Therefore, Gu Ning decided to go directly to the hospital.

She planned to visit Gu Man first, then buy some daily necessities on the way back.

She took a taxi to the hospital.

Fenghua Luxury Mansion wasnt far away from the hospital.

It only took a dozen minutes to arrive at the hospital if there was no traffic jam, but it was rush hour now so it took Gu Ning almost half an hour.

When she arrived at the hospital, she called An Qian.

She told An Qian her mother was about to leave, and she also wanted to invite An Qian for a meal once she was free.

Gu Ning also wanted to pay An Qian back for the admission fee.

An Qian refused to take Gu Nings money.

It wasnt much to her.

Besides, Gu Ning had saved her life, which was much more priceless.

But she accepted having a meal with Gu Ning.

She honestly wanted to make friends with Gu Ning.

Gu Ning didnt argue with An Qian on the phone.

She was going to pay her back anyway.

Gu Ning finished the discharge procedure before she went upstairs.


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