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789 Big News!

Sometimes, a person might be bad in many aspects, but he or she could have long-lasting loyalty and love for his or her partner.

“Wenhao, when can you go punish that little bi*ch” Zheng Wenmei asked.

“I dont know who the girl is yet.

Ill see what I can do once I find out.” Zheng Wenhao gave her a perfunctory answer.

“Fine.” Zheng Wenmei didnt insist.

The beauty salon was damaged after all.


Zheng became sensitive in front of Zheng Lilin, and she didnt ask him to get revenge on the girl.

The beauty salon was damaged, so she felt much better.

After that, they went home together.

Qiao Ya and Gu Man went to shop in a shopping mall, but they didnt buy many things.

When it was lunch time, they shared a meal at a restaurant.

Gu Man understood that Gu Ning was very busy these days, so she didnt call her.

Today was also the opening day of Jade Beauty Jewelry in the capital, and it attracted a lot of attention from people and the media.

When Master Leng heard that Jade Beauty Jewelry was about to open a branch in the capital today, he went there with Master Jiang and Jiang Zhongyu.

Jiang Zhongyu was almost fully recovered now, and he was even healthier than before.

Master Leng and Master Xu were also close friends, so Master Leng sent Master Xu two power crystal pills as well.

Master Xus body was also in a better condition after taking the pills.

The three of them who were nearly 70 now were as strong as men around 50.

Master Leng thought that Gu Ning would show up, so he went there to see his grand daughter-in-law, but Gu Ning was absent today.

However, their appearance at the opening ceremony of Jade Beauty Jewelry shocked the jewelry industry in the capital.

Businessmen and workers involved in the jewelry industry paid a lot of attention to their peers, so that they were able to know the latest news in the industry.

So when the three important figures showed up together at the opening ceremony of Jade Beauty Jewelry, everyone couldnt believe their eyes.

Moreover, each of them came with flowers and a gift.

It meant that they had a close relationship with Jade Beauty Jewelry.

Since Gu Ning was absent, they didnt stay there for long, and soon left.

The release conference of Jade Beauty Jewelry in City B had already gained a lot of attention, so many people were attracted to its branch in the capital today.

Noble ladies even asked for information about Charm gowns.

When things were almost done, Zhou Zhenghong called Gu Ning to report his work today.

Gu Ning was dining in a restaurant when she received Zhou Zhenghongs call.

“Boss, big news!” Zhou Zhenghong was very excited.

“What happened” Gu Ning was amused.

“Big, good news! Do you know who showed up at the opening ceremony today!” Zhou Zhenghong asked with excitement.

“Who” Gu Ning asked with curiosity.

She didnt know that Master Leng and his friends would attend, but thought that Leng Shaoting might have made some arrangements to surprise her.

Speaking of Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning hadnt seen him in many days, and she missed him so much.

“Master Leng, Master Jiang and Master Xu! Once they showed up, many people were shocked and they were like free ads for the jewelry store!” Zhou Zhenghong said.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was surprised, but wasnt shocked.

“Boss, youre so unbelievable! How did you manage to get to know them” Zhou Zhenghong now admired Gu Ning more than ever.

“Well, I met them at the antique street, and weve just met each other a few times,” Gu Ning said.

“I think that youre the only one who can meet important figures at the antique street!” Zhou Zhenghong joked.

“Ha-ha, right, Im always lucky.” Gu Ning laughed.

In fact, she had been very lucky ever since her rebirth.

Although some people had schemed against her, none of them had succeeded.

“Oh, many noble ladies asked when Charm will open a branch in the capital.

They like Charm gowns very much,” Zhou Zhenghong said.

“Ill discuss it with Yu Zi,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” Zhou Zhenghong said, then hung up.

Afterwards, Gu Ning called Yu Zi.

“Hi, boss,” Yu Zi greeted her the second she answered the call.

“Is it convenient for you to take a call now” Gu Ning asked.

“Yes, whats up,” Yu Zi said.

“I forgot to ask you about the clothing industry forum you mentioned last time.

How was it” Gu Ning asked.

“I learned a lot!” Yu Zi sounded delighted.

“Great.” Gu Ning also felt happy for her.

“Oh, boss, didnt I tell you about the famous Paris designer, Jason He has visited our factory sometimes and has been talking to me about design these days.

I think hes a great teacher and its a good opportunity for me to learn from him, but I still dont understand why he is doing it,” Yu Zi said.

She felt honored that a design master was willing to teach her, but they werent familiar after all!

Gu Ning frowned.

“Did you talk about design only”

“Yeah,” Yu Zi said.

“Um, its probably because hes quite interested in your designs.

Hes a clothing design lover, and is almost addicted to it,” Gu Ning said.

When Yu Zi mentioned Jason last time, Gu Ning collected a lot of information about Jason, and she got to know that he was an outstanding designer with a good reputation.

Although they werent familiar with one another, his reputation among people wouldnt lie.

“Really” Yu Zi asked.

She had the same thought, because Jason did have many positive comments on her designs.

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