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786 Niu Ge“s Confession

Many passers-by heard Niu Ges scream of pain, and they all walked closer to see what was going on inside, but there was only a small door open, so they couldnt see much.

Li Fengxia, on the other hand, paid attention to the store the entire time, but she didnt dare to move closer, in case she was exposed.

Seeing many people looking at the store, Li Fengxia pulled her lips with satisfaction, because she believed that Niu Ges group must be damaging the store right now.

In the shop, those hoodlums all stepped backwards in fear.

They were just a bunch of jobless and lazy young men, not members of any gangs after all, and they were all scared when Gu Ning beat Niu Ge down in seconds.

“You…” Niu Ge was mad, and shouted in anger, “Punch her, now!”

They exchanged a glance with one another, but none of them moved forward.

“N-Niu Ge, this girl is really good at fighting,” a young hoodlum said with a sad expression.

They couldnt even beat Niu Ge in a fight, how could they beat Gu Ning

“You…” Niu Ge got angry.

“The four of you can attack her together!”

Hearing that, those hoodlums thought that it was reasonable, so they dashed towards Gu Ning at once.

Du Laifeng felt a little worried, not about Gu Ning, but that they might break those goods in a fierce fight.

He was confident in Gu Nings level of martial arts.

Master Xiao and Mr.

Chang walked out as well, and they were all astonished by the scene.

When they saw four men attacking her together, they were anxious, but they were an old man and a middle-aged man who could barely help her in a fight, so they prayed that Gu Ning would be fine.

Gu Ning didnt make any big moves, in case the goods piled up in the hall were broken.

Without delay, she kicked the crotch of the hoodlum who was closest to her.

With a loud scream of pain, the hoodlum knelt down on the ground and covered his crotch with his hands.

Seeing that, every man in the shop felt for him.

Before the other three hoodlums could react, Gu Ning attacked them one after another.

Within seconds, they were beaten down on the floor too.

The five of them were now all screaming in pain, rolling around on the ground.

“Open the front door,” Gu Ning said to Du Laifeng.

She decided to punish this bunch of hoodlums as a warning to others today in order to prevent other people from causing Du Laifeng trouble again in the future.

Du Laifeng went to open the front door at once, and those onlookers who gathered at the door were able to see the scene in the front hall now.

Although only some of them saw Gu Ning beat them down, everyone got to know about it after the news went abroad.

“Tell me, do you have any grudges against Du Laifeng” Gu Ning asked.

“N-no.” Niu Ges voice was trembling.

“No Then why did you come here to damage his store today” Gu Ning sneered.

It was obvious that she didnt believe it.

“Well…” Niu Ge didnt know how to explain it, because they indeed had no grudge against Du Laifeng.

“Who hired you to do it” Gu Ning asked again.

In fact, Gu Ning already had the answer herself, but she asked that question on purpose, so that others could hear it, which would damage the persons reputation.

Hearing Gu Nings question, they suddenly realized that they just took this job from another person.

They were just a bunch of hoodlums, and did things for others after taking money.

They didnt have any sense of professional ethics at all, and would betray their hirers the moment their lives were in danger.

Therefore, Niu Ge confessed without hesitation, “Right, we were hired by someone to damage this shop.

Shes the owner of Duji Antiques, Li Fengxia.

Shes also Du Laifengs step-mother.

She paid us three thousand yuan to ruin Du Laifengs business.”

Not only did Niu Ge confess to it, but he also told Gu Ning the hirers identity.

In case Gu Ning didnt believe him, Niu Ge added, “You can check my phone if you have doubts.

She just called me half an hour ago.

Its not done yet, so she hasnt transferred the money to me this time, but shes hired us many times before.

There are transfer records on my phone as well.”

Even though Niu Ge was in great pain now, he still told Gu Ning everything he knew.

“Besides, No matter who has the intention to rent or buy his shop, Li Fengxia would hire us to threaten the buyer.

She wants to buy Du Laifengs shop at the lowest price.” Niu Ge didnt omit any details.

Hearing that, onlookers were all annoyed at Li Fengxias malicious behavior.

“Step-mothers are all unkind.

How could she hire hoodlums to ruin her step-sons business!”


Du owned two antique shops, and he gave them to his two sons before he passed away.

Each son got one, but Li Fengxia and her son want to grab the other shop away from Du Laifeng!”

“Shes so evil!”

People were all criticizing Li Fengxia and her son.

“Tell Li Fengxia that this shop isnt Du Laifengs anymore, but Gu Nings.

If she dares to do that again, Ill put them in jail.” Gu Ning warned.

“S-sure,” Niu Ge replied.

“Disappear now!” Gu Ning snapped at him.

Hearing that, those hoodlums struggled to get back on their feet and escaped.

Li Fengxia was struck dumb when she saw Niu Ge and the other hoodlums escape from the shop like drowned mice.

W-What happened How is it possible

Li Fengxia wasnt dumb, and she knew that they must have been beaten down by someone, but who She didnt believe that Du Laifeng was able to do that.

Li Fengxia didnt dare to watch it any longer, and ran back to her shop in a hurry.

Afterwards, Niu Ge and the other hoodlums walked into her shop as well.

“Li Fengxia, the shop isnt Du Laifengs now.

You told us to damage the shop before you made it clear, and now were all injured.

You must pay the medical fee.

Ten thousand yuan a person,” Niu Ge said.

Li Fengxia was surprised to hear that the shop had a new boss.

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