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783 Du Laifeng“s Step-mother

“Thats because they caused trouble first, and the boss of XX Beauty Salon will pay for Mrs.

Zheng and Miss Zhengs medical fee, but you should also pay the compensation of two million yuan,” Tong Chao said.

Gu Ning told them that she was willing to pay Mrs.

Zheng and Miss Zhengs medical fee, which was around several thousand yuan at the most.

Zheng Wenmeis wrist was dislocated, and it cost very little to move it back.


Zheng had just fallen and could barely move right now.

There was no need for her to have surgery or take medicines.

Therefore, their medical fee was mainly the fee of the medical examination.

“Why should I pay the compensation Hasnt Liu Zhongming paid it already Youre extorting me if you ask me for money again!” Zheng Wenhao was angry.

At this time, Gu Ning walked ahead.

“He sent a bunch of hoodlums to damage my shop, so he should pay the compensation.

And you hired him to do that, so you should take responsibility for it as well.”

Although the case could be settled as long as the compensation was paid, Gu Ning had her own rules, and she was unwilling to let any of them get away with it.

She didnt lack two million yuan, but intended to humiliate Zheng Wenhao in a public place.

“Who are you Its none of your business.” Zheng Wenhao didnt know Gu Ning, and felt displeased when Gu Ning interrupted them.

“Im the boss of XX Beauty Salon,” Gu Ning said.

“Youre the girl who hurt my mother and younger sister! How dare you come here!” Zheng Wenhao was in a rage, and wanted to punch Gu Ning, but was stopped by his secretary.

“They caused trouble in the shop first and they even tried to slap me.

I think I have the right to defend myself,” Gu Ning said with a calm face.

“Fine, youve hurt my mother and younger sister and Ive damaged your shop.

I think its even now.

Why are you asking for compensation twice Youre so shameless!” Zheng Wenhao snapped at Gu Ning.

In fact, he was the shameless one here, because he thought that his family was very rich and he could do whatever he wanted.

“So what Youve damaged my shop, and its up to me how much you should pay for it.

Isnt the Zheng family very rich and influential in City B Didnt you threaten to punish me” Gu Ning sneered with disdain.

“You…” Zheng Wenhao got mad again.

At this moment, Zheng Wenhaos secretary interrupted them, “Miss Gu, there is no such thing as the Zheng family using its influence to bully others, but it is indeed extortion if you ask for compensation again.”

Nobody introduced Gu Ning, but Zheng Wenhaos secretary was able to call her surname.

It was obvious that she recognized Gu Ning.

In the beginning, she thought that Gu Ning looked familiar, and remembered who Gu Ning was after thinking for a long while.

Once she recognized Gu Ning, she understood that they couldnt annoy her.

Zheng Wenhao, on the other hand, frowned.

He was surprised that his secretary was so polite to this young girl standing in front of him.

All of a sudden, Zheng Wenhao remembered that Liu Zhongming had told him that the boss of XX Beauty Salon had a close relationship with Manager Lu of the Earth Nightclub.

Thinking of that, Zheng Wenhao was also reluctant to argue with her again, but he wasnt afraid yet.

“Extortion I dont lack money at all, but you must pay for what youve done,” Gu Ning insisted.

“Ive transferred two million yuan to Liu Zhongming, so he already used my money to pay the compensation.” Zheng Wenhao did his best to curb his anger.

“I dont care.

I need you to pay the compensation to me in person,” Gu Ning said.

“You…” Zheng Wenhao got mad again.

Zheng Wenhaos secretary wanted to talk with Zheng Wenhao in private, so she said to Gu Nings group, “Please excuse us for a while.”

“Sure.” Gu Ning agreed.

After that, Zheng Wenhaos secretary pulled Zheng Wenhao aside, and talked to him in his ear in a low voice.

“Manager Zheng, I think that we better compromise this time.

The young girls name is Gu Ning, and she is also the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry which is the most popular jewelry brand recently,” his secretary said.

“What” Zheng Wenhao rounded his eyes in shock.

In that case, he had to compromise today.

Although he was extremely unwilling to do that, he wasnt dumb enough to pick a losing battle.

After hesitating for a while, Zheng Wenhao decided to compromise, but just for now.

Once he got a chance, he would pay Gu Ning back in the future.

“Sure, Ill pay the compensation,” Zheng Wenhao said when he walked back.

“Great, this is my bank account.” Gu Ning gave a piece of paper to Zheng Wenhao, and his secretary took it at once.


Zheng, please follow us to the police station for the record,” Tong Chao said.

“You…” Hearing that, Zheng Wenhao lost his temper once more.

“Its the rule, and everyone has to obey it,” Tong Chao added.

There was nothing else that Zheng Wenhao could do, so he had to follow Tong Chao to the police station.

The staff working in the company began to discuss it when Zheng Wenhao was taken away by the three policemen.

“Why did Manager Zheng leave with the police”

“I heard the police say that Manager Zheng was involved in a gang related incident.”

“Jesus, those policemen didnt save any face for the Zheng family.”

“I heard that Manager Zheng hired a bunch of hoodlums to damage the girls shop.”

“What Why”

“Who knows.”

“Am I the only one who thinks the girl looks familiar”

“I think she looks familiar too, but I cant remember where Ive seen her before.”

“I know.

Shes Goddess Gu whos super popular on the Internet these days.”

“Oh, right!”

After that, they began to talk about Gu Ning.

Given what Gu Ning had done before, they all believed that Zheng Wenhao was digging his own grave by acting against Gu Ning.

Gu Ning was a well-known successful businesswoman, and she had a powerful network.

Zheng Wenhao was no match for her.

Gu Ning didnt go to the police station along with them after leaving Hetian Group, but she left alone for the antique street.

However it seemed like today was meant to be a long day, and problems occurred one after another.

A large amount of goods was delivered into Du Laifengs shop at short notice, which made his step-mother who paid special attention to his shop all the time feel quite surprised.

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