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778 Abandoned Old Buildings

Gu Ning told Manager Ding to keep the scene the same, and that she would be right there to deal with it.

After hanging up the call with Manager Ding, Gu Ning called K first.

She told him to hack into the surveillance cameras around the beauty salon, and found out who those men that had damaged everything in the shop were.

Afterwards, she called the police and directly assigned this task to Tong Chao and the other two policemen.

It was a great chance for them to prove their ability.

The policeman who received Gu Nings call reported it to Luo Guosheng without delay.

Knowing that it was Gu Nings beauty salon, Luo Guosheng took it seriously.

Since Gu Ning asked Tong Chao and the other two policemen to deal with this case, he wouldnt oppose it.

Luo Guosheng understood that Gu Ning wanted to give them a chance to prove their ability.

Once Tong Chao and the other two policemen heard that Gu Nings beauty salon had been damaged by a bunch of hoodlums, they were angry, and went to the shop in a hurry.

Although Gu Ning didnt say that the Zheng family was involved in this mess, Tong Chao and the other two policemen knew that the Zheng family must be the mastermind.

“How dare the Zheng family act against Goddess Gu! Theyre digging their own graves,” Tong Chao said in anger.

Even though the Zheng family didnt know Gu Nings identity yet, the Zheng family should know that Gu Ning wasnt someone they could mess with when they failed to make the three policemen lose their jobs.

The Zheng family probably thought that they had the support of the director of the Public Security Bureau, but didnt know that the director actually protected them for the sake of Gu Ning.

Either way, since Gu Ning had already told them that she didnt care about their influence, they shouldnt have taken action without a clear understanding of the problem.

If they planned to take revenge, they should learn more about Gu Nings background first.

It was obvious that the Zheng family was too arrogant to do that.

“Right! I hope that Goddess Gu can teach them an unforgettable lesson,” Hu Yiming said.

Five minutes later, they arrived.

The moment they arrived, they began to work together.

Tong Chao asked Manager Ding for her first-hand account, Hu Yiming took photos of the scene, and Wu Xuanjie was recording.

“Is the computer damaged too” Tong Chao asked.

“Yes,” Manager Ding replied.

“Give me the memory card for the surveillance cameras, please,” Tong Chao said.

The computer was damaged, so they couldnt watch the videos on it.

Therefore, they had to take out its memory card and use it in another computer.

“Sure.” Manager Ding took out the memory card and gave it to Tong Chao at once.

“Are there any other working computers” Tong Chao asked.

“Yes, in the office,” Manager Ding said.

“Please bring me there.

I need to check the surveillance cameras,” Tong Chao said.

Afterwards, Manager Ding guided them to the office, and watched the surveillance videos.

They also made a copy of those videos.

Twenty minutes later, Gu Ning came.

When Gu Ning showed up, everyone got excited.

“Goddess Gu, those hoodlums are junior members of the Kirin Gang,” Tong Chao said to Gu Ning.

The bunch of hoodlums had caused a lot of trouble in this area, so they were familiar with each other.

“Great, follow me to catch them later,” Gu Ning said.

“No problem.”

The three policemen were looking forward to seeing Gu Nings fighting skills.

However, they forgot that they were the policemen and it was their duty to catch bad people.

“Manager Ding, how much is the loss” Gu Ning asked.

“All the damage of the sofas, tables, chairs, computers and skincare products amounts to 1.58 million yuan,” Manager Ding said, then showed Gu Ning the list.

“Oh, if adding the staff fee and the decoration fee, itll be two million yuan in all.”

“Great, Ill make them pay it.” Gu Ning took the list.

After that, she left with Tong Chao and the other two policemen.

Manager Ding and the rest of the staff stayed in the shop to sort out the unbroken skincare products for sale at a reduced price.

It would be a waste of money if they dumped them in the trash can, so they decided to sell them as planned.

When Gu Ning and the others walked into the parking lot, Gu Ning called K and asked him for the location of the bunch of hoodlums.

Following Ks guidance, Gu Ning along with the three policemen drove to find them.

K noticed from the surveillance cameras that the bunch of hoodlums stopped their cars at a large abandoned piece of land.

There were three abandoned buildings standing there, and K was sure that they had to be hiding inside.

Around a dozen minutes later, Gu Ning and the others arrived at the road which lead to the large abandoned piece of land.

Gu Ning told Tong Chao to stop the car.

They werent in a hurry to move forward.

The three abandoned buildings stood in a line, and each of them occupied seven hundred square meters at least.

The first old building was almost demolished, and the other two were still there.

It was obvious that they had been abandoned here for a long time, and the demolishing didnt go on.

Although Gu Ning didnt know the reason, she thought that this location wasnt bad, and it was a waste of resources.

The land was around three thousand square meters large, which wasnt suitable for building a living area, but it was large enough to build office buildings, a hotel, or a clubhouse.

There were so many rich people in City B, and they could be generous consumers.

Since Gu Ning had the idea, she made up her mind to acquire it.

After a short while, Gu Ning saw a van stopped at the front of the second abandoned building.

Eight men were eating, drinking and watching TV in a room on the first floor.

Apparently, they took it as a temporary abode.

“Why do I somehow feel like this place looks familiar,” Hu Yiming said all of a sudden, and frowned.

“Have you walked by this place before” Wu Xuanjie said.


Ive only been in City B for three years now, and Ive never been here before,” Hu Yiming said with certainty.

“I somehow feel like this place looks familiar too, but Ive never been here before either,” Tong Chao said, and he felt like it was so strange as well.

Hearing that, Gu Ning frowned.


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