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776 Zheng Wenhao

In the following hours, Manager Ding was busy dealing with her work.

Although this beauty salon wasnt profitable, they had many VIP members, otherwise they would have closed a long time ago.

Therefore, the first thing she needed to do was to call the members one by one, and tell them that the beauty salon had a new boss now.

It would have brand new furnishing, decoration, and skincare products before it reopened in around a week.

Moreover, the members could have a free try on the opening day.

If it wasnt effective, they could have their total membership fee back.

In fact, the beauticians werent confident to promote their service in that way.

They knew that Gu Ning would use high-end skincare products, but they didnt believe that the products could be effective immediately no matter how good they were.

Gu Ning was an unusual boss.

Anyway, they still chose to trust Gu Ning, and they were full of anticipation at the same time.

If the skincare products were that effective, this beauty salon would be successful sooner or later.

Even though many VIP members were disappointed in them, they still wanted to have a try after hearing the good news.

It wouldnt do them any harm if they just had a try after all.

They could also have their total membership fee back if it wasnt effective!

Many VIP members also asked the beauticians what brand they were going to use, and the beauticians told them that the brand was Kouzi.

Actually, those beauticians had never heard of Kouzi before themselves.

Even Manager Ding knew very little about it, and all she knew was that it was a new skincare brand.

Manager Ding didnt trust new brands, but she believed in Gu Ning.

Kouzi was actually gaining a lot of fame in the capital, but not many people in City B had heard of it yet.

Coincidentally, three of the VIP members had heard of Kouzi.

Two of them had used it before, while the other one hadnt, so she was very excited after hearing that the new brand they were going to use was Kouzi.

“What Is it really Kouzi, the skincare products produced by Colaine in the capital” the woman who had heard of Kouzi asked with excitement.

Facing this VIP members unusual reaction, the beautician who called her was surprised.

It was obvious that this VIP member had heard of Kouzi and it seemed like she liked it very much.

Was Kouzi a very good brand

“Yeah, it is Kouzi which is produced by Colaine in the capital,” the beautician answered.

“Great! Although Kouzi is a new brand, its super effective.

My friend in the capital bought a set for me, and my skin is in a much better condition now.

I was also wondering when Kouzi will open a branch in City B.

To my surprise, youre going to use it soon!” the woman sounded delighted on the phone, which affected the beautician.

Was Kouzi really that amazing

The woman added, “To be honest with you, I planned to stop spending money on your services after I used Kouzi.

Since youre going to use it as well in your beauty salon, I think that I will have to visit your beauty salon more often in the future!”

Hearing that, the beautician was amused.

The beautician then told her colleagues this amusing story, and her colleagues were amazed too.

They were looking forward to using Kouzi now.

Zheng Wenmeis wrist was moved back to its normal place after she came to the hospital, but it was still painful and she could barely move it.


Zheng was also seriously injured, and had to stay in the hospital for a few days.

On their way to the hospital, they called their family.

Zheng Wenmeis father, Zheng Lilin, was in a meeting right now, so her older brother, Zheng Wenhao, visited them.

The moment Zheng Wenhao showed up, Zheng Wenmei threw herself into his arms and burst into tears.

“Wenhao, you must take revenge for me and mother!”

After that, she told him what they had been through today.

Zheng Wenmei hadnt told Zheng Wenhao much details on their way to the hospital, and Zheng Wenhao hadnt asked much either because he was in a hurry to go to the hospital.

After hearing the details, Zheng Wenhao was mad.

“What How dare she hurt you after knowing that you were born in the Zheng family Dont worry.

I promise that Ill take revenge for you and mother.”

Zheng Wenhao, Mrs.

Zheng and Zheng Wenmei had a similar character.

They were all selfish and self-centered people, but were also very protective towards their own family members.


Zheng was Zheng Wenhaos step-mother, but she treated him very well, so he treated her as his own mother too.

As for Zheng Wenmei, Zheng Wenhao had spoiled her rotten.

Without hesitation, Zheng Wenhao called his friend who was a member of a gang, and told him to damage the beauty salon as soon as possible.

He didnt bother to investigate Gu Nings background.

In his eyes, he was the only son of the Zheng family, and everyone should know his importance.

After that, he called another friend who was a division chief in the Public Security Bureau, and told him to fire the three policemen.

His friend, of course, agreed with alacrity, and even promised to solve this problem within a minute.

However, they didnt know that Gu Ning had already called Tang Yunfan beforehand.

She told Tang Yunfan about what had happened today in the shopping mall, and hoped that he could help her to prevent the three policemen from losing their jobs.

Gu Ning understood that the Zheng family wouldnt give up, so she had to be prepared.

Gu Ning seldom turned to Tang Yunfan for help, so Tang Yunfan was more than willing to help her.

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