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771 Argument over the Shop

When they got home, Gu Ning went to her room and searched on the Internet for beauty salons which were available to be rented.

There were several beauty salons for rent, but Gu Ning took a liking to one of them at first glance, because it was located in Fengshang Shopping Mall, and was almost twice as big as Kamei Beauty Salon.

In addition, this beauty salon was very new and it had opened for just two years.

Gu Ning then read the comments on the beauty salon, and found out that its products werent popular among the customers.

It seemed that it wasnt profitable because of the low quality skincare products.

The next day, Gu Ning went to Fengshang Shopping Mall to look at the beauty salon, which was for rent, in person.

It was an exclusive beauty salon, so it was furnished and decorated luxuriously.

“Welcome!” The moment Gu Ning walked inside, a saleswoman walked forward to greet her.

Although this shop was going to be rented, they still needed to serve every customer with enthusiasm as long as it was still open.

“Hi, I read the post about your beauty salon being for rent on the Internet, so I came here to have a look,” Gu Ning said.

“Please wait a second.

I need to tell our manager,” the saleswoman said, then went to find the manager.

During that time, Gu Ning glanced around the inside of this beauty salon, and she was satisfied with it.

The manager walked out in a hurry once she heard that someone came here to look at the beauty salon.

She was a woman in late thirties.

Although her features were attractive, her skin wasnt in a good condition.

If she, who worked in this beauty salon couldnt take good care of her own skin, how could she persuade her customers to spend money here

“Its so nice to meet you, miss.

Im the manager of this beauty salon, and my surname is Ding.

May I have your name” the woman greeted Gu Ning politely, then sat down across from Gu Ning.

“Nice to meet you, Manager Ding.

My surname is Gu,” Gu Ning said.

“Miss Gu, do you want to look around first, or hear my introduction of the beauty salon” Manager Ding asked.

“Please tell me something about the beauty salon first.

May I know the reason why you want to rent it out” Gu Ning asked.

“It isnt profitable, and we lost a lot of money, so our boss wants to rent out it,” Manager Ding said.

However, she didnt tell Gu Ning that their skincare products were of bad quality.

This beauty salon was furnished and decorated in a luxurious way, but didnt use high-end skincare products, which was playing foul with consumers.

However, Manager Ding wasnt the boss, so she couldnt decide what kind of products they should use.

She had tried to persuade her boss to change the skincare products, but her boss said that the skincare products were provided by one of her friends.

If they changed them, her friend would be displeased.

Manager Ding thought that business was business, and it was unreasonable that her boss sacrificed the shop in order to not annoy her friend.

However, some people tended to ask for returns just because others owed them a favor.

Her bosss friend had helped her boss before so her boss had to accept it.

Therefore, her boss could only rent out this beauty salon after losing a lot of money.

Afterwards, Gu Ning talked with Manager Ding about its rent.

The rent was the official price set by Fengshang Shopping Mall, and Gu Ning needed to pay an extra amount of money for its furnishing and decoration.

Because it was furnished and decorated in a luxurious way, it cost nearly two million yuan, but there was no need for Gu Ning to pay the full amount.

This shop had been open for nearly two years after all, so it wasnt worth that much money.

In the end, its boss charged a million yuan for its furnishing and decoration.

As for its skincare products, Gu Ning could choose whether to buy them as well, or not.

Gu Ning obviously wouldnt buy them, because she only used Kouzi.

Since Gu Ning was very satisfied with it, she decided to rent it right away.

This shop was located in the Tang familys building anyway, so there was nothing she should be worried about.

However, when they were about to sign the contract, an accident happened.

Two women came in right when they were ready to sign their names.

One was a noble woman over 40 years old.

The other was a stylish young woman in her early twenties.

When they found out that Gu Ning was signing the contract with Manager Ding, they were annoyed.

“Manager Ding, didnt I tell you that I need a few more days to think about it Why did you rent this shop out to another person” the young girl said to interrupt them.

She was very beautiful with shiny skin, but was very unkind as well.

Seeing them walking inside, Manager Ding stood up and said with dissatisfaction, “Miss Zheng, you didnt give me an affirmative answer, and we cant wait for your decision the entire time.”

“We want to rent this shop right now, so you cant sign the contract with her!” the middle-aged woman said with arrogance.


Zheng, Im sorry.

I already had an agreement with this miss,” Manager Ding said.


Zheng frowned.

She didnt expect that Manager Ding would dare to reject her offer, and she got mad at once.

“Manager Ding, how dare you reject my offer Do you know who I am If you annoy me, its impossible for you to rent out this shop!”

Hearing that, Manager Ding was a little scared and worried.

Although she wasnt clear about Mrs.

Zhengs family background, she knew that they must be powerful or rich given their attitude.

Their beauty salon didnt have any powerful support, so it wasnt difficult for those relatively rich people to take advantage of them.

Even so, Manager Ding still chose to stick to her principles.

Since she already had an agreement with Gu Ning, she couldnt yield to power.


Zheng, Im afraid I cant accept your offer.

I dont know who you are, and I already had an agreement with this miss.”

“You…” Mrs.

Zheng was angrier.

“Manager Ding, let me tell you right now.

Im the wife of the chairman of the Hetian Group.

If you dare act against me, you cant bear the result.”

Hearing that, Manager Ding panicked.

She knew that this woman could come from a powerful or rich family, but she was still shocked by her family background.

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