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Chapter 767 Tang Weiyong Is Dead

Since Tang Deming was fired and caught, Tang Weiyong understood that his scheme was exposed, but he didnt know how much the Tang family knew about it, or whether Tang Deming would betray him.

He was in a very dangerous situation now, so he thought that it was necessary for him to hide as soon as possible.

As for what he should do next, he decided to make the decision later.

Therefore, Tang Weiyong took out his paperwork, and planned to leave the house first.

However, when he went to open the door, a man blocked his way.

Seeing the mans face, he was shocked and couldnt believe his eyes.

“Tang Yunfan, h-how could you be fine”

The man was exactly Tang Yunfan.

Isnt Tang Yunfan still unconscious Why is he here

Since Tang Yunfan showed up here, it meant that he had already recovered from the accident, but Tang Weiyong didnt know whether he had just woken up, or if he hadnt been hurt by the accident from the very beginning.

Besides, if Tang Yunfan came here to find him, it meant that Tang Yunfan knew everything.

Tang Weiyong was scared.

“Of course Im fine, because I have to pay you back!” Tang Yunfan sneered, and walked towards Tang Weiyong step by step.

Tang Weiyong, at the same time, moved backwards.

Tang Weiyong knew that he was no match for Tang Yunfan in a fight, because his body was seriously damaged in a car accident many years ago.

If Tang Yunfan was going to punch him, he could barely fight back.

“W-what do you want to do” Tang Weiyong asked.

It was a stupid question, because Tang Yunfan obviously came here to get revenge on Tang Weiyong.

“What do I want to do What do you think Ill do to a man who has hurt my family again and again” Tang Yunfan said in a cold tone.

Tang Weiyong was terrified.

He knew that it was highly likely that Tang Yunfan would kill him.

“You could be sentenced to death according to the law, but I prefer to do it myself,” Tang Yunfan said.

“You…” Tang Weiyong was in a panic now.

He didnt want to die.

“Tang Weiyong, I am surprised that you still want to scheme against me and my family after I let you go many years ago.

What makes you think that you have the ability and excuse to act against us” Tang Yunfan asked.

Tang Weiyong had no ability, nor excuse to take revenge, because he asked for the car accident 19 years ago.

The Tang family had been kind and let him go because he had been seriously injured, otherwise he would have been put in jail for years.

Unexpectedly, Tang Weiyong didnt feel grateful at all.

If it hadnt been for Gu Ning, Tang Weiyongs scheme might have succeeded.

Even so, he was still unable to take over Tanghuang Group.

“Its your fault! I lost everything because of you!” A selfish man like Tang Weiyong would never reflect on himself, but blamed others for everything.

“You schemed against me first, and you lost everything because of the stupid decision you made!” Tang Yunfan raised his voice.

“My father should have been the leading role in the Tang family, not yours! We just wanted to take the things that belong to us back.” Tang Weiyong argued, and took it for granted.

Tang Yunfan sneered.

“Tang Weiyong, even if my father didnt become the leading role in the Tang family, your father couldnt take over it either, because your father isnt an upright man and doesnt have the ability to run it well.

In other words, our grandfather would let our aunt take over the Tang family if my father couldnt.

Your father was never among the choices.”

“You…” Tang Weiyong didnt know what to say, because Tang Yunfan was telling the truth.

Tang Haiming wasnt qualified to take over the Tang family, but they refused to admit it.

“I dont have time to chat with you.

Since you should have died 19 years ago, I dont think that there is anything wrong with it if you die now.” Tang Yunfan moved closer to Tang Weiyong.

“You…” Tang Weiyong stepped backwards in fear.

Although he was scared of death, he didnt beg Tang Yunfan to let him go, because he knew that Tang Yunfan wouldnt give him a second chance.

Tang Yunfan was right.

He should have died 19 years ago, and it would make no difference if he died now.

In addition, it was very easy for the Tang family to kill a person without being punished.

All in all, he was doomed to death today.

However, he was unwilling to be killed without struggling, so he turned to run upstairs.

Tang Yunfan didnt hesitate and took out a gun to aim at Tang Weiyong.

With the help of a silencer, the bullet just made a slight sound.

It entered Tang Weiyongs body and he wasnt able to move anymore.

Within a few seconds, Tang Weiyong fell on the ground and died.

Since Tang Weiyong was already dead, Tang Yunfan left the house.

Tang Xinrui stayed in a hotel, thinking about what she should do next.

She didnt know that Tang Deming was caught by the police and Jazz Club was sealed until Mi Jiamei called her.

As a member of Jazz Club, Mi Jiamei was also on the wanted list.

However, she didnt go there during the day, so the police missed her.

Mi Jiamei failed to get through to Tang Weiyong, and thought that he might have been caught too.

Hearing the shocking news, Tang Xinrui panicked.

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