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Tang Weiyong asked for it himself.

He valued boys unreasonably high above girls, and used her against his enemies.

She hated him to death.

Although she wouldnt kill him in person because of their family connection, she wouldnt stop others from doing so.

She also agreed with Mi Jiamei on the fact that it was hopeless for Tang Weiyong to defeat the Tang family.

In fact, even if she could inherit the Tang familys business, she wasnt confident that she had the ability to run it well.

“Are you telling me the truth” Tang Xinrui fixed her eyes on Mi Jiameis face in order to not miss any of her reactions.

“Believe it or not, and I dont know who the real heir is.

Your father is very cautious and he doesnt tell me much,” Mi Jiamei said.

Tang Xinrui believed most of Mi Jiameis words, but she didnt have solid proof yet, so she wouldnt believe her completely.

Afterwards, Tang Xinrui didnt say anything else, but downed the wine in her glass.

She was thinking of Mi Jiameis advice.

Should she leave now Should she get rid of Tang Weiyongs control She knew that she was no match for him.

If he was aware that she was scheming against Tang Xinjie, he probably knew everything she was doing now.

Mi Jiamei told Tang Xinrui the shocking truth, but it was up to Tang Xinrui what she should do next.

After Gu Man went to bed in her room, Gu Ning returned to her room as well to read the information on Mu Wenqi that K sent her.

Mu Wenqi was a frequent visitor of a clubhouse, which was owned by a Country Y citizen, Alger.

Alger seldom came to the clubhouse, but he would meet Mu Wenqi every time he came.

Sometimes, Tang Deming joined their meeting too.

When the three of them gathered together, another man showed up a few times.

Gu Ning didnt have suspicion until she saw the following pictures.

The following pictures were photos of Tang Xinruis house captured from surveillance cameras.

Through the window Gu Ning could see the commanding figure of a man in Tang Xinruis house, it was the middle-aged man in the meeting with Mu Wenqis group.

Could this man be the mastermind He might be a helpful assistant of the mastermind too.

Gu Ning found the clearest picture and sent it to Tang Yunfan at once.

She wanted to know whether Tang Yunfan could recognize who he was.

When Tang Yunfan received Gu Nings message, he was discussing something with Tang Yunhang in his study.

Tang Yunfan read her message, and the attached picture.

“How is it possible Hes still alive” Tang Yunfan exclaimed in shock, and couldnt believe his eyes.

Tang Weiyong was still alive!

Since he was still living his life, it meant that he wasnt dead, and Tang Yunfan soon figured out the reason.

They had been deceived by him.

Tang Yunfans huge reaction scared Tang Yunhang, and he asked in a hurry, “What happened Who is still alive”

“Tang Weiyong,” Tang Yunfan said.

“What” Tang Yunhang abruptly stood up with astonishment.

“Tang Weiyong is still alive”

“Yes.” Tang Yunfan called Gu Ning without delay.

“Ningning, how did you get the picture” Tang Yunfan asked.

“I ran into a secret meeting between Mu Wenqi and Tang Deming, so I conducted an investigation on Mu Wenqi, then I found out that Tang Deming and Mu Wenqi have met the man in a clubhouse a few times,” Gu Ning said.

“His name is Tang Weiyong, the son of Tang Haiming who is your grandfathers younger brother.

Tang Weiyong is also my older cousin.

19 years ago, he and his father schemed against me and caused me to get caught in a car accident.

When I came back home, they fled but were hit by a car on their way.

Tang Haiming was dead, Tang Weiyong was seriously injured, and only his wife, son and daughter survived.

Tang Haiming and Tang Weiyong were guilty, but Tang Weiyongs wife, son and daughter were innocent, so we didnt punish them.

Afterwards, we heard that Tang Weiyong died, but none of us knew whether it was real.

If hes still alive, Im very sure that he must be the mastermind,” Tang Yunfan said, and told Gu Ning an old story.

Although Gu Ning also had a suspicion that the man in the picture could be the mastermind, she wasnt very sure about it.

After hearing Tang Yunfans explanation, she was certain that Tang Weiyong was the mastermind behind the scheme, and that he must be planning to take revenge on the Tang family for what had happened 19 years ago.

In fact, Tang Yunfan was the victim, but Tang Weiyong was too selfish to care about that.

He blamed the Tang family for everything, and was determined to get revenge on the Tang family.

Gu Ning was in a foul mood.

“He lives in No.

XX house on XX Road.”

“You already found his address” Tang Yunfan was surprised.

“I found out about the house a long time ago, but I only knew that Tang Deming has visited there before, and the house is owned by Tang Xinrui who worked in the finance department of Tanghuang Group.

The moment I realized that Tang Xinrui has a relationship with Tang Deming, I told Uncle Quan to find an excuse to fire her.

I just found out that Tang Weiyong also lives in the house, so I think they must be related,” Gu Ning said.

Tang Yunfan was also aware of what had happened to Tang Xinrui.

Although Tang Xinruis information said that she was an orphan and had been adopted by a woman in Country Y, Tang Yunfan knew that she must be related to Tang Weiyong after seeing the picture.

If he guessed it correctly, Tang Xinrui could be Tang Weiyongs daughter.

Tang Weiyongs daughter wasnt named Tang Xinrui, but it was easy to change a name.

Tang Weiyong must have changed his identity too.

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