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Chapter 756 Pay the Money

“Did any of you hear me say that Show me the proof!” Tang Yaxin questioned the crowd.

She dared to deny it because they had set the bet before others gathered here, and she was also confident that Qi Ziyue and Mu Wengi would side with her.

Hearing that, the crowd fell into silence, because none of them had heard her say that.

Although the majority supported Gu Ning, they didnt dare to annoy Tang Yaxin who was born in the well-known super-rich Tang family.

If Tang Yaxin blamed them for everything, they couldnt bear the result.

They werent selfish or cold-blooded people either, but just a bunch of ordinary people.


Qi, Mr.

Mu, you were there so please show your attitude now,” Gu Ning said, looking at them.

She, of course, understood that they would side with Tang Yaxin, but she decided to deal with it after hearing their answers from their mouths.

Qi Ziyue and Mu Wenqi frowned, but didnt say a word.

They were cornered now too.

If they admitted it, Tang Yaxin would lose a billion yuan, but “Tang Aining” would be mad at them if they denied it.

Although they didnt get along for long, they knew that “Tang Aining” wasnt someone they could mess with.

“Ziyue, youre my fiancé.

Are you going to help her” Tang Yaxin criticized Qi Ziyue.

Hearing the word “fiancé”, Gu Ning was annoyed.

Although she had no love for Qi Ziyue now, she couldnt forget the fact that she had been deeply in love with him, but it turned out to be just a scheme.

If she had had the ability to kill them, she wouldnt have let them stay alive back then.

Now, she had the ability to get revenge on them, so she was determined to pay them back little by little over a long time.

“Im sorry.

I think Yaxin is right.” Qi Ziyue chose to annoy “Tang Aining” in the end.

Mu Wenqi also apologized to Gu Ning, because he was Qi Ziyues friend after all.

“Very well, but do you think that I dont have proof” Gu Ning sneered.

Hearing that, Qi Ziyue was shocked.

What She has proof

Gu Ning didnt bother to argue with them, but took out her phone.

“I took a video of what you just said.”

Saying that, she played the video in front of everyone, and what Tang Yaxin had said was exposed to the crowd.

With the solid proof, nobody could deny it.

Qi Ziyue and the others were panicking.

To their astonishment, “Tang Aining” had the video of them as proof.

“No, impossible! I didnt see you recording us!” Tang Yaxin shouted and ran forward trying to grab the phone away.

However, it was impossible that she could grab it from Gu Nings hands.

“Give it to me!” Tang Yaxin yelled in anger.

In fact, it was still useless even if she deleted the video.

If Gu Ning was going to get the money which belonged to her, she was going to get it.

“This is my phone.

Why should I give it to you” Gu Ning said.

“Its not real! Its not! Dont believe her!” Tang Yaxin lost her reason.

“Its not up to you whether its real now,” Gu Ning sneered.

“Whats going on here” At this time, a security guard walked over.

“They refuse to pay me the money they lost,” Gu Ning said.

“Since you lost, you should pay her!” the security guard said.

“No!” Tang Yaxin still refused to pay the money.

“I think that you better pay the money right now, or you wont leave here tonight.” Gu Ning threatened.

Qi Ziyue and Mu Wenqi were a little frightened, because they knew that “Tang Aining” had a good relationship with the Earth Nightclub.

“We cant pay it right now.

Its too much!” Qi Ziyue said.

Actually, if he really wanted to pay it, he could figure out a way to do so, but he just wanted to delay it to see what else he could do to solve this problem.

“Dont fool me.

I know that you can easily solve this problem with a call,” Gu Ning said and hit the point, which embarrassed Qi Ziyue.

“Since you can solve it by a call, dont waste your time on arguing.

If you affect our business here, you cant bear the result,” the security guard said.

He didnt come to help Gu Ning, because he didnt know her.

He had no idea how much they had lost either, so he thought that it was easy.

Right at this moment, the bodyguard who just brought Gu Ning to meet Manager Lu walked towards them.

Once the security guard saw him, he called him with great respect, “Tian Ge!”

Tian Ge was Manager Lus bodyguard, and nobody in the Earth Nightclub didnt know


Tian Ge ignored him, but said to Gu Ning politely, “Miss Tang, our manager just gave an order.

If you need anything, please feel free to tell me.”

Gu Ning had told them that she came with a different identity, so Tian Ge, of course, couldnt call her by her real surname.

He was also surprised when he saw Gu Ning win all the chips in the slot machine from the surveillance cameras, but he knew that Gu Ning wasnt simple, so it was easy for him to accept it.

However, he didnt know how much the bet was in her competition with Tang Yaxin, or he would be shocked.

When others saw Tian Ge, they were all amazed, because they all knew that he was Manager Lus bodyguard.

They didnt expect that this Miss Tang was Manager Lus friend.

Qi Ziyue didnt dare to reject it again now.

“Sure, please allow me to make a call.”

“No…” Tang Yaxin subconsciously refused to do so, but Qi Ziyue interrupted her and vented his anger on her.

“Shut your mouth!”

Qi Ziyue had never been so mad at Tang Yaxin before, and it scared her.

She closed her mouth at once, and realized that they were in a dangerous situation now.

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