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Chapter 754 A Competition with Tang Yaxin

Qi Tianlin made a decision to compete against Situ Ye for Gu Nings heart.

However, it was a meaningless battle, because Gu Ning already had a boyfriend, and Leng Shaoting wouldnt allow anyone else to steal her away from him.

Gu Ning came back a few minutes later, and seemed quite relaxed, which aroused everyones curiosity.

Especially when they noticed that the chips were still in her pockets, they were all surprised.

How could she come back safely with all the chips “Miss Tang, are you alright” Qi Ziyue and Mu Wenqi walked over at once, and asked with concern.

“Im fine.” Gu Ning shrugged with a smile.

“What did they do to you” Qi Ziyue asked.

It sounded like he cared about her safety, but he actually wanted to learn more information about the Kirin Gang.

Qi Ziyue had a stronge feeling that this “Tang Aining” wasnt simple, because she was able to come back safely after the meeting with the manager of the Earth Nightclub.

He was curious why the manager wanted to meet “Tang Aining” at this moment if they knew each other.

Moreover, did “Tang Aining” know someone who was a friend of the manager of the Earth Nightclub If this “Tang Aining” had a powerful friend, they had to be careful while scheming against her.

“Oh, I have a friend whos familiar with the manager of the Earth Nightclub, so he let me go for the sake of my friend,” Gu Ning said.

Qi Ziyue believed her explanation, because that was what he had thought, and he thought even more highly of her now.

If the manager of the Earth Nightclub was willing to let her go to please her friend, her friend must be very influential.

In the beginning, Gu Ning wanted to trap Qi Ziyue into gambling with her, but she thought that he didnt lack money at all, so she decided to change her plan.

“Well, if youll excuse me, Im going to play other games,” Gu Ning said, and was about to leave.

“Miss Tang, what do you want to play We seldom come here, and dont know how to play most of the games here.

Would you mind introducing some to us” Qi Ziyue asked.

He wanted to find out more about her, so he was unwilling to see her leaving right now.

It was exactly what Gu Ning wanted.

She smiled and said, “I like playing slot machines.”

“Slot machine Isnt it a game for kids” Tang Yaxin said with disdain.

“I dont think that you can play it as well as an adult,” Gu Ning argued and challenged Tang Yaxin.

It wasnt easy to make Qi Ziyue do what she wanted by challenge him, but Tang Yaxin was different.

“Dont despise me.

I know that youre very good at playing dice, but it doesnt mean that youre good at everything!” Tang Yaxin retorted at once.

Slot machines were a game of pure luck, which was totally different from dice.

“Oh, if so, why dont we have a competition” Gu Ning said.

“Why not” Tang Yaxin answer with alacrity.

“Yaxin…” Qi Ziyue frowned, and tried to stop her.

It wasnt because he was afraid that she might lose.

Slot machines depended on ones luck after all.

Instead, Qi Ziyue didnt want Tang Yaxin to have a grudge against Gu Ning right now.

“Dont stop me.

I just want to have a competition with her.” Tang Yaxin interrupted Qi Ziyue, knowing that he was going to stop her.


Qi, I dont think you should be involved in this,” Gu Ning said.

Since they said so, Qi Ziyue didnt insist.

After that, a group of them went to the second floor, and found a slot machine with the highest odds and demand for chips.

A single reel of this slot machine required a thousand yuan.

Ten reels amounted to ten thousand yuan in all.

The shortest odds were 10:1, and the longest odds were 100:1.

“Since its a competition, we must set the bet.” Gu Ning proposed.

“No problem.

Each of us will play three rounds, and put chips in all the 10 reels.

The loser must pay the winner 10 times the chips that the winner wins.

How is it” Tang Yaxin said.

Tang Yaxin thought hundreds of thousands of yuan was merely nothing, so she set a very high bet for the game.

Gu Ning was obviously willing to see her losing as much money as possible.

“Sure, after you.” Gu Ning agreed and let Tang Yaxin play it first.

Tang Yaxin didnt hesitate and started to put chips into the slot machine.

She couldnt be more familiar with slot machines, and she often won money with it, which was the reason why she was so confident that she would win.

She was determined to defeat Gu Ning.

After the first round, pictures of 20 times, 40 times and 70 times odds lined up on the screen, which added up to 1.3 million yuan.

Ten times of 1.3 million yuan was 13 million yuan.

Although Gu Ning had just won over ten million yuan in the game of Sic Bo, the money was barely enough to pay the first round of slot machine.

Tang Yaxin was confident that she could win more money in the following rounds.

The second time, only pictures of 50 times lined up, and she won five hundred thousand yuan.

The third time, pictures of 30 times and 40 times lined up.

After three rounds, Tang Yaxin won 2.5 million in all, and ten times of it was 25 million yuan.

Gu Ning didnt seem worried, but she didnt show her confidence in her expression either, because slot machines werent dice, and she could make mistakes.

Anyway, she didnt care about 25 million yuan at all.

Gu Ning put the chips into the slot machine, and started to play the game.

She pulled the spin, and the slot machine started with a loud noise, while all the 10 reels moved fast at the same time.

Gu Ning had played it before and she was able to memorize all the positions of the pictures with the help of her Jade Eyes.

When it was the right time, Gu Ning quickly pressed the stop button.

The slot machine stopped with a sound like someone just slammed on the brakes.

And the 10 reels gradually stopped one by one from left to right.

Everyone focused on the screen, even Tang Yaxin who was confident that she could win felt quite nervous now.

After the first round, pictures of 10 times, 30 times, 60 times, and 70 times lined up on the screen, which meant that Gu Ning won 1.7 million yuan after just one round.

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