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Chapter 753 Manager Lu, Been a While

In the following hour, Gu Ning bet more and more money on the game.

After putting over ten million yuan into her pocket, two men finally walked towards her.

They were tall, bulky bodyguards in suits, and ordinary people would be scared of them.

Gu Ning, of course, wasnt afraid of them at all.

“Miss, our manager appreciates your gambling skills very much and he invites you to have several rounds with him alone upstairs,” a bodyguard in a black suit said to Gu Ning.

Although he sounded polite, his tone was very tough.

People who often had fun in a casino all understood what it meant.

Nobody could safely leave here with a fortune.

They all looked at Gu Ning with sympathy, including Qi Ziyue and Mu Wenqi, but Tang Yaxin gloated over her misfortune.

You deserve it!

“Miss Tang…” Qi Ziyue walked out, trying to remind Gu Ning to return the chips to keep herself safe, but Tang Yaxin stopped him.

“Dont go over.”

Before Qi Ziyue could do anything, Gu Ning agreed.


Gu Ning seemed calm as usual, but thought to herself that Qi Tianlin wasnt a generous owner of a casino, because he wouldnt allow any gambler to win too much money in his place.

In fact, it was the unspoken rule in most casinos.

Afterwards, Gu Ning followed the two bodyguards in leaving.

Because of Tang Yaxin, Qi Ziyue failed to remind Gu Ning to protect herself, and he also didnt dare to do anything else against the Kirin Gang.

Mu Wenqi had the same thought, so they could only see Gu Ning brought away by the bodyguards.

Everyone knew the reason why Gu Ning was brought away, but nobody dared to discuss it.

Because of many reasons, Qi Ziyue was worried about Gu Ning, so he kept looking at the stairs, hoping that Gu Ning would come out from there.

However, Tang Yaxin was displeased, and questioned him in anger, “Qi Ziyue, what do you mean Why do you suddenly care about a woman that you have just met once Do you like her” She didnt have confidence in Qi Ziyue.

Hearing that, Qi Ziyue frowned, and said, “Yaxin, dont lose your reason.

She has Tang Ainings USB flash disk with her.”

“If shes killed, nobody will know anything about the USB flash disk!” Tang Yaxin said airily.

“Dont be so naive.

Do you really believe every word she said today I think that she probably knows more about Tang Aining and approached us for a reason.

Its also likely that she has other helpers.

If we dont get along with her, we wont know whether shes our enemy,” Qi Ziyue said.

They talked to each other in a very low voice, so others didnt hear them.

Hearing that, Tang Yaxins face changed, because she was also suspicious of this “Tang Aining”, so she shut her mouth for now.

No matter what, she was determined to teach this “Tang Aining” a lesson.

Thinking of that, a touch of hatred and cruelty flashed in her eyes.

Nothing good would happen to a person who had annoyed her.

That Tang Aining had proved that, and this “Tang Aining” would be the same.

Gu Ning followed the two bodyguards to a private room where the manager sat.

His eyes fell on Gu Nings face, but didnt show any unkindness in his expression.

Gu Ning, however, greeted him like they were old friends the moment she walked inside.

“Manager Lu, been a while!”

When she had gotten Qi Tianlins attention the first time, Manager Lu had invited her here as well.

She had also met him twice when she came to the Earth Nightclub afterwards, so they knew each other although they werent familiar.

Because of her relationship with Qi Tianlin, Manager Lu treated her as a distinguished guest all the time.

Manager Lu didnt know that she was Gu Ning this time, otherwise he wouldnt have interrupted her enjoyment of gambling.

Hearing her voice, Manager Lu was struck dumb for a second, but still failed to recognize her.

Seeing that, Gu Ning smiled and said, “Im Gu Ning.

I came here to deal with some personal affairs, so I put on some make-up.”

“Y-youre Miss Gu” Manager Lu abruptly stood up, and couldnt believe his eyes.

Even though he wasnt sure that this woman was Gu Ning, he was certain it was Gu Nings voice.

“Miss Gu, Im sorry.

I didnt know that it was you.

Please go on gambling as you like,” he said feeling a little embarrassed.

“Thanks!” Gu Ning didnt mind, and turned around, walking outside.


The bodyguards standing in the room were all surprised.

They have no idea what was going on now.

One of them finally remembered something

“Manager, is she the girl Boss told us about” a bodyguard asked.


If I had known that the woman was her, I wouldnt have interrupted her!” Manager Lu said, and felt regretful.

After that, he reported it to Qi Tianlin.

Qi Tianlin wasnt in City B, but at a party in another city.

He walked out when he received Manager Lus call.

Hearing Manager Lus report, Qi Tianlin was curious about what Gu Ning looked like with make-up, so he told Manager Lu to send a picture of her to him.

Manager Lu captured the clearest picture of Gu Ning from the surveillance cameras at once, then sent it to Qi Tianlin.

Qi Tianlin was amused seeing the picture.

To be honest, he himself couldnt recognize that this woman was Gu Ning, because the make-up was very heavy.

Even though he felt that they looked a little similar, it was still hard for him to connect this woman with Gu Ning.

Qi Tianlin was growing increasingly interested in Gu Ning, because she was the funniest girl he had ever met till now.

A funny girl could always arouse a mans interest.

Situ Ye also liked Gu Ning because she was a very special girl.

Thinking of Situ Ye, Qi Tianlin had a greater interest in Gu Ning, because he had a strong desire to defeat Situ Ye.

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