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Chapter 747 Tang Xinrui Is Fired

Tang Xinrui had just worked in Tanghuang Group for a short time, but she was already promoted to be in charge of some financial charts because of her outstanding ability.

However, she was in trouble now.

Tang Xinrui had typed an important figure wrong, and made the company lose two million yuan.

Therefore, Tanghuang Group decided to fire her.

When Tang Xinrui heard the news, she was shocked, because she remembered that she had typed it correctly.

However, she was in charge of the financial chart now, so she had to take responsibility for the serious mistake.

Even so, she still couldnt figure out the reason why it happened.

However, nobody in the finance department felt sorry for her, because her quick promotion had displeased everyone for a long time.

The finance manager, Yu Li, was included.

Yu Li was around 30 years old, and she was also a skilled finance worker since she could become a finance manager at such a young age.

Moreover, she had the ambition to be the chief financial officer, so she didnt get along well with the current CFO.

Ever since Tang Xinrui had joined Tanghuang Group, the current CFO treated her very well, and Tang Xinrui had stolen her assignments many times, which annoyed Yu Li and aroused her sense of crisis at the same time.

Yu Li was afraid that the current CFO would promote Tang Xinrui to replace her position.

After all, it was an undeniable fact that Tang Xinrui was a very outstanding finance returnee.

Although Tang Xinrui just graduated from her university, she already had rich experience in finance as an intern.

It was very likely that Tang Xinrui would replace her in the company.

Since Tang Xinrui was fired because of a serious mistake, she was more than happy to see it happen, and quickly stood out to laugh at Tang Xinrui.

“Didnt the CFO always say that youre better than the rest of us How come you made such a serious mistake I think you really disappointed him!” Yu Li gloated over Tang Xinruis failure.

Tang Xinrui squinted at Yu Li, and thought that it might be Yu Li who framed her.

Yu Li had stacked the deck against her many times before!

“I remember clearly that I didnt type it wrong, and now I seriously wonder whether youve framed me, because everyone knows how much you love to arrange things against me in the finance department,” Tang Xinrui said, staring straight at Yu Li.

Hearing that, all the people in the finance room looked at Yu Li.

It was true that they all knew that Yu Li disliked Tang Xinrui the most.

Although they were all jealous of Tang Xinrui, and none of them felt sorry for her when she was fired, they didnt have the idea to frame her either.

In that case, they were all surprised when they heard that it was possible that Yu Li had framed Tang Xinrui.

“Tang Xinrui, dont blame me for your own mistake! I did not frame you!” Yu Li argued in a hurry, but Tang Xinrui was growing increasingly suspicious of her.

Nevertheless, Tang Xinrui didnt have any proof, and she had already been fired.

Precisely because of Yu Li, Tang Xinrui had no clue that the senior management of the company had found out her real identity and seized a chance to get rid of her.

Actually, it was Quan Mingkais idea.

If they fired Tang Xinrui without a reasonable reason, Tang Xinrui would know that her real identity was exposed, and the mastermind behind the scheme would soon be aware of it, which would ruin their plan.

Yu Li panicked a little because she had the same idea, but Tang Xinrui was fired before she could take action.

After that, Tang Xinrui left Tanghuang Group and went back home.

When she went upstairs to the study to tell Tang Weiyong the bad news, she heard a womans moans of sexual pleasure from the direction of Tang Weiyongs room.

Tang Xinrui stopped at once, then went back to watch TV in the living room.

Tang Xinruis mother had passed away a few years ago, so it was normal that Tang Weiyong had other women.

He was a man after all, and had sexual needs even though he was older.

About half an hour later, the woman who had sex with Tang Weiyong showed up.

She was in her early thirties, beautiful and sexy, but had the air of a prostitute.

She wasnt a lady, but a leading hooker in a clubhouse, and she had had sex with countless men for money.

Tang Weiyong didnt mind because he just wanted to have sex.

Most importantly, he was familiar with her.

To avoid meeting the Tang family, Tang Weiyong seldom went outside, so he had sex with this woman at home every time.

Tang Weiyong had done her a great favor back in Country Y, so she followed Tang Weiyong ever since, and worked for him.

When the woman saw Tang Xinrui, she was surprised and smiled.

“Xinrui, why are you home Its still work time, right”

“Ive been fired,” Tang Xinrui said calmly.

“What You were fired” That question wasnt from the woman, but Tang Weiyong who was standing at the landing.

Tang Xinrui then told Tang Weiyong everything.

Because she believed that it was Yu Lis trick, she directly told Tang Weiyong that Yu Li had framed her.

Hearing that, Tang Weiyong didnt doubt it, and he also had no clue that it was actually Quan Mingkais idea to fire Tang Xinrui at this time.

“Father, what should we do now” Tang Xinrui asked.

“Just live with it.

Lets see what the others can do now.” Tang Weiyong didnt blame Tang Xinrui, because it was meaningless.

Right at this moment, Tang Xinjie called Tang Xinrui.

“Um, father, Xinjie is calling me again.” Tang Xinrui didnt answer it at once, but told Tang Weiyong.

It seemed like she didnt know whether to take it or not.

Tang Weiyong frowned and was displeased because he knew that Tang Xinjie called for nothing good.

“Answer it, and put it on speaker,” Tang Weiyong said in a cold tone.

Tang Xinrui followed his order.

“Tang Xinrui, transfer a million yuan to my account right away.

Im not lucky today and I lost again.” The moment Tang Xinrui took his call, Tang Xinjie said in a domineering tone.

Hearing that, Tang Xinrui stayed calm as usual, but Tang Weiyong was in a rage.

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