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But before Gu Nings hand touched the piece of clothing, another hand grabbed it first.

“I like this one.

Im going to try it.”

It was a woman who was at her early forties.

She was in luxurious clothes, but it was only limited to her appearance.

She didnt have the same good manners.

A woman with good manners would never grab a thing from another persons hand.

“Stop there,” Gu Ning criticized.

She was upset.

Gu Ning couldnt tolerate that the woman grabbed the piece of clothing from her hand.

But the woman walked away as if she hadnt heard Gu Nings voice.

Seeing that, Gu Ning frowned as a look of annoyance crossed her face.

She strode ahead and stood in the womans way.

The woman almost knocked into Gu Ning.

She was a little scared by Gu Ning, and shouted, “What do you want to do, young girl Do you want to hurt me You should be responsible for that!”

The womans shout attracted attention from others in the shop.

People immediately surrounded them to have a look.

“Sorry, I chose this piece of clothing before you,” Gu Ning said calmly.

If she didnt want it, she wouldnt mind, but since she wanted it, she would never let the woman get away with it.

“Gee, just because you choose it first doesnt mean you own it.

Its in my hands now! Well, if I say I choose all the clothes here, does that then mean you wont be able to buy any of them” the lady said with disdain.

“Wow, I didnt expect youre so rich.

You even want them all! Hey, have you heard what she just said This lady said she want all the clothes here.

I think the commission youll get today will be higher than a year of commission you may get,” Gu Ning said to a saleswoman.

She deliberately twisted the truth.

“Shut your mouth! I did not say that!” the woman yelled at Gu Ning in anger.

Though she was rich this international designer brand was super expensive, and a single piece of clothing cost dozens of thousands of yuan.

All of the clothes here in the shop would be worth at least millions.

The woman absolutely couldnt afford it.

The crowd all knew Gu Ning was twisting the truth.

No one took her words seriously.

“Really Because if I choose it, Im going to buy it.

And you” Gu Ning said provocatively.

“You…” The woman was mad.

She also understood Gu Ning was challenging her on purpose, but she was still irritated.

“Sorry, Madam.

This young lady did choose this piece of clothing first.

Would you please have a look at the other clothes” the saleswoman apologized to the woman.

Hearing that, the crowd immediately understood what had happened.

Everyone disliked the womans behavior.

“Xiao Li, Mrs.

Shao is our frequent customer with a VIP silver card.

She has the priority to choose first,” another saleswoman who was with Mrs.

Shao interrupted.

She even glared at the saleswoman who was with Gu Ning.

Apparently, this was nothing to do with the so-called priority to choose first.

The saleswoman was just snobbish.

Xiao Li, however, ignored the warning.

She argued, “Miss Wang, I disagree with you.

The one who arrives first can choose first.

Even a VIP customer cant grab the clothes from another customer.”

“You…” Miss Wang was annoyed to be argued back.

This Miss Wang was always snobbish, and only served the rich people.


Shao, meanwhile, was a frequent customer here.

She apparently wanted to have a friendly relationship with Mrs.


This was a shop of an international designer brand.

The cheapest item cost dozens of thousands of yuan.

Besides, a saleswoman could have 2% commission on the sales.

Every time Mrs.

Shao was here, she would spend at least eighty thousand yuan.

The commission would be several thousand yuan!

The onlookers all agreed with Xiao Li.

They also felt dissatisfied.

“Exactly, even a VIP customer cant grab the clothes from another customer.

Its unfair!”

“Its not unfair.

Its snobbish.”

“Why dont you just sell the clothes only to the VIP customers Anyone who wants to buy clothing here must have a VIP card first.”


Those customers who surrounded them all criticized Miss Wang, which made her feel embarrassed, but she didnt dare to retort.


Shao, instead, felt irritated.

“So what I have enough money.

Ill buy whatever I want.

Its none of your business.”

“You can buy whatever you want, but you cant grab things from others!” someone argued.

“Exactly! This lady doesnt have manners at all,” someone said.

“You! Do you know who I am How dare you to say that! I am the wife of the chairman of Zhoufu Jewelry!” Mrs.

Shao was annoyed.

She spoke loudly about her identity.

Hearing that, everyone shut their mouths at once.

They obviously all knew Zhoufu Jewelry, which had at least a hundred million yuan in assets! And they just had millions in assets.

No one dared to compete with Zhoufu Jewelry.

Gu Ning was a little surprised.

She didnt expect this woman was Shao Pings wife.

Shao Ping and Zhou Zhenghong didnt get along with each other.

Gu Ning therefore disliked Shao Pings family as well.

Those onlookers were afraid of the Shao Family, but Gu Ning wasnt.

She directly criticized, “Do you think you can do whatever you want as the wife of the chairman of Zhoufu Jewelry”

“You..” Mrs.

Shao didnt expect Gu Ning wasnt afraid of the Shao Family at all.

But Mrs.

Shao was too proud.

In City F, there were many more families who were richer than them.

At that moment, the store manager came over.

“What happened”

Before anyone else, Gu Ning opened her mouth with slight unkindness.

“Nice to meet you, manager.

Let me ask you a question first.

Is it true that your VIP customer can directly grab the clothing from another normal customer as long as she wants to”

“How is this possible The one who arrives first chooses first.

A VIP customer can only get a discount,” the store manager immediately explained.

Before long, he soon realized what had happened.

He then turned to Miss Wang, “Wang Yunyun, what happened”

Since there was only one VIP customer, Mrs.

Shao, in the shop, and the saleswoman who was with Mrs.

Shao was Wang Yunyun, the manager naturally turned to her first.

Wang Yunyun had no idea the thing would end up like that.

She hated Gu Ning so much, but did not dare to show it in front of the manager.

Besides, this was the first time such a thing had happened.

She did not know how to explain.


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