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Chapter 724 Stupid Lu Qiuting

Qi Tianlin frowned again, but he thought that Gu Nings words made sense, so he compromised.

“No matter if you win or lose, Ill pay you a hundred million yuan, but you must bear the result of the gambling with him yourself.

How is that”

“Sounds good.”

Although Qi Tianlin was still at an advantage, Gu Ning agreed on it because she thought that it was acceptable.

After that, Gu Ning left.

When she walked out of the Earth Nightclub, she still didnt hear from Leng Shaoting, so she took a taxi and went home alone.

She wanted to send him a message, but was afraid that it might disturb him, so she gave up.

At the same time, the moment Liu Xinqi arrived at the hospital with Feng Xueqin, Feng Xueqin woke up in great pain.

She was in a terrible condition now, and kept sweating, twitching and vomiting, which were the symptoms of withdrawal.

The unpleasant mental and physical effects caused by the wounds on her face and the drugs made Feng Xueqin suffer a lot.

At this moment, Feng Xueqin felt like she was living in hell, and ached to kill herself to get rid of the pain.

Even several male doctors failed to control her, so they had to inject her with a sedative.

However, Feng Xueqin was heavily addicted to drugs, so the sedative wasnt really effective, but at least the male doctors were able to control her now.

There was no medicine for drug addiction.

She could only continue to be on drugs or get rid of it.

Therefore, all that the doctors could do now was to deal with the wounds on her face.

After treating the wounds well, Feng Xueqin was pushed into a VIP ward.

Before long, Feng Xueqins older sister-in-law, Lu Qiuting, and younger sister-in-law, Tong Wen, came to visit her.

Wu Jinyi called Lu Qiuting and only told her to come, but Lu Qiuting accidentally put it on speaker, so Tong Wen who was sitting by her side heard it too.

Although Tong Wen and Feng Xueqin didnt get along, they were a family after all.

Once Lu Qiuting and Tong Wen walked into the ward, they saw Feng Xueqin tied on the bed.

She kept moving and struggling.

but her face was wrapped in gauze bandages and her mouth was also shut by a piece of tape so that she couldnt shout.

If she shouted it would affect the wounds on her cheeks, which would cause the wound to crack and become more and more serious.

“W-what has happened” Both Lu Qiuting and Tong Wen were scared by the scene.

Wu Jinyi didnt tell them many details on the phone, but just told them that Feng Xueqin was injured and was in the hospital now.

They didnt know how serious it was, but the scene before their eyes was very terrifying.

“Gu Ning did it.

She disfigured Xueqins face and even forced her to drink a glass of drugs,” Wu Jinyi said.

“What How dare that bitch do that to Xueqin!” Lu Qiuting was astonished and mad.

Hearing that, Liu Xinqi frowned, and a touch of disdain flashed by his eyes.

However, for the sake of his business with the Feng family, he reminded Lu Qiuting out of kindness.


Feng, I dont think that the girl is someone you can mess with.”

Lu Qiuting was struck dumb for a second.

She knew that Gu Ning wasnt simple, but a stupid woman who was as arrogant as her wasnt wiling to admit it.

“So what Shes just a bastard!”

“Well.” Liu Xinqi put on a sarcastic smile.

“You see what has happened to Xueqin now, so you should know that you better stay away from her.”

He didnt expect that Lu Qiuting was as stupid as Feng Xueqin.

Hearing that, Lu Qiuting shut her mouth.

“Who is Gu Ning Shes so bold,” Tong Wen asked with curiosity.

She didnt feel angry just because Gu Ning had injured Feng Xueqin.

Instead, she admired Gu Nings bravery very much.

She understood that Feng Xueqin must have done something even more unpleasant beforehand for the girl to injure Feng Xueqin with no mercy at all.

She knew Feng Xueqins personality very well, and Feng Xueqin already annoyed many people on normal days.

“Shes Tang Yunfans daughter,” Wu Jinyi said.

“What” Hearing that, Tong Wen was shocked.

“Hasnt Tang Yunfan never gotten married or had any kids”

If it was true, she now figured out the grudge between Gu Ning and Feng Xueqin.

Feng Xueqin must have done something to hurt Gu Ning, then Gu Ning took revenge.

“Tang Yunfan hasnt gotten married or had any kids, and she is just a bastard!” Lu Qiuting said with anger.

It seemed that it was bad that Tang Yunfan had a kid without getting married.

She actually had the same idea as Feng Xueqin.

“Qiuting, mind your language! I dont think that there is anything wrong with the fact that Tang Yunfan has a daughter without getting married.

Why do you have to call the girl bastard Do you think that you can mess with the Tang family” Tong Wen criticized Lu Qiuting.

She was completely disappointed in her two sister-in-laws, because both of them were stupid women who were digging their own graves.

“You…” Lu Qiuting was displeased, but she had to admit that Tong Wen was right.

“Even so, the little bitch cant get away with it easily.

I must seek justice for Xueqin!”

“I think that Feng Xueqin asked for it herself.

We should feel lucky that the Tang family let us get away with what she did,” Tong Wen said and pointed out the truth.

“Tong Wen, how can you say that Xueqin is a member of our family.

How can you side with an outsider against her” Lu Qiuting blamed Tong Wen.

“Lu Qiuting, are you an idiot or something Its Feng Xueqins fault from the very beginning!” Tong Wen almost wanted to slap Lu Qiutings face to wake her up.

“You…” Lu Qiuting didnt know what to say now, because she knew that Tong Wen was right.


Feng, I think you better control yourself, or the whole Feng family will be involved in trouble because of you.

You know nothing about what has happened, and you want to seek justice Not to mention that you have no ability to mess with the Tang family, you better keep a distance from Gu Ning too.

You should know Gu Nings special relationship with the Kirin Gang.

If she dared to injure Feng Xueqin right in the Earth Nightclub which is owned by the Kirin Gang, the senior management of the Kirin Gang must have allowed her to do so,” Liu Xinqi said.

Liu Xinqi was scared of Gu Ning now after Wu Jinyi told him that.

He sensed that this girl wasnt simple at all.

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