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Chapter 72: Shopping in the Shopping Center Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


Thinking of that, the driver was still trembling with terror.

“Im sorry.

Its my fault actually.

They were targeting me,” Gu Ning said, then she told him everything that had just happened.

“What” The driver was shocked, but he didnt blame Gu Ning since she was also a victim.

Because a lot had just happened, when Gu Ning finally arrived at the hotel, it was already 8 pm.

Gu Ning was starving so she immediately called room service.

She had planned to buy clothes in the downtown this afternoon, but she didnt have time now.

Although the shopping center was still open now, Gu Ning wasnt only going to buy clothes for herself.

She would buy some for Gu Man and the family of Gu Qing too.

Thus an hour wasnt enough for her to shop.

Gu Ning didnt have another change of clothing.

She had to wash her clothes tonight, and hopefully it would dry tomorrow.

She had her school uniform in her backpack, but she didnt want to wear it.

It would be too obvious in the crowd.

Her dinner hadnt arrived yet.

Gu Ning called Gu Man to chat with her for a short time.

Then she talked with Chu Peihan and others in their WeChat group for a while.

The evening wind was cool and mild.

It danced with people walking by.

Sometimes, it was a bit chilly.

In the downtown of City G, there was the biggest entertainment place, Kings Club.

In the noisy club, colorful lights shone.

Men and women crazily shook their waists on the dance floor and the air was full of desire and luxury.

But in a private room which was set apart from the main hall, there was only light music and gentle talks.

In this huge private room, there were only five men without a single bar girl.

Apparently, something special was going on here.

“F*ck, we were just f*cking lucky this time.

We even met the legendary Red Flame team captain, Red Wolf, who has killed seven of our people.

All the troops were almost wiped out.

Fortunately, we ran fast.

Otherwise, we were f*cked,” a young man groaned and slammed the cigarette butt into the ground, seemingly venting the anger in his heart.

“Ive heard that Red Wolf is very powerful.

I didnt care, but Ive witnessed this time.

Hes really very powerful.

He could fight with more than a dozen people, and killed seven.

He only got shot twice,” a bulky muscular man with a naked upper body said.

Although he hated his opponent to death, he admired him too.

“Luckily he got shot, and wasnt able to track us.

Or we would be found,” a relatively short man with a vicious look said.

“But we cant be too careless.

After all, the other team is the captain of the important national team.

Maybe he will send someone to follow us! So well be evacuated as soon as we successfully trade tomorrow.”

“But why do they have to choose the Commercial Building in the city center! There are so many people there.

Arent they afraid of being discovered”

“F*ck! Theyre simply afraid that we get the money, but dont give them the goods.

So the most secure place is where there are many people around.

If we really dont give them the goods, they will immediately cause a riot and bring the police.

In that case, we cant leave either.”

“This isnt the first time.

Couldnt they trust us”

“The object is worth a hundred million yuan this time.

It is reasonable to be careful.”

In another private room, there was a laptop on the table.

The screen showed the picture of the above mens room.

A man sat before the laptop with earphones on.

He had heard everything they had discussed.

This man was Leng Shaoting.

He had fine delicate features, but wore a cold expression.

His eyes were as deep as the ocean with an air of power.

He seemed like a king.

Behind Leng Shaoting, there stood two men.

Both of them stared at the screen too, but didnt hear what they had said.

“Boss, whats their next movement” seeing Leng Shaoting take off his earphones, a man asked.

“Theyre going to trade at the business building in the downtown.

Keep an eye on their location,” Leng Shaoting said calmly with a serious look on face.

Leng Shaoting didnt kill them right now.

He intended to use them as bait.

Their head wasnt here, and the object was in the heads hands.

If he killed them now, their head would be alarmed.

They actually had no idea where their head was.

If they had known, they would have come to him and killed him right away.

The next day, Gu Ning didnt get up till 8am.

Gu Ning was actually awake earlier, but she had nothing to do.

The shopping center was open at eight am, so she didnt leave her warm bed till that time.

Besides, Gu Ning would fly back to City F at two pm this afternoon.

She had a whole morning to shop in the shopping center.

She didnt need to rush at all.

She also needed to sign the contract with Zhou Zhenghong in the shopping center today.

The appointed time was 11am, which was a good time for lunch.

Gu Ning went downstairs when she got up.

She checked out afterwards.

The shopping center wasnt far away.

It took around 20 minutes to walk there.

Thus there was no need for Gu Ning to take a taxi.

She walked there directly.

She had her breakfast halfway.

When she finally arrived at the shopping center, it was almost 9am.

Today was a Sunday.

There were already many people around in the shopping center at 9am.

Female clothes were on the second floor, so Gu Ning went straight to the second floor.

The shopping center was so big.

It seemed it would never end.

Gu Ning suddenly didnt know where to start.

She walked randomly to a direction scanning through the clothes on both sides.

If she liked the style of a brand, she would walk inside.

After a while, Gu Ning found an international designer brand.

It was extremely expensive.

But no matter how expensive it was, it was nothing to Gu Ning now.

“Nice to meet you, welcome!” A saleswoman immediately came to her when Gu Ning stepped in.

“Miss, may I help”

“May I have a look at the clothes which are suitable for a woman around 40” Gu Ning asked.

“Sure, miss, please follow me.” The saleswoman guided Gu Ning to an area.

Gu Ning had a look.

Nothing she liked.

“Could you please tell me the body type of your relative” the saleswoman inquired.

“She has the same body as me.

If I can wear it, it will fit her too,” Gu Ning answered.

Gu Ning was 167cm tall, and slim.

Then, the saleswoman chose a piece of clothing showing it to Gu Ning.

“Miss, how about this one”

“Well, it looks good.” Gu Ning looked at it and like it at once.

It would fit Gu Man.

She was about to take it and have a closer look.


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