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Chapter 718 Blackmail or Trap

Allan was surprised to hear that Gu Ning had a close relationship with Tanghuang Group, and that the leak problem was a part of a scheme against it.

Since Gu Ning was closely related to Tanghuang Group, it wasnt a big deal that she was aware of the leak problem.

Allan wasnt annoyed at her for doing a secret investigation of Technology Company G either.

In addition, Allan also believed that it could be a scheme against Tanghuang Group.

Although he wasnt familiar with Gu Ning, and had only met her a few times, he appreciated Gu Ning very much and preferred to work with Gu Ning instead of the person who laid this trap for Tanghuang Group.

“Miss Gu, since you side with Tanghuang Group, Im willing to help.

A technical staff member of Tanghuang Group met the supervisor of Technology Company E in private.

Someone turned to my older brother for cooperation with the video of their meeting, so Im sure that someone working for Tanghuang Group has leaked the proposal.

Like what youve told me, it is a scheme, but I think that Tanghuang Group should still pay us the compensation for our loss,” Allan said.

“Of course we should,” Gu Ning said.

“The person said that the chairman of Tanghuang Group was caught in a car accident and is still unconscious, so they wanted to seize this chance to elect a new chairman,” Allan added.

“Its true, but it doesnt mean that the Tang family cant run the business well even though the chairman of Tanghuang Group is unconscious right now.” Gu Ning didnt tell Allan that Tang Yunfan was actually fine.

Allan had watched videos about Gu Ning on the Internet, and he knew that this girl wasnt simple, so he had no intention to act against her.

In that case, he came to an agreement with Gu Ning and dropped the leak problem at the meeting

Moreover, he also had a project which lacked investment right now, and Tanghuang Group was the best choice he could find in every aspect.

Even if Gu Ning didnt call him, he wouldnt ruin the relationship with Tanghuang Group.

That was also the reason why he went to visit Tanghuang Group in person.


He was in Germany when the leak problem arose, and it was his older brother who was managing Technology Company G in Country Y.

If someone hadnt told him about his older brothers inappropriate behavior, he wouldnt have known either.

Afterwards, he flew to Country Y and stopped his older brother from taking the next step.

If his older brother, instead of him, had visited Tanghuang Group, it would have caused a bad result at the meeting.

When Gu Ning called Allan, she had already left the hospital, so neither Tang Haifeng nor Tang Yunhangs group was aware of it.

Gu Ning decided to tell them at dinner.

Gu Ning went to look for shops for Colaine and Kouzi this afternoon with Leng Shaoting.

Before that, Leng Shaoting had already told someone to help them find suitable shops.

Although Ning Changkai was completely in charge of the medical company now, it didnt mean that Gu Ning would do nothing.

Ning Changkai was in the capital, so Gu Ning would deal with the branches in City B.

On the way, Gu Ning called Ning Changkai and asked him how everything was going in the capital.

Ning Changkai told her that everything was fine, and that both Colaine and Kouzi were quite popular.

The majority of their customers were very satisfied with the effects of their medicines and skincare products.

In addition, Ning Changkai had signed deals with several businessmen, and there were other businessmen who had the intention to cooperate with them.

Colaine and Kouzi became very successful within such a short time, and Ning Changkai was in the best mood ever these days.

Gu Ning told Ning Changkai to keep on producing medicines and skincare products, and to supervise the production to make sure that they were of high quality.

However, before Gu Ning hung up the call with Ning Changkai, a woman came to the store and claimed that Kouzi facial masks had caused a rash on her face.

Hearing the womans voice through the phone, Gu Ning told Ning Changkai not to hang up for now, because she wanted to learn more about

In Kouzi store in the capital.

It was a middle-aged woman who had a rash on her face.

She dressed like a rich person, so it couldnt be blackmail, but was a trap.

“How could you sell harmful skincare products to me Look at my face now! My face was fine before I used your facial mask, but now its covered in a rash!” the woman shouted in anger in case others couldnt hear her.

Hearing her voice, many people in the store surrounded her, but few of them believed her words, because Kouzi had a good reputation among customers.

It was possible that Kouzi skincare products werent suitable for her skin.

Even the famous international brands werent suitable for everyone after all.

Moreover, most people were fine after using Kouzi.

“Maam, are you sure that its Kouzis facial mask which caused the rash on your face” Ning Changkai asked with a serious face.

“If not, I wouldnt come here!” The woman seemed very mad.

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