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Chapter 713 Make the Next Step According to the New Situation

Actually, in addition to Tang Yunfan and Tang Haifeng, Tang Jiayang was also a potential businessman in the Tang family.

Although he was still young and lacked experience, he could improve that by putting his knowledge into practice.

If he took over Tanghuang Group right now, it would be hard for him to run the business well, but Quan Mingkai and Yan Weilun would assist him.

Either Quan Mingkai or Yan Weilun was capable of being the new chairman of Tanghuang Group, because they had helped Tang Yunfan build it throughout the past years.

Besides, they had overcome many crises together! Therefore, even though nobody in the Tang family had the ability to take the position.

The Tang family would give the job to Quan Mingkai or Yan Weilun instead of someone else.

If they hadnt had the plan to find out who the mastermind behind the scheme was, they wouldnt have allowed Tang Demings group to discuss it with them at this meeting.

After that, they began to talk about the proposal.

The technology company under the name of Tanghuang Group and Technology Company G of Country Y had agreed to develop an anti-virus security system together.

However, right when they were about to launch it, another research and development team did it before them.

That being the case, Technology Company G was suspicious that someone in Tanghuang Group had leaked the proposal, and vice versa.

Although they werent the only teams who knew how to develop an anti-virus security system, and it wasnt surprising that other R&D teams did that, the problem was that the security system the other R&D team had launched was almost exactly the same as theirs.

What was worse, the system was even upgraded based on theirs to some extent.

Either way, they couldnt launch theirs since another team had already launched it.

However, if they stopped researching and developing right now because of that, both companies would suffer a great loss.

Since someone leaked the confidential proposal, that person had to take responsibility for it, otherwise the company had to pay for it.

Tanghuang Group could bear the result, but Technology Company G couldnt.

However, even though Tanghuang Group could afford it, nobody was willing to waste hundreds of millions of yuan!

n was ca

If this problem was caused by Tanghuang Group, Tang Yunhang and the others believed that it must have been Tang Demings fault.

However, they lacked evidence to prove it.

Since Tang Deming dared to do that, he must be confident that nobody would find out.

Although the Tang family was very powerful, Tang Deming believed that he would be safe as long as he was careful enough.

Moreover, he hadnt leaked the proposal in person, so it was useless to suspect him.

“Technology Company G believes that it isnt their fault, so we must reflect on ourselves,” Quan Mingkai said, and glanced around the directors by the table with his sharp eyes.

“Its still a doubt, and we must investigate each other, and the investigation in our company has already begun.”

Tang Deming knew very well that he was under suspicion now, but he didnt panic at all.

Instead, he put on an expression like he was worried about the company.

“The companys loss is our loss!” That meant that it was impossible that he had leaked the proposal.

Others all knew that Tang Deming was very economical, so they didnt doubt his words.

They obviously didnt know the real reason behind the accidents which had happened to Tang Yunfan and Tang Haifeng.

It was already clear that Tang Deming had caused the car accident which had caught Tang Yunfan.

“No matter what the result will be, weve damaged our relationship with Technology Company G, and Im afraid that our previous cooperation will be ended too,” Fu Kaiyu said.

“Right, and well suffer another loss if so,” Wu Boyan said.

“I dont think Technology Company G will make that impulsive decision, because theyll suffer a loss too,” Tang Zhilin said.

“If they have leaked the proposal, they wont do it out of guilt, but I think that theyll do it if someone in our company has leaked the proposal, because they can have compensation in that case.” Cheng Zhongsheng analyzed.

“I agree.

As long as Technology Company E of Country Y refuses to admit that its plagiarism, they can win support from the market given that their system is better.”

Technology Company E was precisely the company which had launched the security system before them.

“Exactly! I think that well suffer a great loss no matter what the result is.”

It wasnt a successful meeting, and they couldnt do anything before the investigation result was out.

All they could do now was to wait for their meeting with Technology Company G.

Around 12 am, the meeting was over, and Tang Yunhang along with Tang Yunrong went to the hospital together.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were still there, and they just finished having lunch with Tang Haifeng.

They stayed in order to ask Tang Yunrong and Tang Yunhang about the result of the meeting

They were very sure that it must have something to do with Tang Deming, but they didnt know which technology company was working with him.

What was worse, both Technology Company G and Technology Company E could be used by Tang Deming.

Gu Ning told K to hack the two technology companies to search for some clues, but she wasnt very hopeful, because K could be tracked soon after he hack into their databases given both of the companies were technology companies.

She was right.

Within several minutes, K called her back and told her that he was tracked by them within a minute.

Gu Ning didnt know what else to do either, and they could only make the next step according to the new situation.

No matter which technology company was working with Tang Deming, they had to be well-prepared.

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