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Chapter 703 The Story Behind K

If Tang Deming successfully persuaded a certain business partner to work with him for the purpose of electing a new chairman, he must be confident and well-prepared.

What was worse, he could also have the support of Fu Kaiyu, Cheng Zhongsheng and Wu Boyan.

In that case, they were very likely to win, because neither Tang Yunhang nor Tang Yunrong had the ability or talent to run a business well although they owned a lot more shares than them.

The leading person in a business group wasnt the person who possesses the most shares, but the one who was most able to lead the corporation.

If Tang Deming wanted to achieve his goal, he had to get rid of Tang Yunfan and Tang Haifeng who were in his way, otherwise whatever he was doing was meaningless.

Anyway, they would find out at the meeting tomorrow.

After a while, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left.

Once she got in her car, K called her.

“Boss, Ive found nothing dirty or illegal about Tang Deming,” K said.

Hearing that, Gu Ning wasnt very surprised, because Tang Yunfan had told her that Tang Deming had been very careful although he was ambitious.

Besides, Tang Deming didnt take action until now, so Tang Yunfan was certain that there must be someone else behind Tang Demings back.

It was obvious that the person who supported Tang Deming behind the scene was very mysterious, and they failed to find any useful information about him.

It was a battle without smoke.

“Its fine.” Gu Ning didnt mind.

All of a sudden Gu Ning said, “Oh, I met a man who is around 50 years old today.

He resembles you and even has the same surname as you.” Somehow, Gu Ning couldnt help connecting K with Mu Xuxin.

K, on the other hand, was struck dumb for a moment.

It was probably because he already knew who the man was, but he only had a strong hatred towards him.

He had been avoiding meeting the man for many years, in case he would lose control of himself and do something bad.

“Oh, really We were probably family in a previous incarnation,” K joked, trying to sound relaxed, but Gu Ning knew that there must be something wrong.

It seemed that there was a grudge between them.

Gu Ning realized that she shouldnt have said that to K, so she changed the topic at once.

“How is the decoration going”

“Well, weve hired more people, so itll be done within a month,” K replied.

“Great,” Gu Ning said, then hung up.

K put his phone down, and wore a cold expression.

Seeing that, Chen Cangyi asked with concern, “What happened”

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“Boss just told me that she met a man who resembles me and also has the surname Mu,” K said in a deep voice filled with hatred.

Chen Cangyi frowned.

“Do you think it might be him”

“Yeah,” K said.

Although he wasnt 100% sure, he believed that it could be true.

“If youre unwilling to accept it, pay him back,” Chen Cangyi said.

Chen Cangyi knew Ks story very well, and he was always supportive if K wanted to get what belonged to him back.

Even Kached to do it, but he kept the promise that he had made to his mother, and tolerated it.

Mu Xuxin was actually Ks biological father who had abandoned his wife and son for wealth and power.

Back then, their family was dirt poor, and Mu Xuxin became a migrant worker in a big city.

Within three years, he made some money and sent a lot back to his family.

One day, he said that his company had an overseas project which would pay a high salary for the workers, but only single men could join the project.

Therefore, he had to divorce Ks mother before he went abroad for the next three years.

Ks mother trusted him and did what he asked.

During the following three years, Mu Xuxin did send a lot of money back to his family, and K along with Ks mother were able to live a good life within a short time.

However, after three years, Mu Xuxin never mentioned remarrying Ks mother.

Ks mother said nothing so K wasnt aware of it.

When K was 17 years old, a woman came to their home along with a group of strong men and damaged their house.

Ks mother became ill after that.

K had asked his mother who those people were, but his mother wasnt willing to tell him.

A month later, his mother was about to die and finally told him the truth.

It turned out that Mu Xuxin never thought to remarry Ks mother after their divorce.

A girl who was born in a rich family fell in love with Mu Xuxin when he worked in the big city, and they moved in together afterwards.

The girl soon got pregnant, so Mu Xuxin divorced Ks mother as soon as he could, then married the girl.

Mu Xuxin didnt even bother to tell Ks mother the real reason for their divorce until Ks mother requested a remarriage.

Ks mother had suffered a mental breakdown after hearing the shocking news, but she had to accept the conditions that Mu Xuxin laid down.

In order to let K believe that he still had an intact family, Ks mother kept it a secret that Ks father was no longer a member of their family.

Mu Xuxin pretended that he had been working outside the entire time, and sent a certain amount of money back to them every month.

Sometimes, he would even come back for a while.

The woman who had damaged their house was precisely Mu Xuxins new wife.

Mu Xuxins new wife didnt know that Mu Xuxin was still supporting K and Ks mother, so she was angry once she found out.

Once K found out the truth, he hated Mu Xuxin to death, and the woman who indirectly caused the death of his mother.

However, his mother never allowed him to find them, because Mu Xuxin had paid for Ks tuition fee and living expenses during the past 17 years even though he had abandoned them for wealth and power.

In addition, Mu Xuxins new wife was from a rich and powerful family, and K wasnt their match at all.

Accordingly, Ks mother had forced K to make a promise that he would never find Mu Xuxin.

K was reluctant to do it, but he still agreed in order to let his mother die in peace.

K knew that Mu Xuxin lived in City B, so he refused to go to City B since then

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