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Chapter 702 The Tang Familys Enemies Take Action Again

Hearing that, Pan Ziruis father was astonished.

He had also heard that Gu Ning made the first bucket of gold by stone gambling, but he had never seen it himself, so he wasnt sure whether it was true.

However, since his son told him in person, he believed that it could be real.

“Even though she doesnt lack money, shes a businesswoman after all.

Doesnt she want to make as much money as possible” Pan Ziruis father said.

He was unwilling to give up.

“Dad, my boss is adamant and its useless to try to persuade her.

I dont want to ruin my relationship with her,” Pan Zirui said with impatience.

“Well.” Pan Ziruis father didnt know what to do now.

He obviously didnt want to ruin Pan Ziruis relationship with Gu Ning.

Although they couldnt cooperate, nobody wanted to lose a friend and gain a new enemy.

Pan Ziruis father thought for awhile, then remained silent.

It was still early, so Gu Ning went to visit Tang Haifeng in the hospital.

When she arrived, Master Lei and his son, Lei Haowei, were also in the ward.

The Mu family who maintained a good relationship with the Tang family also came to visit Tang Haifeng.

The leading role in the Mu family was Mu Xuxin who was around 50 years old, and his son, Mu Wenqi who was about 27 years old.

In addition to them, Zhao Yiru was also there.

Tang Yunrong, Jiang Lihua and Tang Jiakai stayed with Tang Haifeng, while Tang Yunhang and Cao Ruihua were gone for their work.

Tang Jiakai didnt know that his grandfather had been injured until that afternoon.

Luckily, his grandfather was fine now.

Cao Wenjun and Cao Wenxin had also visited Tang Haifeng this afternoon, and they left two hours later.

It would affect the patients condition if there were too many people in the ward.

Although Tang Haifeng was fine now, they still needed to act like he was injured.

Zhao Yiru came to visit Tang Haifeng before the Lei family, and he noticed that Tang Haifeng was pretending to be unconscious.

Tang Haifeng didnt want to keep it a secret from him either, so Tang Haifeng opened his eyes when Zhao Yiru was by his side, but he didnt tell him many details.

The Lei family and the Mu family, however, Tang Haifeng decided to hide the truth from them, not because he didnt trust them, but because it would be better if fewer people knew the truth.

“Well, he was fine in the afternoon yesterday, but now…” Master Lei was sorrowful, and blamed himself for this.

“I wish I had persuaded him to visit my friend with me.”

Master Lei had invited Tang Haifeng to enjoy tea at one of his friends places, but Tang Haifeng had declined so he hadnt insisted.

If he had insisted, Tang Haifeng would have agreed.

Master Lei felt quite regretful that he had missed the chance to save his old friends life.

However, that was fate.

“Uncle Lei, please dont blame yourself for this.

It has nothing to do with you,” Tang Yunrong said to comfort Master Lei.

“Indeed! Uncle Lei, its not your fault at all,” Jiang Lihua said.

“What did the doctor say” Lei Haowei asked.

“Although he seems fine and healthy from the report, hes stayed unconscious for a long time,” Tang Yunrong sighed with worry.

“Its even more serious if we cant find the cause, because we dont know how to deal with it now,” Jiang Lihua said, and nobody noticed that she was just acting.

They felt a little guilty to deceive Master Lei, but they had to do it.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting walked into the ward together.

When Gu Nings sight fell on Mu Xuxin, she was surprised, because K resembled Mu Xuxin.

Ks real name was Mu Ye.

Was there any family connection between them Was it just a coincidence

Gu Ning greeted Master Lei and Zhao Yiru, then Tang Yunrong introduced Lei Haowei, Mu Xuxin and Mu Wenqi to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning also greeted them politely.

Master Lei and Zhao Yiru were aware that Gu Ning was Tang Yunfans biological daughter, but the others didnt know, so they were quite surprised.

Tang Yunrong explained that Tang Haifeng regarded Gu Ning as his own granddaughter because Gu Ning closely resembled Tang Yunfan.

Tang Haifeng had told them not to expose Gu Nings real identity before they made it public.

Tang Haifeng said the same thing to Master Lei, so Master Lei also kept it a secret and didnt even tell his own son.

They all knew that Tang Yunfan never married or had any children, so they believed Tang Yunrongs words.

Tang Yunrong also introduced Leng Shaoting as Gu Nings friend, and didnt tell them many details.

The Lei family and the Mu family left after a while.

Since they were gone, Tang Haifeng opened his eyes and relaxed his limbs.

Zhao Yiru stayed for a while longer before he walked out.

Tang Haifeng said, “I think that they will take action again after tomorrow.”

They were, of course, the Tang familys enemies.

However, to Tang Haifengs surprise, their enemies took action right away.

Quan Mingkai called Tang Yunrong and told her that there was a sudden problem with the proposal, and their business partner would arrive at 2 pm tomorrow afternoon.

They had to hold a meeting with the board of directors to discuss it at 10 am tomorrow.

It couldnt be a coincidence.

Without a strong leader in the Tang familys business group, the business partners felt anxious, which was a good chance to elect a new chairman.

No matter what, members of the Tang family had to attend the meeting tomorrow.

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