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Chapter 701 Pan Zirui and His Father

Gu Ning knocked on the door of the office.

“Come in,” Zhou Zhenghong said inside.

Gu Ning pushed the door open and walked in.

Seeing that the visitor was Gu Ning, Zhou Zhenghong and the new manager stood up at once.

“Boss, nice to see you!”

“Have a seat please,” Gu Ning said.

“Uncle Zhou, I need you to go back to City G to prepare for the next batch of jade jewelry.

Gao Yi will meet you in a few days, and you can deliver the goods to the capital for the opening day.

I think that we can directly open the branch in the capital given the popularity of the branch in City B.”

In fact, Gu Ning could just make a call, but she told Zhou Zhenghong in person since she was already here.

“No problem, boss,” Zhou Zhenghong said.

After that, Gu Ning left.

Just as she walked out of the store, she received two successive calls from other jewelry managers, but she made an excuse and declined their invitations.

She had no intention of forming an alliance after all, so there was no need for her to meet them.

In the Pan familys house, Pan Ziruis father had made several urgent calls and demanded to see him at home.

Pan Zirui had hung out with his friends overnight, so he was quite sleepy right now.

The Pan familys house was located in a luxurious house district.

“Zirui, do you know Miss Gu” Pan Ziruis father asked him the moment he got back home.

Pan Ziruis father saw him on the news of the release conference and was very surprised.

“Yeah, so” Pan Zirui yawned.

“If so, I need you to do something for me.

I think that Jade Beauty Jewelry is a promising brand, and I want to join it,” Pan Ziruis father said.

Joining referred to participating in a certain group or organization, which could be extended to the commercial field, referring to the agent joining of commercial brands.

In other words, franchisees could open branches under the name of a certain brand.

“Sure, Ill discuss it with her,” Pan Zirui said, then called Gu Ning.

From the perspective of a company, joining was equal to make money.

Many products were looking for joining by advertising, so Pan Zirui didnt think that it was a bad idea.

Therefore, right after Gu Ning declined another two jewelry managers invitations, she received Pan Ziruis call.

“Boss, my father wants to join Jade Beauty Jewelry.

What do you think” Pan Zirui asked.


Hearing that, Pan Ziruis father frowned.

He wasnt dissatisfied, but was surprised that Pan Zirui called Gu Ning his boss.

He knew very well that Pan Zirui despised women.

However, it was understandable that Pan Zirui admired Gu Ning because she was a very outstanding girl.

“Sorry, Jade Beauty Jewelry isnt open for alliance or joining,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure, I understand.” Pan Zirui was obedient to Gu Nings words, so he wouldnt ask further even if Gu Ning declined his offer.

“Oh, boss, Im going to open a club in three days.

If youre free, can you come to attend its opening ceremony” Pan Zirui asked with anticipation.

Once Pan Zirui set the time of the opening ceremony, he invited Gu Ning.

To Gu Nings astonishment, Pan Zirui was going to run a business himself.

In many peoples eyes, he was just a rich second-generation heir who only knew how to have fun and couldnt care less about his future.

All of a sudden, Pan Zirui changed his mind, and decided to become involved in business.

Pan Ziruis father was also shocked, and couldnt believe his ears.

Zirui is going to open a club in three days

Pan Ziruis father knew him very well.

He never had the idea to build his career before no matter how much his father had forced or enticed him.

That being the case, Pan Ziruis father was more than surprised that he suddenly changed his mind.

“Well, Ill go if I have nothing else to deal with at that time,” Gu Ning said.

“Great!” Pan Zirui understood that Gu Ning was busy, so he didnt pressure her.

Afterwards, they hung up.

Pan Ziruis father asked him at once, “Zirui, are you going to open a club” It was so shocking that Pan Ziruis father even forgot to ask about Gu Nings answer to his offer first.

“Yes!” Pan Zirui said.

He didnt think that it was a big surprise.

“Why didnt you tell me” Pan Ziruis father asked.

“Um, I think that my boss is very successful in business, and decided that I should learn something from her, and not embarrass her as her friend,” Pan Zirui said.

Pan Ziruis father was shocked again.

He didnt expect that Pan Zirui changed his mind because of Gu Ning.

It seemed that Gu Ning had a great influence on Pan Zirui.

Speaking of Gu Ning, Pan Ziruis father remember his offer to join her jewelry brand.

“Zirui, what did she say about my joining in Jade Beauty Jewelry”

“My boss said Jade Beauty Jewelry isnt open for any alliances with other businessmen,” Pan Zirui replied.

“Isnt open for any alliances She can make a lot of money from that!” Pan Ziruis father rounded his eyes in shock.

In that case, no matter how many branches Jade Beauty Jewelry were going to open, Jade Beauty Jewelry would be in charge of them without any franchisees in the middle.

Pan Ziruis father didnt know what else to say.

“Dad,” Pan Zirui said.

“You dont know how good my boss is at stone gambling.

When I met her for the first time, she cut out a piece of jade and sold if for thirty-five million yuan.

Its a piece of cake for her to make money.”

At the end, Pan Ziruis voice was full of admiration for Gu Ning.

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