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Chapter 70: A Womans Usual Way Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


Hearing that, those men were apparently struck dumb for a second.

They were surprised Gu Ning knew who was behind them.

They soon understood Gu Ning must have had bad blood with Li Zhenzhen earlier, so she knew what was happening.

Therefore the head man didnt want to hide.

“Young girl, since you know who you had bad blood with, you must know youve done something terribly wrong.

Were here today to teach you a lesson.

Sorry,” the head said.

Knowing that, Gu Ning despised Li Zhenzhen.

Li Zhenzhen didnt even bother to hide herself.

It seemed she was too confident.

Indeed, Li Zhenzhen was so confident that she believed Gu Ning could only yield to these grown-up men.

“Oh, since you do know someone can never be irritated, arent you afraid I am one of those who you should never have bad blood with” Gu Ning asked calmly.

She didnt seem scared at all.

Hearing that, these men were struck dumb for a second before laughing out loud.

“Young girl, do you know who we are Were from the Qing Gang.

Qing Gang! Have you heard of us Were one of the two biggest gangs in this mainland.

And you can never get revenge on us,” the man said with disdain.

Gu Ning felt nervous.

She didnt expect they were from the Qing gang.

Anyway, since they were here to cause her trouble first, Gu Ning decided to fight against them till the end.

Besides, she couldnt believe the head of the gang would be an irrational man.

If so, how could he be able to be the head How would he manage his followers

“I dont want to get revenge,” Gu Ning compressed her lips, and said lightly.

When those gangsters believed she must be terrified, Gu Ning continued.

“Because youre not able to defeat me.”

After that, Gu Ning attacked them first.

She came straight at the so-called head, kicking abruptly at his abdomen.

Gu Ning had moved too fast, so the man didnt have time to react.

He was hit right in his abdomen, he was then kicked up in the air like he had been hit by a heavy object.

Right on the heels of that, he fell down heavily on the ground, moaning in pain.

The other three men rounded their eyes in shock.

What had just happened They couldnt believe their eyes.

Were they in a dream

Gu Ning didnt care what they were thinking at all.

She directly attacked another man.

Although the second man noticed Gu Nings coming, he was hit by a fist right on his cheek before he could fight back.

The second man fell straight on the ground spitting blood with several teeth knocked out.

The other two gangsters now felt a little scared, but they didnt want to run away like cowards.

Thus they raised their fists, running at Gu Ning.

Gu Ning took off her backpack, throwing it to hit the front man dashing at her.

The front man was hit on his head by a great force then knocked against a nearby wall.

He fell from dizziness afterward.

Gu Ning used her backpack to hit the last man, but the man escaped quickly.

However, Gu Ning immediately kicked out her leg aiming at the mans knee.

The last man lost his balance all of a sudden, bending his knee.

“Gee, are you proposing to me Sorry, you dont deserve me,” Gu Ning humiliated him.

She then hit the man right on his head with her backpack again.

The man wasnt able to avoid it this time, and fell on the ground.

Four gangsters were all beaten to the ground by Gu Ning within minutes.

Although they were not hit till handicapped, they couldnt stand up any more.

Gu Ning didnt leave right away.

She walked to their head instead.

“You, what, what do you want to do…” The head was frightened.

He wanted to escape, but couldnt stand up, let alone run away.

Gu Ning didnt answer his question.

She picked up his phone on the ground, and asked, “Did Li Zhenzhen call you”

“Yes, yes,” the man immediately replied.

Then, Gu Ning opened his phone, checking his recent calls.

Li Zhenzhens name was really on it.

She had called at 2:15 pm, and the call had lasted for seven minutes.

“What did Li Zhenzhen want you to do to me How much for it” Gu Ning continued.

“She-she wanted us to rape you, and take a video of it, then put it on the Internet.

She paid us a hundred thousand yuan for it,” the man answered.

Gu Ning sneered, but her face looked cold.

Her eyes were full of upset.

Rape, what a usual way a woman used to deal with another one.

Shao Feifei had done that before.

Gu Ning assumed the women who she would have bad blood with in the future probably would do the same thing.

She didnt doubt that.

But Shao Feifei had only paid several thousand yuan, while Li Zhenzhen paid a hundred thousand yuan.

Was Gu Nings dignity worth only a hundred thousand yuan

No, Gu Nings dignity was priceless.

This time, Gu Ning really wouldnt forgive Li Zhenzhen.

Although Shao Feifei had done the same thing to her, Shao Feifei couldnt threaten her at all.

She could punish Shao Feifei in a gentle way, but as for Li Zhenzhen, who turned to the Qing Gang for help, which was a big trouble.

Gu Ning was completely irritated.

She used the mans phone, calling Li Zhenzhen back directly.

At the same time, Li Zhenzhen was having a meal with Qin Yifan in a restaurant.

The atmosphere was quite harmonious.

“Yifan, I heard there is a movie called Growing Up Together, which is very popular recently.

Why dont we go and watch it together” Li Zhenzhen invited Qin Yifan with anticipation in her eyes.

She wanted to watch the movie for a reason.

The movie mainly told a story about a couple who grew up together.

She and Qin Yifan also grew up together.

Thus, Li Zhenzhen intended to use the movie to express her feelings to Qin Yifan.

Although this wasnt the first time Li Zhenzhen told Qin Yifan her feelings for him, and she had been refused many times, she kept trying because she loved Qin Yifan.

Moreover, their marriage would be of great help to the Li Family.


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