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Chapter 698 Mrs.

Yang Supports Yu Zi

“Ive never seen such a snobbish person!”

“You…” Mrs.

Lin was annoyed, but didnt know how to argue back.

It seemed that she realized that what she just said wasnt fair.

“Yu Zi, how can you be so cold-blooded” Mrs.

Lin was unwilling to give up.

“I am cold-blooded” Yu Zi wore an ironic smile.

“Let me be honest with you, I feel very disgusted when I think of your son who cheated on me.”

“I think Miss Yu is right.” A noble woman walked out from the crowd at this moment.

“Youre Mrs.

Lin, right You are a woman too, can you tolerate it if your husband cheats on you If you can, I have nothing else to say, because we have opposite values.”

When Mrs.

Lin saw the noble woman, she was shocked and stood up at once.




Lin knew this Mrs.

Yang without a doubt, and it was obvious that Mrs.

Yang wasnt a normal woman given Mrs.

Lins attitude towards her.

In fact, Mrs.

Yang was born in a super-rich family and married a senior official in the government.

Although Mrs.

Yangs family was just a common super-rich family, and her husband wasnt a very important official either, Mrs.

Lins family and husband were hardly comparable to Mrs.



Lin knew Mrs.

Yang, but Mrs.

Yang didnt know her.

“Miss Yu, are you single” Mrs.

Yang asked Yu Zi with appreciation in her eyes.

“Yeah,” Yu Zi said without thinking further.

“I think that Miss Yu is a very outstanding young woman.

Would you mind meeting my son one day when youre free” Mrs.

Yang said.


Yang was arranging for Yu Zi and her son to meet each other.

“What” Yu Zi was surprised, and felt shy.


Lin was also astonished.

She could not believe that Mrs.

Yang was willing to introduce Yu Zi to her son.

If Yu Zi could marry into the Yang family, she would become a member of a super-rich as well as powerful family! Thinking of that, Mrs.

Lin was reluctant to accept it, but didnt dare say anything now.

“Would you mind” Mrs.

Yang understood that she surprised Yu Zi, but she didnt care.

She just thought that Yu Zi was a good girl so she hoped that Yu Zi could meet her son and see what would happen.

The Yang family wasnt a common family, so it was unlikely that Mrs.

Yang chose Yu Zi because of her boss.


Yang was attracted to Yu Zis outstanding ability and good manners instead.

In addition, Yu Zis career wouldnt be as successful as the Yang familys business, unless she had Gu Nings unusual ability.

Therefore, if Yu Zi was able to marry into the Yang family, she was quite lucky.

“Of course not,” Yu Zi said at once.

Although she knew Mrs.

Yangs purpose, she didnt think that there was anything wrong with it.

It was still too early to say whether she could be together with Mrs.

Yangs son.

She could just go make a new friend anyway.


I already have your number so Ill tell him to contact you later.

You can share a meal and watch a film together or something,” Mrs.

Yang said with a happy smile.

Yu Zi flushed a little.


Lin knew that she shouldnt stay here any longer, so she left in silence.

When she got back home, she made a lot of noise to vent her anger, and even woke Lin Tianyou, who was taking a nap.

“Its so noisy! Couldnt you be quiet for a while” Lin Tianyou raised his voice in anger.

“What happened” Lin Tianyou walked out and asked his mother.

“I went to Yu Zis store just now,” Mrs.

Lin said.

Hearing that, Lin Tianyou frowned.


“I just want to ask her why she rejected you,” Mrs.

Lin said in annoyance.

“And then” Lin Tianyou asked in a hurry.

He knew that Yu Zi wouldnt change her mind, but he still had hope.

“She exposed your betrayal right in front of everyone in public, and I felt so humiliated!” Mrs.

Lin said in an aggrieved tone.

Lin Tianyou didnt say anything.

He was disappointed, but wasnt surprised because Yu Zi had said the same thing to him.

“Since Yu Zi rejected you, you can go back to being with Zhao Xiaoxuan.” Mrs.

Lin lost hope for Yu Zi, and she was also mad at Yu Zis attitude.

Even though Yu Zi was a famous designer now, she wouldnt accept her.

“Ive already broken up with Zhao Xiaoxuan,” Lin Tianyou said.

“Say some sweet nothings to her, and shell forgive you as always,” Mrs.

Lin said.

She didnt realize how serious it was.

“I dont think so.

She came across the scene of me begging Yu Zi to forgive me,” Lin Tianyou said.

He now felt utterly regretful, because Yu Zi wouldnt accept him and Zhao Xiaoxuan broke up with him too.

Although he knew that Zhao Xiaoxuan loved him very much, he understood that she wouldnt forgive him this time.

Actually, he had no intention to get Zhao Xiaoxuan back given the way she had treated him when they were together.

“What” Mrs.

Lin was shocked.

“Ho-how could you let her catch you on site If she isnt willing to forgive you this time, you cant inherit her familys properties in the future!” Right at this moment, Mrs.

Lin finally realized how serious it was.

“I have no idea what to do now!” Lin Tianyou said with impatience.

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