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Chapter 697 Shameless Mrs.


Lin Tianyou was also in a bad mood when he got home because Yu Zi had rejected him.

Seeing that, Mrs.

Lin was displeased, because she thought that Yu Zi must have been absent again.

“What You didnt see her”

“I did, but she rejected me,” Lin Tianyou said with impatience.

“What She rejected you How dare she do that” Mrs.

Lin couldnt believe her ears.

In her eyes, Yu Zi should feel honored that Lin Tianyou was willing to get her back, but Yu Zi rejected him!

“What Shes gained some fame now, so now she thinks shes superior to us” Mrs.

Lin said in an ironic tone.

Lin Tianyou remained silent, then walked into his room.

Although Mrs.

Lin thought that it was Yu Zis fault that she rejected Lin Tianyou, she still believed that it was necessary for her to meet Yu Zi given Yu Zis importance now.

Thinking of that, she took her handbag and left the house.

Although Mrs.

Lin didnt know the address of Charm, it wasnt difficult for her to find it since Charm was very famous now.

When Mrs.

Lin arrived at Fengshang Shopping Mall, she went straight to Charm.

It was almost time for lunch, but there were still many people in Charm.

“Yu Zi, come out here right now!” Mrs.

Lin ordered in an unkind tone at the door of Charm.

People who were shopping inside turned to look at her.

Seeing Mrs.

Lin, Yu Zi felt annoyed.

It was obvious that Mrs.

Lin came here for nothing good.

Even so, Yu Zi still asked politely, “Mrs.

Lin, may I help”

“Get out here now!” Mrs.

Lin ordered again.

Yu Zi was displeased.

“If you have anything to tell me, you can say it right now.”

“Are you sure” Mrs.

Lin asked, like she was determined to embarrass Yu Zi today.

Yu Zi, however, didnt think that she had done anything shameful, so she didnt mind it.


Lin, are you afraid that people might laugh at you” Yu Zi asked on purpose.

“You…” Mrs.

Lin felt that Yu Zi wasnt respectful of her, so she was mad.

“Very well, I can tell you right here, right now, and I hope that you wont feel ashamed!” Saying that, Mrs.

Lin walked inside and sat down on the sofa.

“Excuse me for a while please,” Yu Zi said to the other customers in the store.

“Its fine.” The other customers didnt mind, but they knew that Mrs.

Lin wasnt a kind people.

Some stayed in the store waiting to see a drama, while some wanted to give Yu Zi a helping hand.

Luckily, Yu Zi already had many loyal customers who were willing to help her.

There were two saleswomen in the store too, but they were busy serving customers, so Yu Zi poured a glass of water for Mrs.

Lin in person.

“May I know what you want to talk to me about, Mrs.

Lin” Yu Zi asked in an indifferent tone.

“Tianyou told me that you refused to get back together with him,” Mrs.

Lin said.

“Yes,” Yu Zi said with a calm face, like it was something unimportant.

In fact, it was something unimportant in her eyes now.

“What You think youre famous now, so youre superior to us” Mrs.

Lin said arrogantly.

Yu Zi laughed, and didnt bother to hide her intense dislike for Mrs.


“I dont understand why you said that.

I believe that I have the right to reject Lin Tianyou.”

“I dont care if you reject another person, but I wont allow you to reject my son.

Dont forget that Tianyou never despised you when you were poor and had nothing!” Mrs.

Lin said.

Yu Zi couldnt believe that Mrs.

Lin could be so shameless.


Lin, Ive already broken up with Lin Tianyou for more than a year, and he dumped me precisely because I was poor.

He also cheated on me and slept with my richfriend.

You said that I could never marry into your family before, so why have you come back to me right now” Yu Zi said.

Why It was obvious that Mrs.

Lin wanted to ride on Yu Zis coattails since she was famous now.

They didnt keep their voices low, so everyone in the store was able to hear their conversation.

In the beginning, onlookers thought that Yu Zi dumped her boyfriend once she became successful, but it soon turned out that it was her ex-boyfriends fault.

Her ex-boyfriend had cheated on her, which was totally unacceptable.

“You…” Mrs.

Lin didnt expect that Yu Zi would dare to argue with her like that, and felt quite embarrassed amid peoples looks of disdain.

“Yu Zi, mind your language! Im doing you an honor that I came to talk to you today!” Mrs.

Lin said.

She still believed that Yu Zi was inferior to her and her family.

“I should mind my language Why Mrs.

Lin, I have to say that youre the most shameless person Ive ever seen in my whole life!” Yu Zi said without delay.

“Exactly! Shes so shameless!” Someone opened her mouth to support Yu Zi.

“I agree.

She despised Miss Yu because she was poor in the old days, and now she comes to Miss Yu just because Miss Yu is successful.

Does she have any sense of shame” another person said.

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