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Chapter 686 She Is My Grand Daughter-in-law

“What Tianyou has done this time is too much.

He shouldnt abandon Xiaoxuan at the airport, and well never accept such behavior! Mrs.

Lin, you must give us a satisfactory explanation,” Mrs.

Zhao said in annoyance.

“Sure, sure, Ill talk to him once he answers my call or is home.” Mrs.

Lin gave Mrs.

Zhao a perfunctory answer, then hung up.

Afterwards, Mrs.

Lin wore an expression of obvious disdain.

She didnt care about the Zhao family right now, because her son was going to marry a woman who was much better than Zhao Xiaoxuan.

Chu Peihan and the others didnt go to City B, so they could only wait until the video of the release conference was out.

At this moment, it was still class time.

The majority of the students in the No.3 High School in City F had a habit of wearing earphones and looking down at their phones in excitement in classes.

In the beginning, the teachers were all mad because nobody was listening to them.

However, when the teachers found out what the students were watching, they said nothing.

Many teachers even watched the video on their phones as well.

Gu Ning was a legend and the honor of their school.

All the teachers agreed on it that Gu Ning was a genius.

Not only the students in the No.3 High School, but other people who knew Gu Ning also watched the video.

As a result, the video had been viewed over a million times, reposted over a hundred thousand times, and commented on hundreds of thousands of times within just half an hour.

Most of the comments were positive.

In the Leng Familys house, the capital.

Ever since Master Leng had found out that Gu Ning was Leng Shaotings girlfriend, he paid a lot of attention to the news about her, so he was naturally aware of the opening ceremony and release conference of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

He went to visit Jiang Zhongyu in the hospital that morning, so he saw the video that afternoon when he was back home.

Jiang Zhongyu recovered very well, but he still had to stay in bed for many days.

It was already a miracle after all.

If the Jiang family hadnt told the doctors to keep it a secret, this miracle would have been spread abroad in the medical field by now.

The medicine was Gu Nings gift to Master Leng, so they were afraid that it would cause Gu Ning trouble if it went abroad.

When Master Leng got home, he told Chen Bing to search for news about Jade Beauty Jewelry on the Internet.

It was noon, so there were only videos taken by the audience on the Internet.

What the reporters had taken would be released after editing a few hours later.

When Master Leng watched a video, he noticed Leng Shaoting standing next to Gu Ning at first glance.

They were really a good-looking couple, and Master Leng appreciated Gu Ning more now.

After that, Master Leng saw Xu Jinchen standing alone aside, so he gloated over it, and called Master Xu at once.

“Xu, have you watched the videos of the opening ceremony of Jade Beauty Jewelry on the Internet My grandson and granddaughter-in-law look so good standing together, but your grandson is still single and alone without any girls standing by his side.” Master Leng was showing off.

Hearing that, Master Xu was annoyed.

The last thing he wanted to hear about now was Master Lengs grandson and grand daughter-in-law, because he would be jealous of him.

“Leng, you just want to see me being jealous of you.

Let me tell you, Ill never watch them!” Master Xu said, then hung up on Master Leng.

Although Master Xu said that on the phone with Master Leng, he still told Xu Qinyin to help him find the videos right after he hung up.

“Jade Beauty Jewelry Isnt that Gu Nings company Why didnt she invite me to attend its opening ceremony!” Xu Qinyin was dissatisfied.

Master Xu, however, was surprised.

“Do you know Gu Ning too”

“Of course!” Xu Qinyin said, then searched Jade Beauty Jewelry on the Internet, and there were many links coming out.

After watching several videos, Xu Qinyin found out that her older brother had attended the opening ceremony without telling her.

“What My older brother was there too! Why didnt he tell me” Xu Jinchen was more displeased now.

Master Leng was still watching the video of the opening ceremony of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

When he saw that Gu Ning donated the money she had won in a competition of stone gambling to a charity foundation, he was touched.

Gu Ning was a good girl.

When Master Leng watched Gu Nings short speech at the release conference, he liked Gu Nings modest attitude and her air of confidence and power.

Gu Ning was a girl with ambition.

Master Leng seldom complimented other people, especially a young girl, because he had seen countless outstanding people during his life.

However, Gu Ning was an exception.

At the same time, he felt so happy that Gu Ning was Leng Shaotings girlfriend.

“Ha-ha, do you see that Shes my grand daughter-in-law!” Master Leng wore a satisfied smile, saying to Chen Bing.

Chen Bing now lost count of how many times he had heard Master Leng saying that to him this afternoon.

In addition, Gu Ning hadnt married into the Leng family yet, so she wasnt Master Lengs grand daughter-in-law yet.

Chen Bing, of course, didnt dare to say it aloud, in case it would ruin Master Lengs good mood.

Lin Lijuan and Gu Qinxiang failed to get a divorce, but they were separated now and Lin Lijuan moved back to live in the Lin familys house.

Although Lin Lijuans older brother, Lin Dechang, said nothing, and Lin Yuehao didnt care about it, her sister-in-law, Zhang Meiyu, wasnt happy about it.

She didnt pick on Lin Lijuan, but wasnt very friendly to her either.

Even though Lin Lijuan had helped the Lin family a lot, it was easy to cause conflict if they lived under the same roof.

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