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Chapter 684 Lin Tianyous Mother

Onlookers all agreed with Lin Tianyou.

“I hate that kind of woman the most.

Shes so self-centered and vicious!”

“Exactly! Does she think that she is the queen”

“If my girlfriend was so unreasonable, Id dump her right away.”

“A couple should trust each other in a relationship.”

People were all criticizing Zhao Xiaoxuan.

However, Zhao Xiaoxuan didnt feel ashamed at all, but was mad at them.

“Shut your mouths! Its none of your business.

Stop criticizing me, or youll be hit by cars!” she shouted at the onlookers in anger.

Hearing Zhao Xiaoxuans unkind words, people were all annoyed.

Although they did criticize Zhao Xiaoxuan in public, what she had done and said were truly malicious.

“Enough!” Lin Tianyou snapped at Zhao Xiaoxuan, which scared her.

“Zhao Xiaoxuan, couldnt you be kind to others Youll pay for what youve done!”

After that, Lin Tianyou turned around walking away, leaving Zhao Xiaoxuan and her baggage behind.

Zhao Xiaoxuan had already embarrassed him in a public place, and he couldnt tolerate it anymore.

“Lin Tianyou, come back right now!” Zhao Xiaoxuan panicked, but she hadnt gotten her baggage yet, so she couldnt leave.

Her suitcase was filled with luxuries she bought from abroad.

Lin Tianyou, however, ignored her.

Seeing that, Zhao Xiaoxuan was mad and threatened.

“Lin Tianyou, if you dare walk away from me today, were done.”

Hearing that, Lin Tianyou stopped for a second, but just for a second, then strode away.

Although he might lose a lot if he broke up with Zhao Xiaoxuan, he couldnt stand Zhao Xiaoxuans temper anymore.

She was merely a self-indulgent girl with princess syndrome.

In the beginning, Lin Tianyou accepted it for the purpose of taking over the Zhao familys properties, but now he gave up upon thinking of Yu Zi.

When onlookers saw Lin Tianyou leaving without looking back at all, they all cheered.

“She deserves it!”

“No man wants to marry such a woman and argue with her for the rest of their life.”

“Indeed! She isnt very pretty after all.”

In fact, Zhao Xiaoxuan wasnt a beauty, and she also had a bad temper.

If it hadnt been for her familys wealth, Lin Tianyou wouldnt have agreed to be her boyfriend.

“You…” Zhao Xiaoxuan was in a rage.

Right at this moment, her suitcase came out, so she picked it up and left at once.

Zhao Xiaoxuan thought that Lin Tianyou would be waiting for her at the parking lot, and he would apologize to her as usual.

If so, she would forgive him.

However, she was wrong, and Lin Tianyou along with his car was nowhere to be found.

Zhao Xiaoxuan was anxious now, because she really loved Lin Tianyou, otherwise she wouldnt have hurt her close friend, Yu Zi, to get him.

Even though she found out that Lin Tianyou was only willing to be her boyfriend because of her family background, she didnt mind it at all.

All she wanted was Lin Tianyou.

She was afraid to lose him, so she always kept a closer eye on him.

Once any women approached him, she would argue with him and chase the other women away.

Although she fought with Lin Tianyou many times because of it, Lin Tianyou would compromise in the end.

Therefore, she never realized that Lin Tianyou disliked her unreasonable and immature actions.

In addition, she didnt mean it when she said that she was going to break up with him if he walked away from her today.

As long as he apologized, she would forgive him.

Nevertheless, he left without giving her a glance, which was totally unacceptable in her eyes.

Zhao Xiaoxuan felt embarrassed to call Lin Tianyou, so she called Lin Tianyous mother.

She hoped that Lin Tianyous mother would help her and tell Lin Tianyou to apologize to her.

In that case, she would forgive him, and they could get back together.

“Xiaoxuan, are you home now Come and join us for a meal!” Mrs.

Lin was very happy to receive Zhao Xiaoxuans call, because she was very satisfied with her future daughter-in-law.

To be specific, Mrs.

Lin was actually satisfied with Zhao Xiaoxuans family background, because Zhao Xiaoxuan wasnt beautiful and had a bad temper.

Anyway, Zhao Xiaoxuan didnt dare lose her temper in front of Mrs.

Lin, so Mrs.

Lin turned a blind eye to it.

Yu Zi was much prettier than Zhao Xiaoxuan, and she was very gentle.

However, she was born in an ordinary family, so Mrs.

Lin didnt want her to be with her son.


Lin was a snobbish person as well after all.

“Well, Tianyou abandoned me at the airport and drove away!” Zhao Xiaoxuan blamed Lin Tianyou on the phone with Mrs.


She didnt sound aggressive at all now, but aggrieved.

Zhao Xiaoxuan wasnt dumb, and she knew that she had to please Mrs.

Lin if she wanted to marry Lin Tianyou.

“What Tianyou drove away alone Did you argue again” Mrs.

Lin was surprised.

No matter why they had argued, Mrs.

Lin thought that it must have been Lin Tianyous fault.

“Yes! I just asked him whether he still likes Yu Zi because we were watching a video of her just then.

I asked him to swear an oath of loyalty to me, but he refused and drove away alone!” Zhao Xiaoxuan said, but didnt tell Mrs.

Lin many details.

“What Does he still like Yu Zi” Hearing that, Mrs.

Lin couldnt stay calm, because she hated Yu Zi.

“Xiaoxuan, dont worry.

Ill never allow them to be together again.

Youre the one and only future daughter-in-law of our family.

Take a taxi to your home, and Ill call him right now!” Mrs.

Lin said.

“Thanks!” Zhao Xiaoxuan said, then hung up.

She was confident that Mrs.

Lin would side with her.

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