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Chapter 680 Tang Haifeng Pretends to Be Unconscious

Hearing what Gu Ning had said on the phone, the others felt surprised and were curious about the identity of the person who was able to find out so much secret information.

Five minutes later, two ambulances arrived.

Although Xiang Dongping aimed to murder Tang Haifeng, the interrogation and sentence could only go on when he was awake.

Seeing that Master Tang was in danger, the medical staff felt quite nervous in case anything bad happened to him.

Gu Ning and Tang Haifengs bodyguard followed him, leaving for the hospital, while Leng Shaoting was left waiting for the police.

Gu Ning didnt call Tang Yunhang until she was in the ambulance.

She told him to keep it a secret from Tang Yunfan for now, in case Tang Yunfan ran out to visit Tang Haifeng.

Gu Ning also called Tang Yunrong and told her the same thing.

Since there was medical staff in the ambulance, Gu Ning couldnt directly tell them that Tang Haifeng was fine.

When Tang Yunhang heard the bad news, he left the government building and went to the hospital in a hurry.

He also informed Jiang Lihua at the same time.

Tang Yunrong and Cao Ruihua arrived at the hospital a while later.

Tang Weiyong, as the mastermind behind this car accident, also received the news, because he had sent someone to follow behind.

However, in order not to be discovered, the person followed far behind, so he didnt know the specific situation.

For example, he didnt know that the third car hit the front car on purpose, and it wasnt an accident; he only knew that Tang Haifeng passed out but didnt know whether Tang Haifeng was injured or not; he also failed to recognize Gu Ning.

Tang Weiyong was very mad that the third car had ruined his plan.

Although Tang Haifeng passed out, he had no idea whether he was injured or not.

If Tang Haifeng was fine, his plan would be meaningless.

The Tang family wasnt dumb, and they would soon find out that it was a scheme.

Tang Weiyong was confident that Xiang Dongping wouldnt betray him.

Even if Xiang Dongping betrayed him, it wouldnt affect him, but he had to face the fact that his plan was a failure this time.

All Tang Weiyong wanted to hear now was that Tang Haifeng was dead or seriously injured.

In that case, Tang Haifeng would have to leave his job in the Tang familys business group.

Tang Weiyong would then have a better chance to take over.

The traffic police arrived after the two ambulances had left for about two minutes.

When the traffic police found out that it was Master Tangs car and driver, they took this accident very seriously.

Tang Haifengs driver didnt tell them that it was a scheme before there was solid proof, because the traffic police would feel stressed or threatened by the Tang familys influence.

Given the Tang familys high social status, it was very easy for them to influence the result.

If so, nobody would know the real result.

In addition, they werent in a hurry to know the result, so they would let the police do their work.

A traffic policeman asked at first, “Did he drive under the influence”

“No,” Tang Haifengs driver answered.

Afterwards, the traffic police checked the driving recorder of Tang Haifengs car, and saw that the car that caused the accident started to accelerate after entering the tunnel.

It didnt change lanes instead it went straight to hit Tang Haifengs car, which was very strange.

It was highly possible that it was a scheme.

In the video, Leng Shaotings car also accelerated behind the car that caused the accident, which was also very abnormal.

Therefore, a traffic policeman asked Leng Shaoting, “Why did you speed up all of a sudden as well”

“I have a close relationship with Master Tang, and I did that because I noticed the strange movements of the car that caused this crash.

In case Master Tangs car would explode, I sped up to force the car to move away,” Leng Shaoting said.

Hearing that, everyone admired Leng Shaotings courage, because he could also be hurt in the accident.

Moreover, the car he drove cost more than two million yuan and now it was damaged.

Since Leng Shaoting had a close relationship with Tang Haifeng, the traffic police didnt ask further.

After that, the traffic police went to check the car which cause this crash to see whether there were other security problems.

They found that its brakes were broken, which meant that this car accident could be caused by the broken brakes.

Of course, they needed to conduct a full-scale investigation into the crash.

In the hospital, Tang Haifeng had to take the examination since Gu Ning decided to turn this dirty trick to her own use.

At the same time, they didnt hide the truth that Tang Haifeng had been caught by a car accident so that the mastermind behind it would show up.

If they didnt know who their enemy was, they couldnt figure out a way to deal with him.

Xiang Dongping was hit heavily at the back of his head, so he was still unconscious.

After the medical examination, the doctor said that Tang Haifeng was fine, and that he would wake up soon.

When Tang Haifeng had just been moved into a patient room, Tang Yunhang arrived.

Tang Yunhang was the secretary of a provincial committee, and people were familiar with his face in the news.

The moment he showed up in the hospital, many people recognized him and felt quite stressed when he walked by, because he had a strong air of power.

“Ningning, how is your grandpa now” Tang Yunhang asked in anxiety once he walked in the patient room.

“The doctor said grandpa is fine, and hell wake up soon,” Gu Ning said, but didnt tell him the truth right away.

Before long, Tang Yunrong and Cao Ruihua came.

When they asked about Tang Haifengs condition, Gu Ning gave them the same answer.

Within several minutes, Jiang Lihua arrived as well.

Since they were all here, Gu Ning decided to tell them the truth now.

“Secretary Li, Bodyguard Lin, please guard at the door, and dont allow anyone to walk in without my permission.”

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