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Chapter 679 Knock the Car

At this moment, Leng Shaoting didnt know what he should say to comfort Gu Ning, so he focused on driving as fast as he could.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of traffic on the roads, so Leng Shaoting was very nervous.

On the way, Gu Ning called Tang Haifeng again and again while she was using her Jade Eyes to search for his car.

The line was still busy, and Gu Ning couldnt help but swear at the person who was talking with Tang Haifeng on the phone for so long.

After they had driven a long distance, Gu Ning finally saw Tang Haifengs car five hundred meters away, but they were waiting for the traffic lights to turn green and couldnt move among the cars.

Afterwards, Gu Ning found a short-cut, but the car wasnt able to drive there.

“You can drive the car to chase them, and Ill run over first,” Gu Ning said, and jumped out of the car before Leng Shaoting could respond.

Since Gu Ning already made up her mind, Leng Shaoting wouldnt stop her.

The moment Gu Ning got out of the car, she dashed across the lanes as fast as she could, and ran to the short cut like lightning, which shocked everyone around her.

When she ran by other drivers in cars, those drivers shivered as if a cold wind just blew by.

Gu Nings dangerous behavior also drew criticism.

“Why is she running so fast on the lanes”

“Its so dangerous!”

“What if shes hit by a car”

Gu Ning had no time to care about their criticism, but was determined to catch up with Tang Haifeng.

She was very fast, but Tang Haifeng was moving in a car at high speed, and there was a distance between them too.

Gu Ning failed after running for a while, and Leng Shaotings car already drove to her side, so she got in it at once, and chased after them.

When Gu Ning sat in the car, she called Tang Haifeng once more, but his phone was turned off, probably because it was running out of power.

Gu Ning almost swore.

They soon left the center of the city, and there wasnt much traffic on the roads now.

Gu Ning saw Tang Haifengs car not far ahead when the tunnel approached near, and she also noticed the strange movements of the car behind Tang Haifengs.

Gu Nings car drove into the tunnel and they had almost caught up with Tang Haifengs.

However, the car behind Tang Haifengs car sped up all of a sudden, and it seemed like it was going to knock forward.

Gu Ning realized that the car was the cause of the terrible accident.

“Shaoting, knock the front car aside!” Gu Ning said.

Leng Shaoting also noticed the strange movement of the car, so he accelerated without hesitation.

However, because of the distance, Leng Shaoting was a second later than the front car.

The front car knocked Tang Haifengs car just a second before Leng Shaotings car knocked it.

Tang Haifengs car was on the right side, and the car hit its left side, because the fuel tank was set left.

Leng Shaoting directly knocked through from the middle, and forced the car to move away from Tang Haifengs car.

In that case, the heavy hit Tang Haifengs car suffered was alleviated a lot, and the fuel tank was also safe, so it wouldnt explode.

However, it still caused damage, and Gu Ning got out of her car at once and went to check on Tang Haifengs condition.

Tang Haifeng had already passed out in the rear seat.

The driver and the bodyguard on the front passengers seat were also injured, but they were still awake.

Gu Ning knocked on the car window of the drivers seat without delay.

The driver rolled the car window down, and was surprised to see Gu Ning.

“Open the door now! My grandpa fainted!” Gu Ning said.

Tang Haifeng was an aged man after all, and his life could be in great danger now.

Although the driver was confused as to why Gu Ning was there, he opened the car door the moment he heard that Tang Haifeng had passed out.

Gu Ning got inside and checked Tang Haifengs breath.

Luckily, he was still breathing, and Gu Ning was relieved.

She immediately put her magical power into his body and said to the driver at the same time, “Call the police and the ambulance now!”

“Oh, right!” The driver took out his phone at once.

Leng Shaoting also got out and went to check the drivers condition in the other car.

The driver was seriously injured and passed out too.

The tunnel was very broad with three traffic lanes, and there was one lane left clear for vehicles to pass by.

Many cars stopped around them, but didnt dare to come near.

Tang Haifeng soon woke up after receiving Gu Nings magical power.

Seeing Gu Ning, he was surprised.

“Ningning, what happened” Tang Haifeng didnt know what had happened to him yet.

“Grandpa, someone just hit your car on purpose, and I think its a dirty trick of our enemy.

Please pretend to be unconscious for now, and we can turn this dirty trick to our own use.

Please dont open your eyes until I tell you to do so,” Gu Ning said with a serious face.

Hearing that, Tang Haifeng was annoyed, but wasnt surprised, because he knew that his enemy would take action sooner or later.

“Sure,” Tang Haifeng said.

Leng Shaoting walked to Gu Nings side, and said, “The driver in the car knocked his head and fainted.

I found his cards and phone, but I cant use his phone without the password.”

Gu Ning took the drivers ID card and had a look of it.

The driver was named Xiang Dongping.

He was 43 years old and came from a village around City B.

The other cards were mainly his bank cards.

“Grandpa, please have a look.

Do you know or have you met this person” Gu Ning gave the ID card to Tang Haifeng.

“No, I dont know who he is,” Tang Haifeng said.

Gu Ning then took a picture of his ID card before she called K.

“Ill send you a picture of an ID card along with the information of a bank card.

Help me find out whether the person is the owner of the bank card, and the transaction records of it.

I also want to know the persons phone numbers and recent call records along with the identities of his contacts.”

Although the driver must have hidden his real identity before he did this bad thing, it was necessary to investigate his background.

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