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Chapter 677 Powerful Support

Many reporters also had a good impression of Fenghua Entertainment which was just a newly-established entertainment company.

Although it wasnt officially established yet, many people had heard of its name.

In the conflict with Li Jiayue, Fenghua Entertainment took full control of it, while Feiteng Entertainment remained silent.

In fact, Feiteng Entertainment had the support of someone in the government, but was still defeated by Fenghua Entertainment.

Moreover, the Best Actress, Fang Tang, and the Best Actor, Lu Yizhe were also supportive of Fenghua Entertainment.

In that case, Fenghua Entertainment had to be very influential.

Li Jiayue, of course, dug the grave for herself.

After Li Jiayue and her agent, Tong Zhen, were fired by Feiteng Entertainment, there were no positions for them in the entertainment industry anymore, because other entertainment companies didnt dare to hire them.

Therefore, Li Jiayue could only sell her body for money.

She was already used to living a luxurious life, and she couldnt live without luxuries.

Anyway, those rich men didnt mind playing around with her, and even kept her as their mistress.

Li Jiayue made less money now, but could still afford an expensive apartment and luxuries.

Tong Zhen, on the other hand, moved to live abroad.

Reporter: Youre the leading role in Infinite Horror directed by Lu Zhan this time.

Its said that Director Lu annoyed an important figure and had been shut out for several years.

Arent you afraid that his film wont be shown in theaters

Those who knew that Gu Ning was also the boss of Fenghua Entertainment didnt think that it was possible, because nobody dared to act against Gu Ning now.

The reporter didnt know that Fenghua Entertainment also belonged to Gu Ning, otherwise he wouldnt have asked that question.

Gu Ning had a powerful network now, and so, of course, the film would be shown in theaters as long as she wanted.

No matter who the person that shut Lu Zhan out of the entertainment industry was, he wouldnt be willing to annoy so many important figures just because of a director.

Su Tongnuo: Director Lu has done nothing wrong, and I think that its the fault of the person who shut Director Lu out of this industry.

Hearing that, everyone took a deep breath.

Although it was right, Su Tongnuo was really bold to say that aloud.

Wasnt she afraid that the person would punish her

Reporter: Arent you afraid that the person will shut you out as well

Su Tongnuo: I believe that Fenghua Entertainment can protect its staff.

In other words, Fenghua Entertainment wouldnt allow anyone to shut her out.

Reporter: Youre so confident that Fenghua Entertainment can protect its staff.

Doesnt it mean that there is a powerful support behind Fenghua

Su Tongnuo: Im sorry.

I have no idea.

Since she said so, the reporters didnt insist and turned to interview Yu Zi, who had no fame yet.

Although Yu Zi wasnt famous at all, she played a major role in todays release conference so it was necessary for those reporters to interview her.

Yu Zi was very nervous, because this was the first time that she had been interviewed by so many reporters in front of so many people.

Reporter: Miss Yu, how did you get the chance to join Miss Gus company

Yu Zi: Well, I ran a gown store in the beginning, but it wasnt very profitable, and I could just make ends meet.

Although I loved my designs, customers had different opinions.

One of my friends brought Miss Gu to have a look in my store.

That was how I got to know Miss Gu.

I felt quite honored that Miss Gu appreciated my designs and even hired me as the manager as well as designer of Charm.

At the same time, Im still the founder of Charm.

Reporter: It seems that Miss Gu is very considerate and didnt deprive you of your benefits.

Miss Yu, does that mean that you also hold shares of Charm

Yu Zi: Yes.

Miss Gu is a very generous boss, but I cant tell you the specific number.

Since Yu Zi wasnt willing to tell them, the reporters didnt ask further.

They werent entertainment reporters or paparazzi who would do everything for gossip.

Reporter: Miss Yu, do you have confidence in Charm now

Yu Zi: Of course.

Im very confident now.

Reporter: Great.

Were also looking forward to seeing your designs, Miss Yu.

The interview was finally over, and they went back to their seats.

The runway show was about to begin as well.

As the music played, the first model walked out.

She was wearing a creamy-white strapless dress with thin pleats at the hem waving with each of her footsteps.

She looked like a fairy stepping over waves under the dim yellowish light.

There was a creamy-white jade pendant in the shape of wings hanging under her neck.

It was the medium-high-level glutinous-rice type jade.

The pair of earrings she was wearing were also made of glutinous-rice type jade in the shape of a wing.

The bracelet on her right wrist was engraved with beautiful patterns.

The audience was staring at the big screen at the back of the stage, so they could see the jade jewelry clearly.

Peoples eyes lit up when the first model showed up.

This model was as pure as a fairy.

Many people were talking about the gown and jade jewelry under the stage.

The second model walked out dressed in a floor length, sapphire blue dress with its long train dragging on the ground.

The waistline was extremely thin, and it was outlined with silver-white patterns.

The model looked like elegant blue and white porcelain when she walked by.

This model was wearing a set of violet jade jewelry to show elegance.

The third model stepped out in a purple gown with a long fishtail train.

The gown was shining in the light, because the fabric was super smooth silk, which accentuated the models attractive body shape.

She looked like a noblewoman.

This model was wearing a set of jade jewelry of the glass type, which stood for nobility.

Every model left a deep impression on the audience.

The gowns of Charm and jade jewelry of Jade Beauty Jewelry gained a lot of attention from the rich ladies in the audience.

Gu Ning presented 10 sets of jade jewelry of different types at todays runway show, including glutinous-rice, violet, blood red, the Kings Green, Fulushou and so on.

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