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Chapter 676 The Interview at the Release Conference

It was a release conference, not a party, so it was very official.

Around 12 pm, a host went onto the stage and announced the beginning of the release conference before he invited four major roles of todays activity to the stage.

They were Gu Ning, the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry, Zhou Zhenghong, the general manager of Jade Beauty Jewelry, Yu Zi, the designer of Charm, and Su Tongnuo, the spokesperson of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm.

At first, Gu Ning addressed the audience as the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for attending todays release conference of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm,” Gu Ning said.

“Both Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm are high-end brands, and we only provide jewelry and gowns of high quality.

Im confident that the designers of our jade jewelry and gowns will become well-known masters, but I can promise right now that the prices of our products will stay the same.”

Gu Nings short speech was quite persuasive.

Many products were of bad quality now, including those famous brands.

If its designer was famous, the price could be much higher.

It wasnt reasonable that a price was set according to the products fame.

The same thing went to stars.

If two singers sang the same song on the same stage, the one who was more famous would have higher pay.

As Jade Beauty Jewelry attracted more and more attention, its designers and carvers would become increasingly famous.

However, Gu Ning promised that they would keep the prices the same.

The audience burst into applause under the stage.

After that, it was the interview time, and reporters couldnt wait a second longer for it.

Reporter: Miss Gu, you claim that you were born in an ordinary family, and you made the first bucket of gold by stone gambling, but how do you manage to maintain a good relationship with so many dominant business groups

Gu Ning: Theyre all my friends friends, and came to congratulate me for the sake of my friends.

Im very grateful to all those who spared some time to attend todays activity As for Grandpa Tang, we met each other because of stone gambling, and Master Lei is Grandpa Tangs close friend.

Its my honor that they show up today.

Gu Ning didnt say that she had a close relationship with those dominant business groups, but explained she was able to invite them to come here on her friends coattails.

Even so, people still thought highly of Gu Ning, because it wasnt easy to do that.

Reporter: Miss Gu, youre very young; why are you so good at fighting or kung fu

Gu Ning: Because I had a very good and strict master.

Reporter: Could you please tell us who your master is

Gu Ning: She already passed away.

Saying that, Gu Ning wore a sad expression.

Seeing that, the reporter immediately apologized.

“Im sorry to hear that.”

“Its fine,” Gu Ning said.

Afterwards, the interview continued.

Not only Gu Ning, but Zhou Zhenghong, Su Tongnuo and Yu Zi were also interviewed.

Reporter: Mr, Zhou, could you please tell us how you met Miss Gu, and why you decided to work for her

Zhou Zhenghong: I met Miss Gu at the stone-gambling street.

I was a jewelry businessman, but I was trapped by an enemy in business and went bankrupt.

It was Miss Gu who helped me out and even hired me as the manager of her jewelry store.

Ive always felt that Im very lucky to work for Miss Gu, and I want to thank Miss Gu for her appreciation.” After that, Zhou Zhenghong bowed to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning didnt stop him and accepted it with a smile.

“I hired you because youre a good manager!” Gu Nings response was very practical, and it was also an approval of Zhou Zhenghong.

Hearing what Zhou Zhenghong had said, the audience admired Gu Ning even more, because Gu Ning wasnt only kind and generous, but also good at choosing the right people.

A successful person had to have the ability to find the right partners.

Su Tongnuo was the next person interviewed by the reporters.

Reporter: Miss Su, we heard that you had been shut out from the entertainment industry for a long time, and you came back after just one year.

Can you tell us how you managed to do that

Su Tongnuo: I think Feiteng Entertainment has already responded to the fact that I was shut out from this industry.

Its not uncommon in the entertainment industry that an actor ends a contract with a company.

Although Feiteng Entertainment had shut her out of the entertainment industry before, Su Tongnuo had no intention to attack them now, which wouldnt do any good to her career.

Su Tongnuo: Im signed by Fenghua Entertainment now, and I think Fenghua is a great company with a bright future, which is also the reason why I chose to work for it.

Su Tongnuo was much more popular now than before.

Although she didnt have many famous works yet, she already gained a lot of attention from the public.

As long as she did good work, she would become a household name sooner or later.

In addition, Gu Ning was her boss now, so it would be easy for her to do that.

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