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Chapter 674 My Unique Skill

“The two pieces of jade that Ive cut out arent as valuable as a single piece of jade that Miss Gu has cut out,” Wu Yuanping said.

Hearing that, everyone was surprised, and began to compliment Gu Ning.

“Miss Gu is so amazing! She won!”

“Exactly! I just thought that she might lose.”

Most people were supportive of Gu Ning, because they all expected Gu Ning to win.

In addition, Gu Ning accepted Wu Yuanpings challenge without hesitation, which proved that she was confident about herself.

In the live-stream, Gu Nings fans were excited.

“Wow! Goddess Gu is my idol now.

There is nothing she cant do.”

“Exactly! Shes so charming.”

“I think Im in love with Goddess Gu now.”

“I hope that I can one day meet Goddess Gu in real life.”

“Me too!”

“Well, I think it could be a publicity stunt.

Why does she have to cut out jade right in front of everyone”

“Come on, Goddess Gu doesnt need any more publicity stunts now.

Shes already famous enough!”

“Are you an idiot Dont you know how famous Goddess Gu is right now”

Once some Internet users attacked Gu Ning, Gu Nings loyal fans would fight back and force them to be silent.

Some of Gu Nings big fans were in a good mood once Gu Ning won the competition, so they tipped the network anchor.

Within minutes, the network anchor received a lot of money.

The live show lasted for about 40 minutes, and the network anchor had received several thousand yuan in all.

It was a lot compared to the amount of money she could normally get.

It was the effect of Gu Ning!

“Miss Gu is able to make five million yuan so easily.

Im so envious of her.”

“More than just five million yuan.

The two pieces of jade alone are worth several million yuan at least.”

“Jesus! Really”

“Of course.

My family runs a stone-gambling store.

The jade Gu Ning has cut out is just common jade, and the best jade could be worth over dozens of million yuan!”

“Has your family cut out any jade”

“Its not that easy.

If my family could easily cut out jade, we would be super-rich now.”

“Well, I think that only rich people can play this game.”

“Miss Gu, do you want a check or transfer”.

Wu Yuanping asked.

“A check please,” Gu Ning said.

Wu Yuanping took out a checkbook and wrote down the number along with his name, before he tore off a piece and gave it to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning took the check and said to Tang Haifeng, “I know that there is a charity foundation run by the Tang family.

Grandpa Tang, please help me contact the manager.

I want to donate these two pieces of jade together with this check of five million yuan to it.”

Hearing that, people were all shocked.

None of them could believe his or her ears.

Why did Gu Ning want to donate the two pieces of jade together with the check of five million yuan to a charity foundation The two pieces of jade alone were worth over five million yuan at the least.

In that case, Gu Ning donated ten million yuan at once!

Although Gu Ning was rich, there were plenty of people who were richer than her in this world, but not many could be as generous as her.

She didnt use much effort to get that amount of money, but it was hers after all.

“Sure.” Tang Haifeng supported Gu Ning.

Ten million yuan was nothing in their eyes, but it could help a lot of people.

People all admired Gu Nings kind gesture, because she was very generous and nice.

Tong Jiayao now felt that Gu Ning was better than her in every aspect.

However, some Internet users still attacked Gu Ning in the live-stream.

“She did that just to gain a good reputation.”

Once the comment was out, the account was amid criticisms.

“Seriously Why are you so mean”

“Not many rich people are willing to donate ten million yuan to a charity.”

“Im just saying, and why doesnt she take out money from her own pocket Why did she use another persons money”

“Youre ridiculous! Goddess Gu won the money on her own, so the money is hers!”

“Haters lose their reason.”

“I support Goddess Gu!”

“Me too!”

“Miss Gu, could you please tell me how you make judgments” Wu Yuanping asked with curiosity.

“Sorry, thats my unique skill, and I wont tell anyone else,” Gu Ning said.

She was telling the truth, because there was no one else who owned a pair of Jade Eyes.

“Fine.” Since Gu Ning said so, Wu Yuanping didnt insist, and left.

It was almost 11:30 am when the competition came to an end, and Gu Ning and the others were about to leave for the Huangdeng Hotel.

“Ningning, Im sorry that Im late.” Tang Jiakai apologized to Gu Ning.

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