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Chapter 673 Gu Ning Wins

Internet users in the live-stream were also disappointed.

“No way! Its just a stone!”

“Its so disappointing!”

“Please, stone gambling is a well-known, highly-risky activity.

Its very difficult to cut out jade, otherwise jade wouldnt be so expensive.”


If there is a piece of jade among the three raw materials, its very good already.”

Hearing that, they stopped arguing.

When Gu Ning was about to cut her second raw material, Wu Yuanpings first raw material showed green.

Although it wasnt pure green, it was jade.

“The green shows!” The stone cutter was excited.

Hearing that, Wu Yuanping was thrilled.

“What The green shows” Tang Haifeng and others who were supportive of Gu Ning felt more worried now.

Only Leng Shaoting, Zhou Zhenghong and Tang Jiakai stayed calm.

Onlookers started to change their opinions of Gu Ning too.

“It seems that Miss Gu isnt better than Mr.


“I thought that she would win!”

In the live-stream, some Internet users complained again.

“Didnt someone tell us that its very difficult to cut out jade Why did the man easily cut it out”

“Gu Ning didnt spend much time on choosing raw materials, and I thought that she did that because she is confident about herself.

Now it seems that she is just arrogant.”

“Exactly! Shes very conceited.”

“I used to like her, but now I change my mind.”

“She isnt as good as her fans have claimed.”

“Come on, the competition isnt over yet.

Its too early to judge now.”

“Right, lets see what will happen.”

Different people held different opinions about Gu Nings performance.

A short while after Wu Yuanpings first raw material showed green, Gu Nings second raw material showed green too, and it was much purer than Wu Yuanpings.

“The green shows!” the stone cutter shouted in excitement.

“What The green shows again” Everyone was shocked.

Tang Haifeng and the others were a little relieved.

Wu Yuanping was surprised and ran to have a look in a hurry.

When he saw the green shown in Gu Nings raw material, he was upset, because this jade was must better than his.

The question remained now was whether there was a whole piece of jade inside or just a thin layer of it.

In the live-stream.

“See Gu Ning cut out jade too!” “Goddess Gu, fighting!”

Seeing that Gu Ning cut out jade, her fans were excited.

In order to celebrate, Gu Nings fans sent many virtual gifts to the network anchor.

“Thank you for sharing this exciting event with us!”

The network anchor was surprised, and replied at once.

“My pleasure!”

It was the first time that she had received so many virtual gifts, which amounted to a certain amount of money.

The network anchor was, of course, glad to make money without using much effort.

At this moment, a rich fan sent her an expensive virtual gift which was worth hundreds of yuan, and she almost yelled in excitement.

After a while, Gu Nings jade was fully cut out, and Wu Yuanping had a feeling that he was going to lose.

Although he still had two raw materials waiting to be cut out, Gu Nings jade was of the medium level, while his was of medium-low level.

It wasnt a big difference, but the price was completely different.

About a dozen minutes later, both Gu Ning and Wu Yuanping were ready to cut their next raw material.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes, and saw that there was medium-low-level jade in one of the two raw materials Wu Yuanping had picked out, while the other was a stone.

The two stone cutting machines worked at the same time.

Gu Nings raw material showed green, but Wu Yuanpings didnt.

Seeing the green, everyone was astonished, especially Wu Yuanping.

Green showed once more!

Whether he won the competition or not, Wu Yuanping had to admit that Gu Ning was really excellent at stone gambling, because she was able to cut out two pieces of jade out of just three raw materials.

Wu Yuanpings second raw material was waste without a doubt.

Although he cut out another jade from his third raw material, it wasnt as valuable as Gu Nings, so he lost.

“Miss Gu, I lose the game, and I accept the result without any complaints,” Wu Yuanping said to Gu Ning with sincerity.

Everyone was shocked again.

“Ningning wins!” Tang Haifeng and the others who supported Gu Ning were excited.

“I knew that my younger sister was going to win!” Tang Jiakai said with pride.

“Wow, shes so amazing!” Xu Jinchen was amazed.

“You didnt know until now” Xin Bei looked at Xu Jinchen, like he already knew.

It already proved Gu Nings outstanding ability that she was able to make so much money by stone gambling.

In addition, they also knew Gu Nings personality well.

Since she accepted the challenge, she was confident that she could win.

Although Xin Bei believed that Gu Ning could win, he was still amazed by the result.

“What Why Mr.

Wu lost the game” someone asked with doubt, because he couldnt tell the quality of the jade and didnt know whose jade was more valuable.

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