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Chapter 667 Feng Xueqin Is Jealous of Gu Man

Tang Xinrui had seen Gu Nings photos before, but she still had to admit that Gu Ning was really stunning when she saw her in real life.

Gu Ning wasnt only beautiful, but also had outstanding ability, which made her feel jealous.

In addition to that, Gu Ning also had a tall, strong boyfriend, who was very attractive to most women, including her.

However, she had no intention to steal Gu Nings boyfriend away because she knew that she was doomed to fail if she tried.

This time, Tang Xinrui came with Feng Xin.

Although they just met, they were already good friends, otherwise Feng Xin wouldnt bring her here.

“Miss Gu, congratulations!” They all congratulate Gu Ning.

“Thanks! Please look around inside,” Gu Ning said.

Because Gu Ning was very busy, nobody introduced Tang Xinrui to Gu Ning, but Tang Xinrui didnt mind, because she would be in touch with Gu Ning later.

Fenghua Entertainment, Shenghua Real Estate, and Colaine Pharmaceutical Company also sent flowers here.

The above companies werent very famous, so people didnt pay much attention to them.

However, when the Qinghua Group sent flowers to congratulate Gu Ning, everyone was astonished once more.

“What Qinghua Group”

Those who werent aware of the news about Jade Beauty Jewelry were quite surprised to hear the name of the Qinghua Group.

Although the Qinghua Group wasnt as famous as Shengshi Group, Jinlin Group or Tanghuang Group, it was very influential too because it was the Qing Gangs business.

Besides Qinghua Group, Heiqi Group also sent flowers here.

People who were at the opening ceremony were short of words to describe how shocked they were now.

Heiqi Group was the business of the Kirin Gang.

How come Gu Ning had a relationship with both the Kirin Gang and the Qing Gang

“Jesus! I dont know what to say now.”

“Gu Ning is so amazing!”

“I think that Gu Ning just has a relationship with the Kirin Gang and the Qing Gangs businesses.

If she had a relationship with the Kirin Gang and the Qing Gang, why did the two gangs not come to congratulate her under the name of their gangs”

“I agree.

Although the Qinghua Group is the Qing Gangs business, and the Heiqi Group is the Kirin Gangs business, their businesses are apart from their gangs.”

Hearing that, people all agreed, because it was very hard for them to believe that Gu Ning was able to have a relationship with both the Kirin Gang and the Qing Gang.

In fact, Situ Ye and Qi Tianlin didnt show up in person in order to not cause Gu Ning trouble.

It wasnt a good thing for a company to have a connection with a gang after all.

Even so, it was still shocking enough that Gu Ning had such a powerful network.

Once representatives of the Kirin Gangs and the Qing Gangs businesses showed up, nobody dared to cause Jade Beauty Jewelry any trouble.

Tang Xinrui, however, was an exception.

Tang Xinrui was aware of the connection between Jade Beauty Jewelry and the Qinghua Group, but she didnt believe that Gu Ning was able to have a relationship with the Qing Gang either.

Moreover, relationships between companies were all about benefits.

To Tang Xinruis astonishment, the Heiqi Group, Shengshi Group and Jinlin Group also came to attend this opening ceremony.

Many businessmen ached to have a beneficial relationship with those large corporations, but failed.

It seemed that Gu Ning was more influential than she used to think.

Feng Xueqin was shocked by the guests who came to attend this opening ceremony too.

She couldnt believe that Gu Ning could maintain a good relationship with so many important figures, and she wondered whether those people came for the sake of the Tang family.

When it was almost 10 am, Su Tongnuo arrived, which caused another round of exclamations.

“Ah! Goddess Su!”

“Tongnuo! I love you!”

“Tongnuo, Im your biggest fan!”

Many of Su Tongnuos fans came here especially to see her.

Su Tongnuo was very kind and smiled at her fans.

Reporters also ran to interview her, but was declined by Su Tongnuo.

“Im sorry.

Its almost 10 am, and we cant interrupt the opening ceremony.

We can have the interview at the meeting hall in a little while.”

Hearing that, people realized that it was only 10 minutes away from the beginning of the opening ceremony.

There were countless important figures, so none of those reporters dared to cause any trouble.

When Pan Zirui saw Su Tongnuo, his eyes lit up, but Su Tongnuo worked for Gu Ning, so he didnt dare to make eyes at her.

A while later, the opening ceremony was about to begin, and people walked out from the store one after another.

Feng Xueqin noticed that a middle-aged woman walked to Gu Nings side, so she was sure at once that the woman must be Gu Nings mother as well as Tang Yunfans woman.

Although the woman looked quite young, she had the charming air of a mature woman, and she also resembled Gu Ning.

However, honestly, Gu Ning resembled her father more than her mother.

All of a sudden, Feng Xueqin felt very jealous of Gu Man, because she had to admit that Gu Man looked younger and more beautiful than her.

“Xueqin, calm down!” Wu Jinyi reminded Feng Xueqin to stay calm the moment she noticed that Feng Xueqin was losing control of herself.

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