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Chapter 666 Tang Xinrui Showed up

Gu Ning was really a girl who was full of surprises!

Although people didnt believe that Gu Ning was as important as those figures in business right now, she had a powerful network.

Feng Xuegin wasnt shocked by the arrival of Tanghuang Group and Leizhen Group, because she already knew that Gu Ning was Tang Yunfans daughter.

The Tang family and the Lei family were very close, so it was very normal that they came here.

However, what shocked the crowd more was that the leading figures of Tanghuang Group and Leizhen Group also came here in person.

Tang Haifeng along with Master Lei arrived together.

“Jesus! I cant believe my eyes now.

Are they really Master Tang and Master Lei” someone exclaimed.

“Jesus, they came in person!”

“Ningning, I came to congratulate you in person,” Tang Haifeng said with a kind smile.

“Ha-ha, thank you so much for coming!” Gu Ning said.

“Oh, let me introduce you, this is your Grandpa Lei,” Tang Haifeng said.

“So nice to meet you, Grandpa Lei!” Gu Ning greeted Master Lei politely.

“Nice to meet you too, Girl Gu!” Master Lei said.

“Please have a seat inside.

Would you mind cutting the ribbon together later” Gu Ning asked.

“No problem!” Master Tang and Master Lei agreed with alacrity, then walked into the store following Gu Ning.

Only those who came to attend the opening ceremony could have a seat inside, and onlookers could only stand outside, so it wasnt crowded in the store at all.

Gu Ning arranged two seats for them before she walked out.

Master Fu, Master Bai and Master Yan were absent today, but they also sent gifts to Gu Ning to congratulate her.

Afterwards, Tang Yunrong came with her friends.

When Tang Yunrong saw Cao Wenxin standing with Xin Bei, she was surprised.

Thinking that they might be dating each other, Tang Yunrong smiled at Cao Wenxin.

Cao Wenxin flushed because she knew what was in her mothers mind.

She wanted to explain, but her mother said nothing yet, so it would be strange if she brought it up herself.

However, she subconsciously moved a few steps away from Xin Bei, but it was useless in Tang Yunrongs eyes.

Xin Bei had the same feeling as Cao Wenxin, but he had no intention to explain it.

“Nice to see you, Mrs.

Cao!” Xin Bei greeted Tang Yunrong at once.

“Nice to see you too,” Tang Yunrong said with a gentle smile.

“Hi, Aunt Yunrong,” Gu Ning greeted her.

“Nice to see you, Aunt Yunrong,” Leng Shaoting greeted her the same way.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs.

Cao.” Xu Jinchen also greeted Tang Yunrong with respect.

“Ningning, congratulations! This is a gift for you,” Tang Yunrong said, then gave the box in her hands to Gu Ning.

“Thanks, Aunt Yunrong.” Gu Ning took it.

“Miss Gu, congratulations!” Tang Yunrongs friends also gave Gu Ning many gifts and red envelopes.

They didnt say much, because they came here with Tang Yunrong.

“Thank you so much.

Please have a seat inside,” Gu Ning said.

“Alright, lets go look around the store now!” Tang Yunrong said to her friends.

After a while, Jiang Lihua also came with her friends, and they gave Gu Ning red envelopes too.

In the following minutes, many senior officials sent either flowers or gifts to congratulate Gu Ning for the opening of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

Even Colorful Jade Provider of City Teng which was far from City B sent flowers here.

Although Colorful Jade Provider wasnt very famous yet, it was a very rich company.

Many jewelry businessmen who cooperated with Colorful Jade Provider were surprised that it was invited too.

There were many peers today as well.

Sometimes, peers might not be competitors, but business partners, so many jewelry businessmen came to cooperate with Jade Beauty Jewelry.

If Jade Beauty Jewelry became popular across the country, they could join it in the future.

However, Gu Ning had no intention to let other jewelry businessmen join her company because she made up her mind to build her own brand.

“Hey, boss, congratulations!”

Pan Zirui came along with his friends.

Except for one woman, Gu Ning had met the rest of them, including Zhou Guangrui, Guan Bin, Gao Yongkang, Feng Xin and Hu Hao.

Each of them brought flowers or gifts.

They had also heard of what Gu Ning had done these days, and they were shocked too.

Feng Xin, who wanted to ride on Gu Nings coattails, now gave up because he knew that he didnt have the ability to deceive Gu Ning.

Although he ached to have a connection with the Tang family, he had to face reality.

The woman Gu Ning had never met before was precisely Tang Xinrui.

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