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Chapter 664 Opening Ceremony in City B

Cao Wenxin also joined them for breakfast, and the group of them left together after that.

However, Cao Wenxin left alone and said that she needed to pick her friends up.

When Gu Ning and the others arrived at the jewelry store, it was almost 9 am, which was an hour away from the opening ceremony, however, many onlookers and reporters were already waiting there.

“Look, is that Miss Gu” someone asked with excitement.

Hearing that, others looked over at once.

“Oh, yes, she is Goddess Gu!”

After making sure that the girl was Gu Ning, many people got excited and started to take photos of her.

Reporters ran to interview Gu Ning as well.

Seeing that, Gu Ning along with Qiao Ya protected Gu Man at their backs, in case the crowd would scare her.

Gu Man was indeed slightly surprised, but not scared.

“Miss Gu, can we interview you”

Many microphones reached out to Gu Ning and cameras started to flash quickly.

“Yes, but not right now.

Please gather in the meeting hall in a little while, and Ill be there to answer your questions,” Gu Ning smiled.

Since she said so, those reporters didnt insist, and let Gu Ning walk through.

“Wow, Goddess Gu is so gorgeous! Shes even prettier than her photos.”

“Exactly! Shes so amazing.”

“She has achieved a lot at such an early age!”

At the same time, many young girls noticed Leng Shaoting by Gu Nings side.

“The man at Miss Gus side is so handsome!”

“I wonder whether hes Goddess Gus older brother or boyfriend.”

“Probably her older brother, because Goddess Gu is just 18.”

“Whats wrong with her age I dont think that 18 is too young to have a boyfriend.”

“I think hes her boyfriend.”

Gu Ning told Qiao Ya to take Gu Man to have a rest in the store, and Leng Shaoting stayed with Gu Ning at the door to welcome the customers.

Most of the females focused on him, but Gu Ning didnt feel jealous as long as they kept a polite distance away from him.

As time went by, more and more people came with flowers to congratulate Gu Ning.

“Good morning, Miss Gu! Sorry Ive come here without an invitation letter again this time.”

It was Zhao Yuefeng.

Gu Ning hadnt told him that her store was going to open today, but Zhao Yuefeng came after hearing the news.

Zhao Yuefengs secretary and driver followed him with two large bunches of flowers in their hands.

“Nice to see you, Chairman Zhao! Welcome!” Gu Ning walked ahead at once, and shook hands with him.

“Nice to see you, Chairman Zhao.”

“Nice to see you, Manager Zhou.”

Zhou Zhenghong and Zhao Yuefeng greeted each other.

Zhao Yuefeng wasnt a famous business figure, so others werent very surprised to see him.

Afterwards, Xu Jinchen and Xin Bei arrived, which caused another round of exclamations.

“Hi, Gu Ning!” Xu Jinchen and Xin Bei said to Gu Ning at the same time.

They didnt bring flowers with them, but prepared expensive gifts.

“Gu Ning, do you need us to be models” Xu Jinchen joked.

“Thanks, but no.

Please have a seat inside.” Gu Ning smiled.

“Its fine.

We can stand here,” Xu Jinchen said.

He wasnt willing to walk inside.

After a while, Si Ming and Qiu Yuxin came.

Qiu Yuxin was a famous model, but she was never afraid of exposing her romantic relationship, because modeling was just her hobby, and it was the basis of her startup.

Qiu Yuxin was going to open an entertainment company.

She loved modeling and the entertainment industry, so she decided to be a boss herself.

“Isnt she the famous model, Qiu Yuxin”

“Yes! Is the man by her side her boyfriend”


Seeing that, reporters ran over at once.

Si Ming protected Qiu Yuxin the moment reporters ran to them, but he didnt chase them away.

He just prevented them from getting too close.

Reporters were used to it as well.

“Miss Qiu, would you please tell us whether this man is your boyfriend”

“Yes, he is.” Qiu Yuxin admitted without hesitation, which surprised them.

“Your boyfriend is really handsome, and youre a beautiful couple, but arent you afraid that your romantic relationship will affect your career” a reporter asked.

“Not at all,” Qiu Yuxin said.

“Miss Qiu, are you a friend of the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry” another reporter asked again.

“Yeah.” Qiu Yuxin gave them a simple answer again then said, “Thank you, everyone; please let us walk through.”

Hearing that, the reporters moved away.

Si Ming and Qiu Yuxin also brought gifts with them.

Qiu Yuxin was one of the models today, so Gu Ning told her to rest inside.

After that, Cao Wenxin arrived with a group of her friends that Gu Ning had met before.

Gao Chengyun, An Ran, Jiang Zezheng, Zhu Yuanzhen and Tong Jiayao, who always aimed to steal Leng Shaoting away.

They had heard of what Gu Ning had done a few days ago, and they were all astonished.

Even Tong Jiayao started to doubt whether she could win against Gu Ning in a fight for love.

Actually, the Tong family had over a dozen billion yuan in wealth, which Jade Beauty Jewelry was barely comparable to, and she was the sole heiress of her family.

She used to think that she was a rare, strong woman.

Leng Shaoting and she would be a perfect match.

However, she suddenly felt that she had nothing better than Gu Ning except her family background and wealth after hearing about Gu Nings achievements.

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