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Chapter 663 Basically Hopeless

“Jade Beauty Jewelry I havent heard of it before.

Is it a new brand Im not interested,” Feng Xueqin said with obvious disdain.

She was born in the Feng family, and she only used international brands.

Even though Jade Beauty Jewelry provided high-end jade jewelry, it didnt have much fame and couldnt match her high social status.

“It is new, but I heard that its jade is of high quality.

Both Jiang Lihua and Tang Yunrong were wearing jade jewelry from Jade Beauty Jewelry when they attended the party at the Lei familys house that day!” Wu Jinyi said.

“Really” Feng Xueqin was surprised that those two noble ladies would wear a new jewelry brand.

“Yes! You left earlier that day, but I heard that Jade Beauty Jewelry is their nieces brand.

I wonder whether Jiang Lihua and Tang Yunrongs niece is Tang Yunfans daughter.

If so, Tang Yunfan will show up at its opening ceremony,” Wu Jinyi said.

Wu Jinyi wasnt a frequent Internet user at her age, so she knew nothing about the news that had gone viral, otherwise, she would know who the boss was.

Hearing that, Feng Xueqin was annoyed.

“Well find out tomorrow.

Tang Yunfans woman will definitely be there too, and Im curious about her appearance,” Feng Xueqin said in her cold voice.

She had to know as much about Gu Man as possible in order to carry out her scheme.

They didnt stay together for long, and soon separated.

When Feng Xueqin had just gotten in her car, Liu Xinqi called her.

He told Feng Xueqin to meet him at the apartment they had been to before.

Last night, Feng Xueqin had a one night stand with a young man, but she didnt enjoy it, so she made an appointment with Liu Xinqi tonight.

Liu Xinqi was, of course, happy to receive Feng Xueqins invitation, and agreed without hesitation.

Gu Ning and the others left after staying for a while in the Tang familys house.

Gu Ning and Gu Man sat in Leng Shaotings car, while Qiao Ya drove Gu Nings.

Cao Wenxin also sat in Gu Nings car.

At the same time, Jiang Ruiqin went back to his house, and also seemed upset.

Tang Qingyang frowned, and sensed that Jiang Ruiqin was in an even worse condition than before.

In the past two days, Jiang Ruiqin only wore an absent look, but he seemed so hurt today.

Was it all because of Gu Ning

“What happened” Tang Qingyang asked with concern.

“My grandpa fainted all of a sudden today.

He had a blood clot,” Jiang Ruiqin said.

“What” Tang Qingyang was shocked.

He thought that Jiang Ruiqin seemed so upset because of Gu Ning.

However, Master Jiang had been in danger! “How is your grandpa now” he asked again with anxiety.

“Hes fine now,” Jiang Ruiqin said.

“Oh, there is another thing,” Jiang Ruiqin added.

“What” Tang Qingyang felt that Jiang Ruiqin was very hurt because of the other thing

“Gu Ning already has a boyfriend,” Jiang Ruiqin said.

He was short of words to describe how sad he was when he said that.

“Well…” Tang Qingyang was surprised.

In their eyes, Gu Ning was still too young.

“Gu Ning is still young, and the relationship probably wont last long.

You can wait if you truly like her,” Tang Qingyang said to comfort his close friend.

“No.” Jiang Ruiqin shook his head with a wry smile on face.

“Its basically hopeless.

Her boyfriend is Leng Shaoting, the eldest grandson of the Leng family.”

“What” Tang Qingyang was stunned.

Although he didnt know Leng Shaoting, he had heard his name.

In that case, Jiang Ruiqin was barely comparable to Leng Shaoting in their family backgrounds.

“Will the Leng family agree There is a huge gap between them.” Tang Qingyang doubted it.

Gu Ning was outstanding, but she was born in an ordinary family.

After all, any rich or powerful families demanded a properly matched marriage.

“Master Leng approves of her very much! Master Xu just joked that he would let Xu Jinchen steal Leng Shaotings girlfriend away, and Master Leng already seemed mad!” Jiang Ruiqin said.

It was an undeniable truth that Master Leng really appreciated Gu Ning.

If so, Tang Qingyang didnt know what else to say but just comforted his close friend again.

“Take it easy.

Time will cure everything.”

It was impossible that Jiang Ruiqin could steal a person from the Leng family.

Jiang Ruiqin wore a wry smile.

He knew that time could cure everything, but he still felt quite hurt.

When Gu Ning and the others arrived at Huafu Hills, Leng Shaoting stayed in the same room, and Gu Man prepared another room for Qiao Ya.

That night, Leng Shaoting slept alone in his room, and didnt dare to slip into Gu Nings, in case that would ruin his image in Gu Mans eyes.

The next day, Gu Ning didnt get up to run in the morning.

However, almost all of them got up around 7 am, except for Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting got up earlier to prepare breakfast for them.

“Oh, Shaoting, you got up so early to prepare breakfast!” Gu Man was surprised, and felt a little embarrassed.

It wasnt appropriate to let a guest cook for them anyway.

“Were family.

Its no big deal,” Leng Shaoting said.

Gu Man was struck dumb for a second, then smiled.

Although it was too early to say that they were family, it would happen sooner or later.

In addition, Gu Man was happy that Leng Shaoting was willing to get up early to prepare breakfast for them.

There were few men who cook now.

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